Stan Lee didn't publish his first comic until he was 39.

Vera Wang didn't enter the fashion industry until she was 40.

After 22 years, Ash Ketchum finally won the Pokémon League at the age of 32. Congratulations Ash 🎉

You're never too old to accomplish your dreams 💖

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In reply to @LionintheTrees
Man, Ash looks so young for being a 32 year old guy.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
At the age of 10* Don't forget he sold his soul to the Devil.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Alan Rickman was 41 when he got his breakout role in Die Hard
Rabbi Akiva didn't start learning Torah until he was 40.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Meanwhile, Edogawa Conan is still trying to get his body back and solve this mystery of the people trying to kill him, having spent the last 25 years as a 5th grader. Keep at it, Conan!
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Ash needs to drop the skincare routine 👀
I made my Broadway debut aged 61
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Stan Lee empezó a publicar con 18 años. Lo le que pasó a los 39 es que después de veinte años de escribir material olvidable empezó a sacar Los 4 Fantásticos
In reply to @LionintheTrees
32 years old and still cant buy alcohol.
I know this is partially a joke but as a 27 year old still in hospitality, this is actually quite comforting 😂
Ash levou 22 anos pra ganhar a liga

E nunca saiu dos 10 anos!

Ou seja, cada temporada de pokemon se passa em aproximadamente 15 dias dentro da história!
In reply to @LionintheTrees
It took my whole lifetime for him to win the pokemon league.
hell yes it's cheesy but sometimes i need this shit
I need to remember that I don't need to have a list of accomplishments before I'm 30. I'm working at it and I'll get there, just one day at a time.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
so if he is 32 then he is officially a pedo?
i don't know if this is quite fair, if I recall Stan Lee got a job as Marvel's editor (a promotion directly from annoying office boy) while he was in high school, because his cousin owned Marvel
Ash is even older than I am! That is, if he aged... Haha.
quer dizer q eu ainda posso procrastinar mais um pouco?
Well done Ash 🔥. Finally
Um excuse me, in his 22 year history as a studious Pokemon Trainer he finally accomplished his goal at the golden age of 10 years old.
This is how I'm finding out Ash "Satoshi" Kechem has the never aging disease from the Robin Williams movie 'Jack'
Me encantan estos datos super tontos que tienen en cuenta el tiempo de la realidad en vez del universo, Ash Mostaza tiene 17 años (empezó con 10 y la liga se celebra cada año)
a ver si con esto cambian de protagonista de una puta vez
Freddie Mercury didn't release his debut album with Queen until he was 27
All he had to do was go to school and get an education. Let that be a reminder to the importance of education!
Happy Birthday to me! 😄🎉
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Him losing was being clique. Thank god he finally won
In reply to @LionintheTrees
He grew a squirrely mustache at age 32...I me a age 10...I mean... what the fuck is on his face...
In reply to @LionintheTrees
esto me hace pensar en el podcast.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Steve Austin was 76 when he first performed the 'Stone Cold Stunner'.
man, I am so happy for you
I need to keep this in mind.
Sometimes I think it's too late to live my dreams, but it's not. Really.
I'm 31. I can still have a legacy.
Congrats Ash but why do you look like you’re in an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball
People will pin their success stories to their profile talking abt "only __" but the real ones know it's not a race proud of my boi Ash 😤
Okay but hear me out: Now that he’s beaten the League, he’ll start aging again.
hij had sinnoh en kalos moeten winnen idc
adfghhgdaf, anyway good for ash and pikachu
Ash looks forever young 👀
Why tf Ash actually look like hes in his 30s
The people in the replies who can’t allow a joke lol
In reply to @LionintheTrees
No, Ash is 10 years old.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Hmmmm but he's still 10
In reply to @LionintheTrees
does the orange island league not count?
In reply to @LionintheTrees
After 22 years, at the age of 10. At the start of this series, at least in the English dub, they say "10-year old Ash Ketchum" despite the fact that one of the first movies has an anniversary celebration for his first meeting with Pikachu, which happened on his 10th birthday.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Stan published the Fantastic Four number one when he was 39. He had been writing comics since he was 17. #factsareimportant
In reply to @LionintheTrees
I've waited years for this. Congratulations 🎊 👍 👍
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Are you sure he’s 22 In Black and White it said....
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Que asco el dibujo actual de pokemon
In reply to @LionintheTrees
but ash is still 10 xD
In reply to @LionintheTrees
Going by those examples, 40 seems to be the upper limit, in which case I'm screwed
In reply to @LionintheTrees
I actually am. Once you know you’re defeated, that’s all there is.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
If only he grew up, sure he gave up.
In reply to @LionintheTrees
If he just evolved that Pikachu and his other pokemons, he could have been champ in his first league.
Even tho he is like forever a 12 year old. The Pokémon anime is so weird I stopped watching as a kid because well, I grew up but ash didn’t lol
Kalingaw ani nga trending. Hahaha Childhood gyud. 💯
Sadly this means the end of this Ash
aff me falaram isso e eu não consigo entender ;;
Anuna Shinichi Kudo anu ka na jan. HAHAHAHAHA
Tahniah ash 🎉🎊🎉🎊
Ahhhhhh babi kena tengok balik la Pokemon ni nampaknya
he's between 10-15 years old not 32.
Shawn Michaels Ash Ketchum
boyhood dream becoming true
If Ash can do can we!😜Omedetou Ash-kun!
Wie kacke sieht das mittlerweile eigentlich aus?
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