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In reply to @ZonePhysics
The only thing horrifying in the video is the old shell teleporting away to oblivion
Wenn ich vor Wut aus der Haut fahre...
Ich, wenn ich Strumpfhosen ausziehe.
Les retuiteo esto porque sé que a muchos les gusta.
De nada.
In reply to @ZonePhysics
I would like to unsee this.
In reply to @ZonePhysics
Like peeling off spanx after a night out
Cuando llegas hasta el ano a tu cama y tratas de desvestirte como puedas.
In reply to @ZonePhysics
Cool, as long as I don't have to actually be there.
In reply to @ZonePhysics
Horrifying. Definitely horrifying.
In reply to @ZonePhysics
Amazing! The Nature is wonderful!
peeling yourself out of your skin like removing a glove
Ohhh ffs. I’m not gonna sleep now!!
Así cambiaste maldita!
No Kap a spider will bring a lil wimp outta me.. I'ma kill em kuz it might be folks around. But Lord don't let this nigguh be faster den me
El que entendió, entendió 😝😜😛
Pero como va a ser amazing esto hijo de puta
I present to you, your morning nightmare fuel.
Ek ken iemand wat hierdie sal geniet..😁
el exoesqueleto se divide a lo largo de los lados del cefalotórax (parte delantera del cuerpo) y la araña lo retira de su cuerpo con sus patas.
It's Amazing! La Muda.
Parece un mini demogorgon.
Utterly amazing and the time lapse really heightens the impact. REFERENCE!
What the fuck is going on bruh
In reply to @ZonePhysics
So the left over skin disappear?
In reply to @ZonePhysics
When I kept tarantulas I loved watching this and I kept the old shells to see how much they were growing 😎💯
Beautiful rebirth, to say the least
Dass Spinnen sich häuten, ist erstaunlich.
On dirait un transit de Pluton 😜
waaayy le sheitan incarné 🤯🤯
Prq elle danse la tektonik ?
Το ειδα και αθελα μου ψεκασα με λακ την οθονη
¿Para qué demonios necesitamos películas de terror teniendo esto?

I am also about to watch this again.
Just showed my wife. She’s officially never sleeping again
قصه هر صبحِ ازمه 😃
Why would anyone even have to ask??? HORRIFYING!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Creepiest thing I've seen in a long time & I won't be sleeping much tonight. 😖
Australia Wtf sis 🏃🏃
Who TF put this shit on my timeline?? I wanna die
Good night.
And please... Don’t have nightmares.
wtf did it just do
Mengerikan atau luar biasa?
😳 Thanks for the nightmares
In reply to @ZonePhysics
I wish I could do that.
In reply to @ZonePhysics
What happened to the molted bits?
Voy a tener pesadillas 😱!!!
Mother Nature is some fucked up shit.
se esse for o processo de muda, eu quero muito estudar essa porra
😳Absolutely HORRIFYING. What is happening??? No wait nvm I don’t wanna know
*I say, Hellllll to the NO.
What the hell is going on here
La "oposición" cambia de coraza pero sigue siendo la misma alimaña...
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