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On my way to the United Nations. Today I’m speaking in the General Assembly at the Climate Action Summit. This is such a crucial day, world leaders are gathering at the UN in New York to decide on our future. The eyes of the world will be upon them.

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Keep speaking the truth and fighting for big, structural change, @GretaThunberg. Change is possible when millions of people push for it—and when leaders are willing to listen and lead. I promise to fight alongside you and do everything I can to end the climate crisis.
Whether you think Climate Change is real or you think it’s a “Chinese Hoax”, (actually, if you think that, you don’t think much), this young woman is an amazing force and gives me hope for the next generation. They demand and effectuate change and fearlessly speak truth to power.
We the People, we are with you. You will not be alone....
Does anyone actually believe this child wrote this post?
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Death rates from natural disasters have plummeted over the past century to record lows, largely due to the availability of low cost, readily available fossil fuels. Unfortunate that you are surrounded by such misinformed and irresponsible adults. ourworldindata.org/natural-disast… pic.twitter.com/fjDDqRsiPZ
This young lady, a fraction of my age, will be heading to the United Nations today and setting the world straight on climate change. Meanwhile I'm home deciding what to put on my breakfast toast.
Go get em' kid!
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There is “mass extinction” going on like you said, Greta. It’s not what you think it is though. Abortion is slaughtering millions and millions of precious babies every single year.
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Keep up the good work Miss Thunberg and ignore the right wing journalist Dinesh D’Souza, he just writes a column in a newspaper, you Greta write the script for the future of the whole world.
Trying to leverage a child to push through this socialist garbage reaffirms what is obvious - climate change is a hoax
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Thank you for all that you do, Greta. Just watched your speech and cried ❤️
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Congratulations little one. Greta Thunberg has been Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize #Greta4NobelPrize sbs.com.au/news/swedish-g… via @SBSNews
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You're a superhero, Greta. Thank you for showing us what one person can do. Hoping millions show your courage. johnpavlovitz.com/2019/09/21/you…
No interest in watching child exploitation.
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With all due respect, how long since your potty-training.? As Hitler knew well, if you get the children & take their minds, you can take their freedoms, their guns, their liberties, their opportunities, their dreams, & even their lives. You are being used as a pawn my dear.
It's well know how badly the Trump Administration treats kids who aren't white.

The last time I remember Republicans feeling so threatened by a young white person was when David Hogg protested against guns.

Well done Greta, you've got under their skin.

Thin orange skin...
.@GretaThunberg is the spark that might heal the world.
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Good luck, beautiful. You're gonna be amazing. Sending you a big huge smile and lots of happy thoughts to get you through the day. 👍❤️😘 pic.twitter.com/V3CoYwe9eb
Good luck @GretaThunberg. Thank you for speaking up for scientists. We stand with you!!!
this all-female reboot of The Omen really makes you think
Greta Thunberg is everything Trump isn’t.
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I’m so angry that our President Trump is not participating in this summit. He’s the dumbest person in the world. Keep fighting! 👊🏼❤️💪🏼 🌎
In reply to @GretaThunberg
You poor kid. You and your generation are being used.
She really is an amazing young woman. I hope in years to come we have reason to acknowledge the Greta affect (very sad to find, when looking for a suitable hashtag, that the 4th suggestion was Gretagohome)
The exposure @GretaThunberg is bringing to the #ClimateCrisis is staggering. Plenty of hate out there for this young lady, so my message to you Greta - keep doing what you’re doing, you’re an inspiration, and all as you navigate Aspergers. You’re a phenomenal individual. 👍🏼
Here’s the latest leftist tool...

A child who will to try & blow smoke up your ass that democrats will exploit like crazy because #HowDareYou questions or call out a kid.

She should know that since 1950s, they’ve been telling us the world is ending due to climate change. Lies!
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Thank you Greta! Moms are right there with you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ pic.twitter.com/YWyo3UO1Uw
Thank you for sacrificing your youth; so that others may have a childhood on a planet not dead from the Climate Emergency. #GretaThunberg
¿Alguien sabe en qué terminó el espectáculo de Malala? Ahora una niña que inició "protestando" afuera de su colegio les va a decir a los líderes mundiales en la Asamblea General de la ONU qué hacer para salvar al planeta, vaya tomada de pelo.
Esta mensaje me devuelve la fe en la humildad de las actuales y futuras generaciones.

En nuestra capacidad de sentir empatía y actuar con inteligencia y acción colectiva

¡Vamos a inspirar y a unir a la ciudadanía para hacer de Bogotá ejemplo de cuidado y desarrollo sostenible!
Anyone who thinks this kid is “manipulated” doesn’t know any sixteen year olds
Dear Scott, Rupert, Gina, et al.... THIS is what honest leadership looks like:
In reply to @GretaThunberg
And guess who WON'T be attending the UN Climate Change discussion/debates..............THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.👇 independent.co.uk/environment/tr…
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Before the trolls get here: They will use awful, spiteful language to get you to engage. Under no circumstances do that! The Twitter algorithm loves engagement especially if you reply! Tit-for-tat threads get more exposure than single replies with large RT and like counts...
In reply to @GretaThunberg
You go young lady, such an inspirational hero!
Hoy la niña Greta explica en la ONU por qué los matrimonios heterosexuales producen cambios en el clima, fenómeno apocalíptico que solo podemos aplacar con inmigración masiva ilegal. Los españoles deberíamos hablar todos en catalán y donar mayor parte de nuestros sueldos a Soros.
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Thanks for riding with us – we’re proud to provide NYC with sustainable transit options – and more importantly, thank you for your leadership! ^MW
In reply to @GretaThunberg
You’re an inspiration, Greta. Keep up the good work 👍
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Thank you @GretaThunberg! You are an inspiration to us and the millions of people around the world who are demanding our leaders do more to fight for a healthier and more just future for all! #ClimateActionSummit #ClimateAction #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike pic.twitter.com/Bp8pmpFY4P
Haha, she's a little kid who has a pulse on the greatest existential threat to mankind and is mature beyond her years. The upgrades have arrived!
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Please support chinese climate-activists aswell! China is by far the number one in CO2-emissions and there should be a lot more chinese climate-activism! FOLLOW HER AND INTERACT WITH HER TWEETS! twitter.com/howey_ou/statu…
Pls delete your account immediately. You using iphone for all this stuff is hazardous to environment. Ecosystem will collapse. Hurry up.
In reply to @GretaThunberg
You will make an beautiful Muslim bride very soon. Bless your heart!
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Dem propaganda using a child again... #USA 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/qfi2miJtS0
Incredibile come questa bambina, lei stessa si definisce così, sia stata capace di scuotere noi adulti dalla nostra egoistica inedia.
El marxismo cultural y ambientalista ha encontrado una niñe para su divulgación...
Quien la financia???
Como llega a la ONU???
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Thank you, from the state of Georgia, USA. 🙏🏽🍑🇺🇸
In a world where kids are doing fuck all and know fuck all bar X box etc. One that has a passion has the replies she has. Whether I’m with her or not, I applaud her passion & determination to try to make change. (Cue the people saying she is a puppet and can’t think for herself)
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Praying your speech goes well - you have been an inspiration to my 9 year old daughter - and to me too!
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Right now Greta be like I have delivered the show for which I was practicing since ages😂😂 Here I arrive @Malala Now after ur exposed hypocrisy Let me take over stage and enjoy the show 😂 Also mind it I travelled places in airplanes & AC trains to save nature & climate😂
In reply to @GretaThunberg
So thankful for you, Greta. Millions of people stand behind you. ♥️
Indeed, the eyes of the world are on them.

Watching and waiting to see if policy will be made based on factual evidence...or the feelings and emotions of indoctrinated children with a hyper imagination.

In reply to @GretaThunberg
Good luck. Remember knowledge is power. You know more about climate change and the implications than most of them.
Hade det inte varit för den här tjejen skulle vi inte ha en liten klimataktion i Piteå på fredag. Vi vuxna måste lyssna och stötta dessa ungdomar.
Nadie le para bolas a Greta en NY porque los medios internacionales sólo hablan de Duque.
בסך הכל בת 16 ותראו איך היא משנה את השיח העולמי
In reply to @GretaThunberg
This week I retire from my working life of the last 50 years. My retirement years will not be spent in idleness for I cannot in all conscience let the younger generation such as you fight alone to rectify what we have failed to do and so I add my voice, small as it is, to yours.
World leaders are in NYC for #ClimateActionSummit.

Speaking of the #NobelPrize, @realDonaldTrump ... @GretaThunberg is a world leader who is standing up to climate deniers who fail to lead.
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Young people are with you, Greta! Thank you for using your voice to uplift the millions around the world who are on the frontlines of the #ClimateCrisis and demanding action. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike #ClimateActionSummit #ClimateAction pic.twitter.com/hhCaloWW4Q
If you love @GretaThunberg, raise your hand.
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Hi Greta! If you would listen to the science, you would know that most of the past 10,000 years have been warmer than today. Here’s some science from your home country of Sweden. pic.twitter.com/2gGKvFAtSl
J'ai jamais rencontré une fille aussi #haineuse et #radicale que toi, chérie. Qu'est-ce que tes parents t'ont fait?
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Proud of you. You’ll be great
I want to be @GretaThunberg. I wish I had been this strong when I was her age.
She’s a wonder to behold and deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and to carry on with this truth. Let’s help her.
My eyes will be on you now. Dream bigger.....
Everyone’s saying ignore you because youre crazy and then you put this pic up?

Why you proving them right?
Sad to see children being used as shields. To have them eirher act or genuinely be terrified of something that won’t happen.
It’s quite disgusting actually. Your future is in danger by the liberal agenda.
So glad @POTUS didn’t entertain the matter.
A esta niña la estan usando, sí siguen el hilo llegaran a #Soros ! Es todo
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Be sure to take along this letter! Good news! No #ClimateEmergency say 500 experts. You can go back to school, now! clintel.nl/brief-clintel-… #ClimateStrike is Over #FridaysForFuture mean #ClassTimeAndStudies !! Whew. We're safe! #ClimateChangeIsReal #NotACrisis
Outstanding PR, Marketing & Corporate Communication...
This could be Greta Thunbergs most important speech:

The swedish climate activist leader on her way to the United Nations. Today she is
speaking in the General Assembly at the #ClimateActionSummit

#Fridays4Future @Fridays4future @FFF_Sweden #FridaysForFuture @parents4future
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Good luck!! And all the best for you! 👍🤞🤞👋👋🌞
I will never, ever, give up my air conditioning, my electricity, my big SUV, or my steak. Sorry.
Still wrecks my head that so many grown adults have a vile attitude towards such an inspirational girl.

Imagine achieving half as much as she has in a lifetime, nevermind by 16.
“Our planet is dying, we’re in the sixth extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you?” -@GretaThunberg at the @UN #ClimateAction Summit

In reply to @GretaThunberg
Sadly Greta the Prime Minister Of Australia .@ScottMorrisonMp doesn’t think it important enough to attend even though he is in the USA he doesn’t have any Policy to kerb omissions & approved new Coal Mines in Australia 🇦🇺 - Your voice however is heard & your dedication admired
No serious voice or face is given to someone enraged by perpetual war.
"...and a child will lead them."
Reminds me of Bana Alabed in Syria. Which UK based PR firm is behind this stunt?
In reply to @GretaThunberg
That’s great! Let them hear it!! Now consider the #carbonfootprimt if the #Conference you’re attending. The @UN could create the biggest 🗺#digitalconference at a fraction of the #carbonfootorint couldn’t they? Isn’t this just #BehaviouralWaste do as I say not as I do? pic.twitter.com/YfwNzJZv1C
I don't know exactly why Greta Thunberg on the subway in my city makes me have such intense emotion, but it really, really does. Luck and strength today, Greta.
Greta is so brave. She’s an inspiration 🙏🌎
the future #earth belongs to her generation, so let's hope more kids follow her steps
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Before humans got here, earth's climate changed constantly. But today if we adopt world-wide socialism, earth's climate will suddenly stop changing. Do I have that right?
In reply to @GretaThunberg
You have 12 years left girl. Shit, I'd be taking out loans, buying crazy stuff, partying and spending time with the family. Definitely NOT being used as a pawn tho. LIVE YOUR LIFE- hell, the first round is on me. #WalkAway ENJOY YOUR LAST 12 YEARS!!!!
I love this girl and she must be protected at all costs
Man stelle sich mal vor, Deutschland hätte gestern was ambitioniertes verkündet. twitter.com/gretathunberg/…
Go, Greta, Go! Many scientists, many young people, many citizens are supporting what you are doing! #WeStandForGreta #ClimateSummit #ClimateUrgency
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