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Of the 5 conservatives on the Supreme Court:

4 were appointed by presidents who did not originally win the popular vote (Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh).

2 have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct (Thomas and Kavanaugh).

1 (Gorsuch) was appointed to a stolen seat.
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This is an impressive tweet. You completely misunderstand three very key parts of the Constitution; the electoral college, due process, and the appointment of Supreme Court justices.

You almost have to be trying to be that obtuse.
And #ClarenceThomas was pushed through by *checks notes* #JoeBiden who *checks notes again* refused to allow testimony of witnesses for #AnitaHill.
Huh. It's ALMOST like history is repeating itself.
1. Bush won the popular vote the term he made his two appointments. 2.
Neither Thomas nor Kavanaugh were credibly accused of anything. 3. Garland was unfortunate, but blame Biden, for promising in *2007* to do the same to a Bush nomination and establishing the new rules.
There are more men on the US Supreme Court that have been accused of rape or sexual assault than there are women of color.
And all of them are going to destroy the abomination that Roe v. Wade while upholding our right to keep the guns that keep us free.
The jaded comfort of the illusion of democracy.
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And the two appointed by Trump have a direct connection to banning same-sex marriage: Gorsuch invited states to challenge Obergefell in a dissent in 2017; Kavanaugh as Staff Secretary in WH worked on GWB's federal marriage amendment (GOP withheld docs that would show how) .
Sounds pretty bad, when you put it that way...
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I love that whole 鈥榮tolen seat鈥 talking point. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
This is exactly how the GOP justifies giving up on democracy and cheating every chance they get. 馃憞馃憞馃憞
Brother.... That's some painful facts.
Oh...oh honey. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔
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LOL thanks for playing, here's your prize pic.twitter.com/OZufYhhLIo
In reply to @EdOverbeek
This is what minority rule looks like.
Basically every conservative on the Supreme Court is illegitimate.

Learn from the Weimar Republic: a fundamental mistake by the new SPD led government was to accept the Kaiser's judges.

If/when Ds win in 2020, we need to enlarge the bench sufficiently to overcome the judicial coup that GOP appointees will attempt.
In reply to @keithboykin
Moral of the story... Dems don't know how to play hardball for what they believe in. Periodt!
In reply to @keithboykin
And Clarence Thomas was pushed through by *checks notes* Joe Biden, who *checks notes again* refused to allow testimony from witnesses for #AnitaHill. It's ALMOST like history repeating itself when the lives of women are on the line.
In reply to @keithboykin
Each was cherry picked by a legal foundation funded in part by the sons of one of the founders of the John Birch Society.
All of Republican governance has a legitimacy crisis. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, electorate college create apartheid minority rule, and their judicial appointments are the rotten fruits of that tree.
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Time for Chief Justice Roberts to clean up his Court or find himself and all the Court's decisions voided when they are #Impeached.
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B-o-o H-o-o. Here鈥檚 your binky Keith.
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The tyranny of the minority continues. They鈥檝e already proven they will lie, cheat and steal to keep their power. It will get worse before the end.
I鈥檝e considered SCOTUS illegitimate since Gorsuch.
In reply to @keithboykin
All done under the disgusting ruse that it's @TheDemocrats who try to politicize the judiciary! Our despot openly believes judges are merely "politicians in robes" and demands unwavering fealty from sycophantic jurists, above country and justice, as his requirement for them.
In reply to @keithboykin
Bill Clinton did not win a majority of the popular vote in either 1992 or 1996.
In reply to @keithboykin
Bush won the popular vote in '04, champ.
In reply to @keithboykin
3 there no real for any of those claims and remember Hill followed Thomas to his new job after she said she was harassed
Next tell us how you are an unbiased journalist and that you have a firm grasp of how the Constitution works.
Bush won the popular vote when he nominated both of his appointees you keyfob.
In reply to @keithboykin
鈥淐redibly accused鈥. LOL
In reply to @keithboykin
And the centrists did shit about it. Probably time to vote for people who will fight for us.
In reply to @keithboykin
Christine Ford was not credible. If she had been credible Kavanaugh wouldn鈥檛 be a Justice. Joe Biden was the Chairman of the Judiciary during Thomas鈥檚 confirmation so Democrat鈥檚 could have voted against him but Anita Hill wasn鈥檛 credible. Few, if any, believed them.
Alito should be the exception here. Bush won pop. vote in 04.
In reply to @keithboykin
Hahahahaha, isn鈥檛 it great. Wait till Trump replaces Breyer and RBG in his next term.
In reply to @keithboykin
And the beat of injustice goes on and on. I pray I live to see this change.
In reply to @keithboykin
What I got from this tweet is the Dems are WHIMPS!!!!
The entire power structure is irreparably broken.
Broken on purpose.

A simple factual statement.
These are the 9 people entrusted with life and death constitutional matters that are deadlocked under a 2-party legislature and an imperial presidency. It鈥檚 time to retire presidentialism as a system of government across the world.
In reply to @keithboykin
Disgraceful. VOTE BLUE!
Frightening. Blame McConnell for this nice perpetual Constitutional crisis!
In reply to @keithboykin
Both Kavanaugh and Thomas had a history of sexual harassment and lied under oath to cover it up. The GOP was willing to destroy women鈥檚 lives and reputations to protect them. Enough pushing women around! These two men must resign or be impeached.
In reply to @keithboykin
No such thing as a stolen seat. Please show me where it states in the Constitution or House Rules that Congress and the Senate are required to rubber stamp a sitting President's nomination. I'll wait.
In reply to @keithboykin
Harvard Law needs to add remidial courses on how our government works, apparently. The seat wasn't stolen- It didn't belong to anyone and IIRC, nominees are seated with the advice and CONSENT of the senate.
In reply to @keithboykin
And they鈥檙e all called Justices of the United States Supreme Court.
Of the 4 liberals on the Supreme Court:

I don鈥檛 really have anything else to add. I just like saying there are only 4 liberals on the Supreme Court.
In reply to @keithboykin
QQ. win elections and stop crying.
In reply to @keithboykin
The two who have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct are even more credibly accused of lying about it during confirmation hearings The sexual misconduct allegations are bad, but we need to be focused on the fact they lied and misled under oath
In reply to @keithboykin
If RBG is forced to retire at some point next year and McConnell goes back on his' no appointments in a presidential election year' policy, your tantrums are going to nourish me
In reply to @keithboykin
Yeah. Because conservatives cannot win without cheating. Period.
In reply to @Cara_TXZEAL
twitter.com/keithboykin/st鈥 Full court press. They need to discredit the court now that it is no longer useful to them.
In reply to @keithboykin
The two who have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct are even more credibly accused of lying about it during confirmation hearings The sexual misconduct allegations are bad, but we need to be focused on the fact they lied and misled under oath
In reply to @keithboykin
Supreme Court should be elected like all our officials, plus most of them are on the take via straight up cash or other prizes afforded them by lobby groups
In reply to @keithboykin
My biggest fear is that the rot in the Republican Party is so deep, it may never be rooted out.
If ever there were reasons why the Electoral College needs to be reassessed ASAP, this bull court is why


Reason #95 to stop waiting for an election that鈥檚 416 days away;
Don鈥檛 wait for others; TAKE ACTION.
In reply to @keithboykin
Every time I see the Supreme Court Justices, I see at least four whom I would never want to be my lawyer if I needed one.
A sour illusion of democracy
Only one solution
Need to start making wild accusations against lib nominees.
In reply to @keithboykin
At least one perjured himself during his hearing (Kavanaugh).
In reply to @keithboykin
Your first point emphasizes the need to field candidates who can win the Electoral College.
In reply to @keithboykin
And all were selected according to the law. Amazing.
In reply to @keithboykin
Keep slinging those books..... I'm sure they'll sell eventually
Dear World,
This is what stupid looks like.
In reply to @keithboykin
You can keep crying about the popular vote. Or. You can think about how best to win within the current rules.
In reply to @keithboykin
I find this very upsetting as a woman, as an American.
In reply to @keithboykin
And what is the point of your string of words? Read the Constitution !!!!!
"originally" "credibly" "stolen"

Is there anything the Left says that isn't a lie?
I鈥檝e always had a problem with part of this argument. Say what you will about 2000 and Bush v. Gore. By the time the Chief and Alito were confirmed, Bush had been duly elected by a majority of the country in 2004.
This is an impressive tweet. You completely misunderstand three very key parts of the Constitution; the electoral college, due process, and the appointment of Supreme Court justices.

You almost have to be trying to be that obtuse.
So they are 5 for 5 on illegitimate Justice.
In reply to @keithboykin
Democrats had better learn quickly that votes do matter when it comes to appointments, vetting, hearings and Senate approval to the Federal Courts and SCOTUS. Vote in off years as well since this matters just as much as Presidential elections.
In reply to @keithboykin
In reply to @keithboykin
1. So? 2. Credibly? Not a chance. 3. lol Pertinent side note: 2 of the 4 leftists on the Supreme Court were appointed by a president *actually* credibly accused of sexual misconduct (including RAPE) on more than one occasion.
In reply to @keithboykin
#RIP USA the man behind the curtain was bought by the highest bidder. pic.twitter.com/MV0FasPfcl
Keith, spout something inane that proves you truly don't understand how government works, go!
In reply to @keithboykin
I just heard someone say that the GOP has plans how to rule with a minority vote by partisan gerrymandering sanctioned by SCOTUS
In reply to @keithboykin
Correction: Some would say 3 were appointed by presidents who did not win the election.
In reply to @keithboykin
This is the Republican Way...
The next President and Congress must find a way to restore faith in the Court. I dont think packing is the answer but this is untenable. Imagine the equivalent of Bush v. Gore in 2020 or 2024...
.@HouseGOP @senateGop @rnc The cheating & unpopularity is catching up with you.
Embrace American democracy instead of #GOPgreed self righteousness & power grabbing.
We see you.
In reply to @keithboykin
First point: Irrelevant Second: Untrue Third: Cry me a river
In reply to @keithboykin
get rid of the men. keep the women. #scotus
And throwing a black man under the bus, very classy, Emmett till's murderers will be very proud
Sometimes people like to make lists of things that don鈥檛 matter.
"Winning the popular vote" is as meaningful as winning free fries playing McDonald's Monopoly.
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