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Just a reminder ...
Note that Democrsts haven't won white folks in decades.
Note that Carter, Clinton, and Obama all won without winning white folks.
Moral: follow the votes and invest in communities of color

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To put a finer point on it: Democrats haven't won the white vote since......1964.
Attn everyone who think they know what electability entails.
White voters are waterfalls and democrats gotta stop chasing 鈥榚m
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This is why they work so hard to suppress our votes.
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Remember the small margins in WI PA & MI? 77k votes. Voter suppression and Russian interference made the difference. We need to rebuild infrastructure to reach neglected voter groups. The effort is underway. Support @WisDems @MichiganDems @PADems @orgcorps2020 #OC2020 #DemCast
Fascinating. If I understand this right, it blows up the narrative that white people were so inspired by Obama. Or that so many 鈥渃entrists鈥 switched sides. This says he basically performed exactly as well as any other democratic candidate among white voters.
Democrats have won the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 elections, without winning among white voters a single time.
By getting the lowest unemployment rate for minorities ever?

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I鈥檓 a white voter who has always voted Democrat, and I totally agree with you. It鈥檚 also true that economic issues that benefit non-white voters will also benefit white working class voters.
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So the last Dem to win white voters was...LBJ?
Just saying... #Dems need to double down on the people who double down on them.... 馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔
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The fact that the @TheDemocrats have been dragged kicking and screaming to this realization tells me that there are still too many straight white men in power
Mitt Romney beat Obama by 20 points amongst white voters. And some white ppl actually called this white landslide evidence of a Post-Racial Society.
Actually haven鈥檛 won white voters since LBJ signed Civil Rights Leg and stated 鈥渨e have lost the South for a generation鈥. Obama won his back to back majority in 2012 while garnering less than 40 of white vote.
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Average GOP share of white voters in Presidential elections from 2000-2016: 57%. 2018 midterms: 54%. Dems will lose the white vote by at least 10 points (we'll jump for joy if it's only a 10 pt margin). Gotta win minority voters 75-25 and get a high turnout to beat them.
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Choose an antiracist presidential candidate and invest in people of color sounds like a winning combo
For whatever racist reasons underlying their decisions, the majority of WP have yet to side with social or economic progress in this country.

That鈥檚 why the melting pot, and BP especially, make America a better place... since the beginning of this country.
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Which is why GOP and the everyday white racist is becoming irrelevant so they cheat to win
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Dems need to give up trying to get the angry white guy vote. I watch farmers interview saying they鈥檙e on verge of bankruptcy, losing their livelihood, their family farms for generations bc of Trump. And then they all promptly end the with, I鈥檓 going to vote for him again in 2020
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This white voter has NEVER voted Republican.
I remain shocked that so many white people are so extremely racist.

I agree with this, but there are Dems who can appeal to white Americans.

I believe @PeteButtigieg offers that appeal, especially to those young white Americans who know their parent's racism is wrong.
White liberals & independents don't get this. It's not all about you.
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Percentages can be misleading if the actual numbers aren鈥檛 present. 40% of White Americans is still 78 million people. In the last census, there were only 38 million Black & 52 million Latinx in the USA. We honestly need all races welcomed in the DNC to win. #StrongerTogether
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And vote for Kamala. Because she will energize those voters to overcome the massive voter suppression the GOP has placed in their paths. You think they鈥檒l jump through hoops for Biden or Bernie? No.
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I'm not going to believe this until somebody asks a random old patron in an Ohio Diner.
This little bit of history seems to be fairly immune to recognition by an awful lot of political prognosticators.
Graf doesn't go back far enough. No Democrat in a POTUS election has won the majority of the white vote since 1964. Civil rights laws in '64, '65, '66 meant 40% of LBJ voters switched to Nixon in '68, another 10M voted for George Wallace. Direct line connects racism & GOP votes.
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As a white folk, this is more distressing to me than I can say.
It's frustrating that this keeps having to be brought up.

Stop listening to pundits on Morning Joe.
This is one of the most illuminating data points (RE: U.S. politics) I鈥檝e ever seen.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Also, invest in communities of color because it鈥檚 the right thing to do.
Democrats constantly center the importance of getting white voters when every Dem candidate has had the same 40% of white voters since Dukakis

And the Dukakis campaign is treated like a failure and Clinton's like a massive success when the real difference was cons not voting
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Yea, but dont lump me with those jerks. I believe people. It pisses me off that we spend more money to hold people in jail than it would take to send them to Harvard. Or that I get healthcare and others dont. Or that someone's child dies over a war that's about religion or money.
Don't worry, they'll keep ignoring us because they don't do "identity politics" while they continue to court "Midwestern" "rural" and other euphemisms for white voters.
This! 馃憞馃従馃憞馃従馃憞馃従
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We鈥檙e the worst. Sorry.
Dems don't need the white racist vote to win the presidency. They need to turn out and excite their own voters, not Republicans. Racist/clueless old white dudes are not the candidates to do that.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
As a white woman this so depresses me. I don鈥檛 get it. Thankfully I live in the beautiful blue state of NY.
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God, how I despise these black folk, other folk, white folk polls. So totally feeds into trumpism 馃槩 I long for the day when we support one anothers needs. Based on the knowing that we are ALL brothers and sisters wanting the same things for our lives and our childrens futures 馃槩
Oh my god I鈥檝e been saying this for 3 years. And in case you鈥檙e wondering, the last Dem president to win white *women* was Clinton 鈥96.
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Omg what is wrong with White People? Smh, sorry everyone, we're the worst.
So basically, Democrats have not won the white vote since 1964...when the Civil Rights Act was passed. I *wonder* what the reason could be! 馃馃馃馃
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All we are saying, is give Pete a chance
Yup. Look, I heard a lot of 鈥淎mens,鈥 and 鈥淪ay Its鈥 from the pews in Birmingham during #Biden鈥檚 very moving Remarks on this somber Sunday morning, HOWEVER....馃憞馃従
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
abandon neoliberalism & committ to mass working class politics
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But we're still chasing the political white gaze
Which is why Republicans disenfranchised and gerrymandered and cheated, and Trump is president. And why independents and non-voters feel that Ds will never help them; Ds tell them their only concern is getting minority votes and they correctly assume Ds will ignore their needs.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
I get it, but still need some white votes to win. And in 2020, I just don鈥檛 want to see a 鈥淒鈥 win by a couple of electoral numbers...I wanna see a complete and total repudiation of this presidency
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
I would add too, don鈥檛 be afraid to vote for women and men of color. We have so many examples of great leaders. @KamalaHarris & @JulianCastro are the best candidates. They are better than Biden, Warren or Sanders.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
I don't think anyone who seriously studies this think that Democrats can or should even try to win the majority of white votes. It is that they can and should try to do better. And that is not about endorsing any Democratic candidate at this time.
If Hillary was just at 39 on 2016.....

Something to think about in terms of Warren鈥檚 base vs. Bernie鈥檚 base...
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Yes, Dems don't need the white vote to win. But we do need a certain percentage of the white vote in key states to win the Electoral College.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Minority communities need to mobilize and get to the polls. America needs you.
In reply to @JKDAnthony10
But he's not wrong.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Some of us white folk purposely follow how people of color, especially women of color, are going to vote and vote like that ourselves. Women of color have been right ever since I started doing this. Try it you can鈥檛 go wrong.
And the GOP knows this. That's why they lie and say that the Dems need to move to the right to be "electable." It's nonsense. Establishment Dems seem to have fallen for the trap, though. 馃檮
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We haven't won the white vote since 1964. Something happened that year that I think shifted white people away from the party. Can't imagine what it could be
White voters who voted for Trump in 2016 are going to do it again next November, because just like their Dear Leader they will double down on failure rather than admit they made a mistake.

We win by GETTING OUT THE VOTE. Period.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Biden is ~50% with black voters, so I'm assuming this tweet is advocating for his nomination.
weird, what did LBJ do to lose white voters for a century...
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I will stand tall with the White population like myself that votes for the Democrats. #ForThePeople I hope Democrats will represent all of the people, unlike the Republicans.
For ppl who dwell on Democrats once being鈥& so still must be鈥攖he party of slavery & Jim Crow

Last time a Dem won the white vote was 1964鈥攜ear LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act

After a Dem POTUS backed POCs rights鈥攎ajority of white ppl stopped voting for Dem POTUSs & havent since
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Actually Leah, the Democrats haven't won a majority of white votes since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Indeed. Like you said, blacks are reliable voters. When they come out to vote they vote blue ( paraphrasing)
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Also a reminder that white folks jace been voting against their own interests for decades. Dummies.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
This 馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴
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White folk here . . . I would not vote for a Republican. Period. The tolerance for corruption, misogyny, lies, ignorance, and lack of any semblance of honor is disqualifying.
Researching American racial justice issues, I see a lot of graphs. This is the most compelling one I've come across recently. Think of the implications for #Election2020.
When people push P*te as the Dem Candidate because he鈥檚 relatively 鈥渕oderate鈥 and think he could win over white centrists: 馃憖
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Does this chart show the effects of the Republican鈥檚 southern strategy, @KevinMKruse?
In reply to @MichiganDems
@MichiganDems @TheDemocrats
Keep chasing all of those mythical white working class voters and see what happens in '20. @Mr_Electrico @bluegal
LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: invest! in! communities! and! people! of! color!!!
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Poor white people vote Republican against their own best interests to demonstrate their belief that they鈥檙e better than people of color. I鈥檓 not saying anything new but, in 2019, why are they still so racist and dumb?
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
I am white and I voted Dem in every election. In 2016 I voted 3rd party. The DNC does not get to coronate a candidate and then use fear to get me to vote. Many minorities were turned off in 2016, I hope we can win them back.
a much bigger concern should be people of color staying home, not white swing voters voting trump.

we need someone who isn't going to say black people need to learn how to raise their kids in response to a question about the legacy of slavery.
4 all-around Democratic progress in 2020, we need massive votes from ALL 馃Good^馃嚭馃嚫Americans馃椊 + those who want 2 become good.

It's not an either-or game of Black+Nonwhite vs white, Women+/Females vs men+/males, LGBTQ+ vs str8.

It's a both-and way of new coalition-building.
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But the candidates who came closest were political moderates.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
Researching American racial justice issues, I see a lot of graphs. This is the most compelling one I've come across recently. Think of the implications for #Election2020.
So key. Why do so many mainstream white conservative Dems continue to pretend this isn't the reality?
This is why the conventional wisdom about needing to win over the mythical 鈥渨hite working class鈥 is BULLSHIT

It鈥檚 why every pundit who has spent decades telling Dems the only way to win is to run to the right is FULL OF SHIT

Republicans chase the base. Dems need to do the same.
It isn鈥檛 a question of winning the white vote.

The issue is margin. And that margin was higher in 2016
Been saying this!!! Hillary lost the color vote, dont put another knucklehead in!
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
When the white vote slipped to 37%, Trump got elected. So, maybe winning 39% of whites is important after all. vox.com/policy-and-pol鈥
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
In other words, PANDER, and lie.
In reply to @LeahDaughtry
I am so white it not funny, but I鈥檝e voted Democrat my whole life, as have my parents before me. I鈥檝e never thought of myself as a minority before.
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