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Let us never forget what courage looks like.

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You have got to be kidding me. I knew you were slow, Amy but I didn鈥檛 know you were an complete idiot. #christineblaseyfordlied
There are many Liberal men that will never vote for you because of your participation to take down Kavanaugh. Your treatment of him was disgusting.

There are many Liberal women that will never vote for you because you tried to destroy his wife, his 2 daughters & his marriage.
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Let us never forget what courage looks like pic.twitter.com/vvhtZOhZuE

*This* is what courage looks like. pic.twitter.com/33FbddZgcU
Does it take 鈥渃ourage鈥 to lie to the entire nation about a man? Is it courageous to try and destroy someone for politics? You seemed like 鈥渢he sane one鈥 on the debate stage but now, not so much.
Funny. It looks an awful lot like perjury.
These people are legitimately sick.
She is a fraud and deserves to be in prison.

- Sexual assault survivor
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Correction: Let us never forget what telling stories with absolutely no proof looks like. Even her dad didn't believe her. #KAG2020
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it is not courageous to tell a story of which you remember nearly nothing and later, your lawyer tells anyone listening, your motives were political. This tweet alone shows how truly disconnected you must be.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Smearing an innocent man for political partisan reasons has nothing to do with courage.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
This is what Alinksy's "the ends justify the means" looks like.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
She changed her story so many times, it's impossible for her to have any credibility. She misled the American people and attempted so slander someone she had no evidence against.
Can you imagine being so stupid that you tweet a photo of a fraud and call it courage?
In reply to @amyklobuchar
This is what courage looks like!! #BorderPatrol risking their lives to save others. Lying under oath is NOT courage. @WeAreAmericanos #LatinosForTrump2020 pic.twitter.com/BezanLWSuv
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Eyes firmly closed. Mouth open. That's not courage, that's just another blind Lib.
Really? All I see is what two liars look like.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Thank you Amy for your contribution to 4 more years of Trump. Well done.
Are you kidding? It was just revealed that she made up the whole thing to stop a Pro-life candidate from making it onto the Supreme Court! Are you dumb or purposely deceiving?
Lying under oath and committing actionable defamation does not make her courageous.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
the pic says it all there Amy, the pic says it all. pic.twitter.com/aZBWJXOC20
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Don鈥檛 believe I would call lying under oath courage.
You misspelled temerity.
Let us never forget what bat shit crazy looks like.
In case anyone was starting to think some of the Democratic candidates aren鈥檛 that bad....

This is a great reminder of the lengths they will go for a political win. They are hell bent on destroying an innocent man and his family.
Your serious aren鈥檛 you @amyklobuchar 馃槼


She is a liar, disgrace, cheat and liar

Did I say liar 馃

And proven to be a liar 馃ぅ if I did not Mention it

Perhaps you need to look at yourself also Ms. Klobuchar
.@amyklobuchar, you consider false allegations and illegally smearing a good man鈥檚 name 鈥渃ourage?鈥

No wonder you鈥檒l never be POTUS
You liberals have everything upside down, there is nothing courageous about her lies. She is a coward who almost destroyed an innocent man. #IStandWithTheTruth #DemocratsLie #MeToo
馃巰馃悕This is NOT a face of courage馃悕馃巰

This is the face of deception
This is the face of trickery
This is the face of lies
This is the face of a woman who made a shit load of money for attempting to smear an innocent man.

NEVER FORGET what Democrats will stoop to for power

Oh, good God. Not this charlatan again. Man, you Dems really have nothing going for you do you? It鈥檚 going to be a landslide in 2020.
Let us never forget what lying sounds like.

Christine Blasey Ford on air travel. pic.twitter.com/jSrKB60zFP
I think it's time you & your CORRUPT Democratic Party get some new material...your daily LIES & HATE are getting BORING!! We the people are WOKE to what the DEMOCRATS are all about!! Tell me something, Amy...since when is a LIAR COURAGEOUS?!
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Let's never forget her own attorney admitted she came forward because of political motivation.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Are you Serious?? You Democrats have destroyed yourselves with Blind Hatred.
This woman鈥檚 own family think she鈥檚 completely full of shit.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
At first confusing but I got it! It takes courage to fabricate a story to this extent & push it so hard, even without facts to back it up? It takes courage to have so little respect for due process? It takes courage to smear good people for politics? #ChristineBlaseyFordLied
In reply to @amyklobuchar
We鈥檒l never forget what perjury looks like.
It sure as hell isn鈥檛 her
In reply to @amyklobuchar
She courageously perjured herself in front of the Senate. So brave.
I can think of a few examples that are far more apt.
Perjury takes courage?

If you say so.
Let us never forget what corruption and conspiring to bring down an honorable man looks like. Let us never forget how this woman, disrespected actual victims of sexual assault/abuse; and how the Dems politically weaponized #MeToo after decades of injustice to actual victims.
D day: boys storming the beach.
9/11: firefighters rushing into the pile.
Army men: coming back limbless.
Cops: go out every day to a society that hates them.
Woman: lying for $900k and a ton of attention.

What鈥檚 courageous to you?
In reply to @amyklobuchar
You're reprehensible
I never knew that lying was courageous? With this logic, that means the democrats are so courageous馃槼
This is unbelievably embarrassing.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
I suppose it takes courage to lie before God and Country.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
I Agree! Lying before Congress is a serious crime and takes much courage to commit.
Remember her composure, control, and professionalism, & then him getting up there choking, crying, talking about squee and getting into Yale 鈥渨ithout any help鈥 馃檮

The respectability of our country鈥檚 institutions, like the Supreme Court, depends on our willingness to respect them
In reply to @amyklobuchar
I agree. It takes a lot of courage to lie in front of a congressional panel. pic.twitter.com/A5vDwKj0Hj
Let us never forget what a paid
perjurer looks like.
You misspelled 鈥渇raud鈥
Funny how it looks like this and not like the women who accused Bill Clinton or Al Franken
Eyes firmly closed. Mouth open. That's not courage, that's just another blind Lib.
With Gillibrand gone, Klobuchar aims to be the ultimate AWFL candidate
In reply to @amyklobuchar
You have got to be kidding? She's a liar and a fraud! Her own attorney has slipped and said that she did this because she was worried Kavanaugh would overturn Roe V. Wade! Honestly how did we get such liars in our government? You should be ashamed Amy! Ford lied! Wake up people!
In reply to @amyklobuchar
This is what multiple inconsistent stories and no corroboration looks like.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Only the corrupt would praise the corrupt.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
No, that's what a political hit person looks like. Knock it off KKKlobuchar.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
No Amy, this is what REAL courage looks like. pic.twitter.com/MsXECz4om8
Translation: Let us never forget how [we] attempt to blackmail anyone who may come to power. We do it to most of the government. We threaten them, their children, any thing we can do to make them compliant to our anti-American agenda. Got it?
If this is courage, our country has lost all sense of value.
This was a scam run by Dems 2 prevent Trump from appointing a SCOTUS judge.

And... here they go again! Lies, deceit & hateful rhetoric directed 2 change the narrative.
This is about as far from courage as one can be!
In reply to @amyklobuchar
@amyklobuchar R U saying it takes 鈥渃ourage鈥 to LIE?

We will never forget what this Liar & Democrats did to Kavanaugh. The lies, the harassment, hurting his family & trying to ruin a good Christian man...& now u want to try it Again馃槨

America won鈥檛 forget!
You Mean The Courage To Lie To Congress? Yes, Let鈥檚 Never Forget This Lying Fraud!!馃尰
#LieCheatAndSteal Unreal!
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Courage is also @KarenMonahan01 whom the Democratic Party largely dismissed and/ or ignored...
Yes, let鈥檚 us not forget the courage of this character and what she represented鈥攖ried to destroy an innocent man with her lies for political and financial gains, but truth prevailed! We will never forget!
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Anyone else think this looks like a lying shill that was used by the liberal democrats to bring down a patriot?

馃敟 #WalkAwayFromDemocrats

In reply to @amyklobuchar
COURAGE???? Her own Father said she Lied Her lawyer admitted she did this to save abortions!!! She ruined an innocent man鈥檚 life and you call that courage !!!! You would though your party is deranged and sick evil people!!!!!
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Video footage shows Ford鈥檚 lawyer Debra Katz delivered a speech in April at the University of Baltimore鈥檚 11th Feminist Legal Theory Conference. Her lawyer is sharing how the then-judge鈥檚 view on Roe v. Wade was 鈥減art of what motivated鈥 his accuser to come forward and testify. #?
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Yes - it's a stupid kind of "courage" to know she committed perjury and will have to endure being arrested and perp-walked into a federal lock up - but most would call it "criminal behavior"
In reply to @amyklobuchar
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Her own father knew she was lying.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Yeah, if you ever wonder why your run was such a disaster, refer to this often. It may give you a clue.
In reply to @amyklobuchar
Never forget what courage looks like. pic.twitter.com/BFMamRc26i
Let us never forget what a LIAR looks like.

There, I fixed it for you Senator.

In reply to @amyklobuchar
This is what courage looks like! You wouldn't know courage if it slapped you in the face! What you posted isn't courage she was paid and paid well and you damn well know it! pic.twitter.com/zYZXtdGEyQ
In reply to @amyklobuchar
And this is what a political power play in order to affect the courts for a generation looks like pic.twitter.com/99qwSs6KJ3
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