But ofc none of y’all would give a damn fck as no one has even heard of Indonesia :( #prayforindonesia

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In reply to @iheartyouperrry
For those of you who’ve never heard of Indonesia, here are some pictures of our beautiful scenery (Bali, Papua, etc.)
Fuck u want us to do
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
what are we supposed to do?
I really hate when you guys try to raise awareness in a condescending manner.
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Sis, blame your government and politicians. It’s affecting not only to Indonesia, but also singapore and Malaysia 😫
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Reminds me of Blade Runner 2049, with this one scene in particular. One of the important themes that isn't talked about but shown in the film is the climate change presented, and how we have impacted the Earth. This video just shows that this film is basically not fiction soon.
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
This is INSANE. How can things be going on around the world & the media is more concerned with POP culture news!!??
“No one has ever heard of Indonesia” 😂😂😂cmon man we not living under a rock
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Anymore rainforests left to burn? Seems to be the latest trend to say “fuck the world, let’s make money”
Motherfucker anyone that has glanced at a world map has heard of Indonesia
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Oops, i feel sorry for indonesians experiencing this; this phenomenon is known as Rayleigh Scattering effect where light wavelength is distorted by particles in the air. It might take a while before the skies turn blue cos of the smoke from burning forests.
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
People will care.. when you start cancelling their vacations and they can't do that over-hyped flower bath.
omg ganja burn promo snapped
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
If there is hell for real, this is it. This is hell. Our earth is becoming hell. It's heartbreaking
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
I'm sorry this is happening to beautiful Indonesia. What is the Indonesian government doing about this?
Haha yes be condescending and then do absolutely nothing about it!! No better than people who don't care since you didn't actually help anyone in Indonesia.
wtf are regular ass ppl supposed to do and why do y’all insist on logging on and shaming regular ass ppl about shit we ain’t do
this is so sunset golden hour vibes 😍⛵️🌆 who wanna travel to indiana with me 😱💖
"none of this is being talked abt on the news or radios. Not even half of indonesians know whts happening" how can yall not know this, its affecting my country really bad no way ppl there dont know abt this.
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Who’s never heard of Indonesia?
We were too busy praying for West Papua 👀 ok let me stop being petty #freewestpapua #prayforindonesia
Dude, my nose freaking hurts every time I go outside. Wear a mask when u go out esp during peak hours - 5-10am & 4-9pm. Stay safe, Cebu!
What do you want me to do my nigga
So you asking us to pray for their rainforest but not the genocide happening in West Papua? Yeah that’s how we heard about Indonesia.
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Btch dont be disrespectful. Blame the media for us not knowing this!!! Anyways. Blessings & stay safe. ♥️
Billie’s room
sabo awakening
The world asks for help, we can't continue ignoring our terrible reality. Today it's for Indonesia, for it's inhabitants and for creating awareness in the people. #PrayForIndonesia 🙌…
QUEEEE what the fuck?!!!!!!
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
What's happening??? Why ppl didnt leave their houses? Are u ok? 😥
It’s the beginning of the end already people. The first time the world ended it was caused by water, don’t underestimate jesus second coming
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Whole lotta red ‼️
wtf you want us to do?
Indonesia can kiss my Melanesian ass, if they don't FREE WEST PAPUA! @FreeWestPapua
Niebla tóxica en Indonesia a causa de incendios forestales. Otros países del sudeste asiático también se han visto afectados.
#FreeWestPapua first Indonesian government. Then I’ll give a damn x
The world gets scarier by the minute
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Yes praying will really help :)
did you just say no one has even heard of indonesia?
tranZit remaster lookin crazy
this whole era of disrespecting people who aren’t aware of an issue as opposed to just educating them is pissing me off tbh. and highkey what the fuck are we supposed to do about this? just educate us on the problem and show us how we can be a part of the solution or STFU...
What LED Lights Are These ?
It’s actually very scary that no one cares that our earth is DYING.
I mean this in the most sincere way.. TF we suppose to do, Bryan? 🤷🏾‍♂️
🙏🏾 only if i had the money to make this world a better place
i don’t know what an indionesia is but this is such an aesthetic 🏜
when Whole Lotta Red drops
Nigga why should I care?
Instead of guilt tripping people for not being aware of things, why don't you point your anger at the lack of media coverage?

It's not the common person's fault that the media has failed us.
ok well what the fuck do you expect me to do now? fly over and throw water on the fire? stop with the victim olympics ffs
What the fuck is going on with earth ???
who hasn't heard of Indonesia? you're reaching for retweets
And y’all never trusted the 17 months shit 🤷🏼‍♀️jokes on y’all
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
There was an uproar a few years ago about this. Dove company even got a lot of hate. I think people are aware, but the news is saturated so much with all the evil things we do as humans. Good on you for raising awareness though.
hi friends, im here AGAIN to talk about something serious, this is what's happening in Indonesia, more rainforests burning, and media of course, not talking about this. this is our planet. please rt the tweet below, tag cnn or anyone you want. help spread.…
Whole lotta Red better drop soon, this a sign
Better get inside you must not know what the Red sun did to them folks on the 100 😂
Let’s give this the same energy as those Tekashi memes. #prayforindonesia We are the world
what is happening on earth #prayforindonesia
Tf am I supposed to do about it
ang lala :"( umabot na din pati dito 5 pm palang ang yellow na ng sky :<
Why we get news about celebrities doing the dumbest shit that nobody should even give a fuck about, but not about stuff like this?
Mo confess nako oy mangamatay nata padong char
can somebody pls tell me what i can do to help??? this is breaking my heart i wish i had the riches to help these ppl evacuate or something man wtf
Now tell me.. tf am I supposed to do?
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
"No one has even heard of Indonesia" lmfao ok
People have heard of Indonesia and you don’t need to pretend they haven’t to raise awareness to something important. Being a dick is an excellent way to overshadow your actual message.
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
Apparently our govt 'kinda' doesn't care about this issue. Because they were busy making new rules about people's life and privacy. FYI, Malaysia and Singapore OFFERED helps to stop the fire. But our stupid govt denied because "to maintain our dignity". Smfh.
it looks like a damn hell
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
this is my first time hearing of it, i’m so sorry this is happening to your home country
In reply to @iheartyouperrry
needs to take a harder stance on the companies responsible and name the people specifically responsible. Don’t be afraid if they have friends in the government. Fight the corruption.
Residents of California:

Remember when the fires wiped out paradise? The AQI was around 400. In the Bay Area, it was around 150-200. We thought that was bad... but the AQI in Indonesia right now is 617. That’s... just let that sink in.
I’m all for y’all spreading awareness. What I’m not wit is the bashing of completely HELPLESS people. Ok? I’m sorry I don’t have the money, manpower or political pull to help you
How are you bringing awareness to an issue & being condescending at the same time? Nasty.
There is this weird trend of trying to make us feel bad for not knowing about environmental things and it’s annoying asf . Simply educate and stfu
two years ago in pent
This is really fucked up but tbh I’m not sure that attacking people who had bad geography teachers is gonna save the world
Indonesia said stream Ganja Burn
we’re literally killing ourselves ..
That last line dey bore me pass everything
The comments section is disheartening on this. "What can we do, we can't go there and stop it" "RTs aren't going to help" yet Notre Dame was also on fire and it went viral and had a ton of donations so why not share that same passion.
I do believe the news should be covering this but what can we possibly do?
Nobodies heard of Indonesia? this must be aimed at the retards in America. Anyway this is actually crazy
are y'all really gonna pretend no one's heard of the country with the fourth largest population in the world.....are we doing that....what is even the comparison ur trying to draw, like with the amazon???

As long as you have money, you can do anything you want here
Everyone keeps saying they wanna go to Indonesia but don’t give a fuck about what’s happening there. Bitch there is going to be no vacations there if we don’t do shit
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