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“People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”My speech in UN General Assembly in print theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

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“La gente está sufriendo, está muriendo. Ecosistemas enteros están colapsando. Estamos en el comienzo de una extinción masiva. Y todo lo que puede hablar es de dinero y cuentos de adas de crecimiento económico eterno. ¿cómo atreven?” @GretaThunberg #CambioClimático
The people profiting from destroying our environment are the same ones working to crush our unions and exploit our labor. We can stand together and build a future with economic and environmental justice, but we have no time to waste. #1u #ClimateAction
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Thank you Greta for speaking truth to power! We must put people over profit! pic.twitter.com/53sySdOlC3
1. Wrong 2. Wrong 3. Wrong 4. Wrong
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I will begin the climate strike in Bogota Colombia on September 27. Young people are the future of the world.. This picture is when I protest at the Brazilian embassy, nobody wanted to support me. pic.twitter.com/AHtNVaegSX
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Capitalism is killing the planet. They won't listen, and take action on climate change because they *are* evil. Our government is really planning to do literally nothing about climate change. They're paid not to do anything.
In this very moment, at the #ClimateActionSummit world leaders are continuing to lie about their ambitions to tackle the #climatecrisis. Let us hold them accountable for failing our generation again and again. #MerkelTellTheTruth!
God bless this righteous young truth teller! One of the things that came thundering down to me as a teenager is, no amount of wealth or power would get me to shut the fuck up. Fuck yo money, fuck yo title! Cause the profit motive will only leave this 🌎 and all of humanity broke!
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Sorry we will not panic because of some antifa kid say so.
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We got told the same when we were your age, Acid Rain then the Ozone Layer then Global Warming and now they’re calling it climate change. Recycle your rubbish, be kind to animals and go and have some fun.
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Yes, Greta. Economic growth is a fairytale. We must stop people in Africa and Asia escaping extreme poverty so that generations of children will continue die from easily treatable diseases and malnutrition, before they reach school age. pic.twitter.com/AlAUjx94c3
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Scientists in Antarctica, working on the Halley VI Scientific Research Station have ice cores from deep under the ice. From this, they are able to determine the temperature of the earth 55,000 years ago. The earth was 2 degrees Celsius HOTTER 55,000 years ago than TODAY.
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Sending you so much love and gratitude Greta. You are a force to be reckoned with. And we honor you . you are waking people up. the good people will outnumber the bad. Thank you.
So happy and sad to see the activism here and within Gen Z. But I can't help but be sad about how beaten down my own gen is after boomers crashed the economy and called us lazy shitheads while still holding all the power 😇
The people who tell us they are concerned about fascism are indoctrinating an entire generation to believe that “science” tells us the world is ending. Do they accept responsibility for what might emerge, politically, from such a millenarian cult? They don’t know history, either.
I don't think you were told that people can survive in current environment for centuries but they can't survive a week without money.
Ok folks, not picking on girl but come on now...

This is getting out of hand. Deaths by natural disaster has significantly, I repeat significantly decreased.

While life expectancy has significantly increased. Get a grip folks. pic.twitter.com/avFKbA3Gfm
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Before the trolls get here: They will use awful, spiteful language to get you to engage. Under no circumstances do that! The Twitter algorithm loves engagement especially if you reply! Tit-for-tat threads get more exposure than single replies with large RT and like counts...
And we didn’t even turn up.
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You're so young to have the whole weight of this on your shoulders. You are a heroine. The world thanks you Greta for being it's voice. For having such a huge heart and spirit.
“All you can do is talk about money and fairytales of eternal economic growth.”

These aren’t my words. They were spoken by Greta Thunberg. She has been groomed by Marxists, in support of a wealth redistribution tactic known as global warming, now “climate change.”
"Wir sind mitten in einem Klimakollaps, und alles, worüber sie reden können, ist Geld und Märchen vom ewigen Wirtschaftswachstum."
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I take comfort in the fact that you and your peers will be voting very, very soon. The fact that so many grown men hurls insults at you is a sure sign you're on the right path. Vi står med dig Greta! 👊
#howdareyou I can't imagine the pressure you are under Greta. I can't imagine why that audience didn't give you an ovation, didn't fall weeping at your feet. I can only say thank you again and again.
Please read this everyone. We must internalize what Greta is saying and act immediately. #ClimateStrike
a tall order of truthiness to start our week
Me acabo de dar cuenta que Thunberg es la versión real de Lady Mormont, diciéndole en la cara las cosas como son a un montón de viejonazos.
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Thank you a million times over for your heart, words and fight.
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Endless financial growth is the fantasy in which this planet will die, unless we fundamentally change what we value as a society.
Get some help please. You are being mentally abused. You are wrong.

People are living longer and more people around the world are enjoying a higher quality of life.

You should not being used for the agenda of the few.
Yeah, you and all the other psycho leftists can talk about people dying and still have no problem killing innocent babies at a million a year! #Hypocrites and liars!!! 🤬
Гайхалтай охин. Зоригтой, зорилготой, тууштай. НҮБ-ын чуулганд далай гаталж, дарвуулт онгоцоор очсон. Түүний уриалгад 100, 100н сая хүн нэгдсээр. Түүний өчигдөр хэлсэн үгийн тухай дэлхий шуугиж бас сэрж байна. Грэтагийн жиргээнээс. Хүчтэй, сайн үг, үйлдэл.
I think I’ll block this account!
Greta Thunberg should win a Nobel Peace Prize.

That’s it. That’s the Tweet.
📢 Soon my Mommy will find out how #GeorgeSoros wants me to scare you. I have a disability, so you should listen. Not only am I super disenfranchised, but I'm also a kid!
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Thank you @GretaThunberg! We are all with you today and every day. Our leaders at all levels of government must act boldly and NOW to solve the #ClimateCrisis - our very future depends on it. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike #ClimateActionSummit pic.twitter.com/aP33qVLOmw
This mighty girl.
She makes me ashamed of my generation.
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I am an old man and ashamed of my generation. Your UN speech moved me to tears and I pray action will finally be taken. Thank you!
Not all of her generation! And people are dying??? This sort of hysteria is going to lead to suicide cults of the climate crowd! She is financed by Soros and is enabled by the far left including ANTIFA crowd! Mass extinction? Based on what data? The left gone insane!
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Greta, you said it. The way we live is not sustainable, for us or any other species on our shared planet. We all know this, deep down. It's a shame that more people aren't brave enough to say it. I respect you more than a tweet can ever convey. You're brilliant.
#climatestrike #climatefraud #climateemergency #fridaysforfuture

"And all you can talk about is money.."

Says the puppet of billionaires...the Rockefellers, Soros, Gore, Rothschilds...

Is this a joke? It is isn't it?
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👏👏👏 You are inspiring so many people. Hoping the 'leaders' follow suit and take real, substantive action as you call for.
Vasta illalla ehdin lukemaan ja kuulemaan @GretaThunberg puhetta. Hän on oikeassa. Aika monien aikuisten politiikassa, sen liepeillä, edempänäkin, on syytä katsoa peiliin vastuuttomien päätösten jälkeen. Ellei useimpien. Olen perjantaina mukana lakossa eikä jää siihen.
16साल की(लड़की) ग्रेटा ने अपने भाषण में कहा, "आपने हमारे सपने, हमारा बचपन अपने खोखले शब्दों से छीना., मैं अभी भी भाग्यशाली हूं. लेकिन लोग झेल रहे हैं, मर रहे हैं, पूरा ईको सिस्टम बर्बाद हो रहा है."

काश हमारे देश का युवा भी भविष्य को लेकर
ऐसा ही कुछ सोचता तो देश की तस्वीर ओर होती
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Not sure what is more bothersome. Children being used as political tools, or people who fall for this type of heart wrenching manipulation. Where there is a movement like this, there is money behind it. theartofannihilation.com/the-manufactur…
¿Alguien puede discutir estas afirmaciones? Puede gustarnos más o menos el personaje, podemos incluso reivindicar mejores referentes y hasta criticar el entorno que la rodea, pero... ¿en verdad es necesario cargar toda la ira contra Greta Thunberg? ¿Qué estamos haciendo nosotros?
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“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. How dare you continue to look away.”

@GretaThunberg at #UNClimateSummit
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Greta, I urge you to read this article. This climate expert lists in detail what will happen in ten years if we don't act now! Some of the things he warns are now already inevitable and will happen within that ten years! apnews.com/bd45c372caf118…
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When I was a kid I was fed the same bullshit as you. Acid rain was supposed to kill us, we should have run out of food by now and frankly the world shouldn’t even exist anymore. It’s amazing how much money is generated and wasted on such nonsense. Indoctrinated fool!
This speech is beyond everything I've heard anyone deliver. This speech is exceptional, urgent and pristine. We owe our children an apology and to act. They are not going to forgive us. #ClimateAction #climatechange @GretaThunberg
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"You are failing us." It was never different. We life in a system that is rewarding exploitation and that gives those being best at it extraordinary more decision power then most. If we are not able to change that, we are doomed to fail. pic.twitter.com/PrSduWbXbQ
Children all over the world are stepping up to demand environmental justice. San Francisco needs to step up, too. SF has one of the worst cases of environmental racism in the country.
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Wow!! Just wait till she REALLY gets angry! Watch her whole speech here ... … ✂️👣🌏🌍🌎🙂
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She does not know what she is talking about. She is a tool of the puppet master.
Powerful stuff. The truth:

'You say you “hear” us and that you understand the urgency. But no matter how sad and angry I am, I don’t want to believe that. Because if you fully understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil.'
Thank you, Greta, for your powerful voice. The science is in (climate.nasa.gov/scientific-con…), people are suffering (unhcr.org/climate-change…) but deniers would rather attack the messenger. Thank you for daring to speak out. May the world's leaders hear you. #HowDareYou
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Yes Greta, people are suffering and dying, and entire ecosystems are collapsing. But only in your mind which sadly has been brainwashed by your eco-nutter parents and their ill-informed #climatecult activist friends. Just be thankful that we are still in the little red rectangle. pic.twitter.com/bBtFbth6c6
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#HowDareYou Thank you again for everything you do! The sooner they listen the better! If they won’t listen to the strikers then even more will die by #ClimateBreakdown! See u Friday massive strikes! fridaysforfuture.org Will Montreal be bigger than NYC? pic.twitter.com/b6MFSPgAc6
If you don’t understand the natural cycle of the earth, then stop talking about this issue.
No. No they arent. You're 12. Your voice has no value outside of intrinsic whatsoever. You are a child. You are a tool for the ones who placed you on that stage. Nothing more.

People. No. Dont listen to the children. They are in fact, just that, children.
Greta har rätt - utplåna kapitalismen innan den utplånar dig.
para guardar y leer con calma. La emergencia -bien lo explica Greta Thunberg tambien- que estamos viviendo es la agonía de una enfermedad causada en inmensa medida por un modelo dispuesto a sacrificar el cuidado humano y de la tierra en que vivimos
#cuidarescordura #unsolohogar
P.g.a. att även jag ibland uppfattas som känslokall och "rak" så förstår jag precis hur Greta kände när väl känslorna tog över. Jag satt med en klump i halsen en lång stund efter jag hörde talet.

Child...you have no idea what you are talking about. You are 16 years old. A baby. Man is more resilient than you think and so is Mother Earth.
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Can't save the world when you're broke. Both you and AOC will learn this lesson eventually. Its a little more than fairytails.
I remember having to make the same prepared speech in USSR at a school assembly.Our waste & utilities were monitored,down to toilet flushes—IF you were privileged to be issued indoor plumbing.Arrests for abuse of gvt resources were common.All under the guise of environmentalism.
Just because this child believes these things to be so, it is NOT true! The children are being sold the #Socialist fairy tale.

@GretaThunberg #Soros #ChildAbuse
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Incredibly powerful Greta🌎🌱💚 Those who hoped this movement would fade will by now have realized that it will only grow stronger. May the ripples reach everyone everywhere and spark some real action. Change is coming...
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I'm with you. We're all in this together.
Yesterday I was asked what message I have for the young generation. Wrong question. I just have to listen. They have a message for me.
The children are our future ❤
In reply to @GretaThunberg
I feel so sorry for you. I feel such anger towards the people who have fed you these ridiculous lies. They stole your dreams and childhood.
In reply to @GretaThunberg
I love this girl. Truly shes a leader we don't deserve
In reply to @GretaThunberg
So how did you get to the UN general Assembly Greta? No doubt driven by car or flown by helicopter or plane.
“We will not let you get away with this.”
Problema: senza “economic growth” è difficile avere le tecnologie e la capacità di diminuire le emissioni inquinanti, trovare altre forme di energia, produrre meno rifiuti, tirare fuori la gente dalla povertà.

Non so se questo massimalismo ci aiuterà a raggiungere l’obiettivo
In reply to @GretaThunberg
The whole family is Antifa !! Go away. Not interested in being lectured by a George Soros puppet. Nothing but AltLeft hate group thing whackos. Go pound sand extremists pic.twitter.com/HTC79yF4wQ
😢. Never heard an adult talk with such passion about how fucked the world is.
In reply to @GretaThunberg
Thank you, Greta. I’m so sorry the adults of my generation have let you down. We will fight them together.
Shit like this convinces me more that kids need to spend more time in school than out. She’s clueless and proud of it. The outrage industry has done the West a lot of damage and goodness knows how much longer the pathology will continue. Losing an entire generation to it.
Århundradets tal, typ. Nu kan vi vinna #tillsammans eller försvinna, för ingen annan än vi själva kan rädda oss (och övriga arter) från oss själva. #ClimateActionNow
Powerful and wealthy people should ask themselves: ”what good will all their wealth and power do without a livable world?”

When greed takes over one's soul, there’s no other motivation than power and wealth. We simply need leaders who are not glutinous.

Vote them out.
Ich habe ja keine Ahnung vom Klima. Aber economic growth ist nur durch die Grenzen des menschlichen Verstandes begrenzt, und die haben wir nicht erreicht. Lange nicht.
This little one was raised on unicorn milk and pixie dust. Her parents have throughly brainwashed her, one could consider this child abuse by the parents.
"And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!"

What a epic speech.
There have always been conflict between generations. But no generation betrayed their young as deeply and as thoroughly as boomers did, who left the economy, democracy and the environment in ruins. The anger of the next generation is justified.
To my followers. As pissed off as you are about toxins injected into people, our childrens' generation - regardless of party - is waking up to the toxic shit-hole of a world the postmodern world has left them. Guess what? Same problem. #SynergisticToxicity
if you haven’t already, read/watch this immediately. so damn powerful.
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