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Watch: "If you choose to fail us, we will never forgive you," Greta Thunberg tells world leaders at the UN climate summit.

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My God, I'd read the speech but I needed to see her deliver one of the most powerful call-to-action speeches I've seen. And I've been to the World Championship of Public Speaking! What heart!

If she wrote this, I'd just hand her the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow.

I actually don’t understand why nothing is being done...I do not understand at all why these governments or so called people in charge of our countries are not doing anything???
Hier ist die ganze Rede. Wenn wir die Katastrophe überstehen und es in 100 Jahren noch sowas wie Geschichtsbücher gibt, dann wird diese Frau eine zentrale Rolle darin spielen. #HowDareYou
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It is shameful that so many in the world still cannot hear this young woman's message. Our leadership in America is failing us. Don't @ me, Trump cult. Leave that girl alone too.
Die Frau ist unfassbar gut. Genau das ist die Dimension. Team Greta. #klimawandel
Greta İklim Zirvesi'nde konuşmasını yaptı: "Eğer bizi yüzüstü bırakmayı seçerseniz sizi asla affetmeyeceğiz"

#ActNow #İklimAcilDurumu
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A political tool for the left. Go to China & India and preach this message
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she's basically the political equivalent to a child soldier.
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Wow!! Just wait till she REALLY gets angry! Watch her whole speech here ... … ✂️👣🌏🌍🌎🙂
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Great. I'm 53, come from the west of Germany, I'm an entrepreneur and it's right what she says. I said it all 10 years ago. It's all about money and eternal growth. A false path! Greta keep up the good work. Revolution!
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I've watched this speech 5 times now. Why does it take an emotional teenager to SO CLEARLY point out that true leaders are rare. I'm ashamed of our so-called leadership. Deeply ashamed.
Please take 4 minutes out of your schedule today and watch this. As @GretaThunberg -- speaking of her generation -- puts it, "If you choose to ignore us, we will not forgive you."
The moral teachings behind her message can be applied to so many things other than the issues she’s discussing it is INSANE. What a brilliantly smart young woman.
She is introduced, and when she says 'I am watching you' everyone laughs.
Have you ever been in a position of being in front of so many authority figures, and actually telling them the truth? I haven't. I get polite and small in these situations. She doesn't.
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Trying to save the world from itself when you can see climate changing all over the place, can only be a good thing. Anyone who thinks otherwise or that she has some other motives is simply more concerned about money or doesn't have much in terms of IQ and a heart.
"wenn ihr euch entscheidet, uns zu enttäuschen, sage ich, dass wir euch nie verzeihen werden. Wir werden euch damit nicht davonkommen lassen. Genau hier...ist es, wo wir die Grenze ziehen. Die Welt wacht auf. Und der Wandel kommt, ob es euch gefällt oder nicht.” @GretaThunberg pic.twitter.com/FqLCEZPMMe
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Damn right. Eradiacate pollution in soil, water, air, & space, protect extant, restore & expand flora & fauna. THESE will allow nature herself to heal, & must be implemented in urban, suburban & rural areas. Nature herself is the best technology to heal. WE must HELP her do it.
I had goose bumps watching this
'The World is waking up & change is coming whether you like it or not'

The odds are 50/50-the flip of a coin-if we can limit the Global temperature rise to 1.5C

Now hopefully this can be the beginning & not the beginning of the end
Ecoutez là svp. Et se dire qu'en face, en France, on a un clown nommé E Macron, qui nous donne des leçons de morale en nous disant ce qu'il faut faire alors que lui mène une politique écocide. Les cleanwalks ne sauvront pas le monde. Sortons de ce système dominé par l'argent.
"You all come to us young people for hope. How dare you!"

"How dare you pretend that this can be solved with business as usual and technical solutions."

@RichardbrutonTD @LeoVaradkar
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In two years the 16 year old teenagers like @GretaThunberg will have the right to vote. It’s time for us adults to decide if we want to end up on the right side of history.
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The denialists and frauds and trolls in this and other threads of this video are Trumpian in their ignorance and arrogance. The science is settled and the solutions are available. Only greed and hatred stand in the way.

Eine der besten Reden, die ich seit Jahren hören durfte ...

#Thunberg #CDU #CSU #SPD #FDP #Linke #Grüne #AfD
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Die komplette Rede hat es in sich und sie hat ja völlig recht twitter.com/washingtonpost… pic.twitter.com/70i75tXa0f
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#NobelForGreta, I've watched this multiple Xs and each time I'm brought to tears. #savetheplanet



People are suffering.

People are dying.

Entire ecosystems are collapsing.

We are at the beginning of mass extinction.

And all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.

How dare you?
I really need someone to explain this to me. A little 16 year old girl is talking to world leaders? Why? Are there no adults in the room? She has a very pretty voice but she is a CHILD? Did children take over when no one was looking? What’s the story?#TWGRP
"What's your message to world leaders, today?"
Greta starts carefully: we'll be watching you.

Then she pulls out the emotional stops.
You can hear why she crossed the ocean.
"World leaders" get blasted and harangued.
Go do your homework, clean up your mess!
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As Greta says regarding the action of our world’s young people “the world is waking up & change is coming whether you like it or not”
In reply to @BBCWorld
Wow!! Just wait till she REALLY gets angry! Watch her whole speech here ... … ✂️👣🌏🌍🌎🙂
This speech is a level of tragedy worse than most people are feeling.

I weeped watching it again when I realized the most vital statement any human in our time ever made will be drowned out in a week. Or sooner.

A bell. It tolled.

And stopped.
Make no mistake - just like Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech - THIS will go down in history.

The question is: are YOU gonna do what it takes to help? 🤨

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
No sé como llamar a todos los que aplauden después de este discurso. La verdadera forma de respeto habría sido un silencio total. Un aplauso demuestra que su mensaje no les ha llegado, que siguen viendo en ella lo que quieren ver y no la escuchan. El clamor silencia su mensaje.
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She’s right, we have collectively known this for over 30 years, my dad was taught about global warming when he was in school (62 now) and I was taught this in school as well (31).
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It's awful that we're so much more ready to hear the results of climate research from a kid, rather than from those who've been presenting these issues for decades. We like to think we're logical, but we're all emotional really. Good for you @GretaThunberg 💚
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“Unforgivable” has never been so clearly defined. Action now!
Und in diversen Talkshows und Interviews hört man winselnde Politiker, die sich rechtfertigen, man tue doch was und müsse jetzt schauen, ob es wirkt und gegebenenfalls nachjustieren. Do your fucking Job! #ClimateActionSummit
«Come osate?»
Lo scriveva, come molti attivisti e scienziati, anche Luca Mercalli in un libro che abbiamo pubblicato ormai un annetto fa. Ora Greta Thunberg lo urla in faccia ai potenti del mondo, facendoci venire i brividi: i ragazzi non ci perdoneranno. Non c’è piú tempo.
She has more courage and integrity than our entire Congress and Cabinet combined.
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Well written, well said Greta Thunberg! Thank you. I hear you!
Bravo! ✂️👣🌏🌍🌎🙂
My favorite thing about Greta Thunberg is that she keeps it 100% gangsta, all the time. But when she hit that 110% y'all.....
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Powerful stuff. I like it. This is the Climate Action Summit, it is about the action, and Greta put up a powerfully emotional appeal, making clear who is responsible, and what the consequences are. The reactions here show the climate contrarians and delayers going ballistic :-)
“You come to us young people for hope. How dare you.” Let it reverberate.
I hope people see this whole narrative and theatrics for what they are.

Shrieking “the sky is falling” over and over and using a child as spokesperson is absurd.

.@GretaThunberg’s UN Climate speech in its entirety.
This young lady is fierce.
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time to smash capitalism, and introduce humanist socialism.
“If you choose to fail us I say we will NEVER forgive you. We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up and change is coming whether you like it or not.” #ClimateStrike @GretaThunberg
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Climate change hoaxers are using this girl. Being on the autism spectrum, she's not able to comprehend her situation to an even higher degree than she is by just simply being sixteen.
Greta Thunberg makes an emotional address to world leaders at the UN Climate Summit. “We are watching you!” she says. We are indeed. #ClimateActionNow #ClimateActionPk
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Brilliant, powerful speech.
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Thank you @GretaThunberg ! You are absolutely right!!
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Oh yeah, she doesn’t seem psychotic at all.
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Powerful words, Greta. Those who ridicule or are dismissive of you need to realise you aren't acting -- your emotion is real and coming from within. You shouldn't have to be doing this but you are and with integrity nonetheless.
Hört euch das an, und dann erzählt mir wie ihr mit rein individueller Änderung von Konsum das erreichen wollt.
In reply to @washingtonpost
Question is: Will todays world leaders have their names carved in "The wall of shame" or "The wall of pride". Will they be forever remembered as "those who did" or "those who failed"....?
Please take a moment to watch @GretaThunberg's historic speech from the @UN Climate Summit this morning. I am in awe of her fearlessness.
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woah, she is so good. Take no prisoners!
I've seen better tantrums thrown in Walmart.
Never in my life have I heard a better and more important speech. Hear her words and let's start acting now. How dare we not to? When we start acting, hope will come. #ClimateActionSummit
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I might not agree with all of her points but I have mad respect for her. Never be afraid to speak up, whether people agree or not. Her detractors can throw all their insults and names at her. She won’t care.
Dieses Mädchen ist so powerful! ❤️💥
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I hope she travels with a psychiatrist.
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Esq no puc parar de plorar, l'aplaudiria en les orelles i tot
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What an emotion. Go girl! So glad you tell those snails that are sold to external growth and devastation what the stakes are. Hopefully they understand now.
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Wow... was für eine Rede!!! ❤️😢
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How dare you?

Mein Gott, welch Kraft und Eindringlichkeit hat sie!
Wow. @GretaThunberg in #NewYork #ClimateActionSummit: "How dare you?!"

Ich sollte gar nicht hier sein, ich sollte auf der anderen Seite des Ozeans in der Schule sitzen. Ihr habt mit euren leeren Worten meine Träume, meine Kindheit gestohlen.
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Read: "90 Scientists: Global Warming is a Hoax." afa.net/the-stand/cult…
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I support you for this position on climate change position
In reply to @washingtonpost
you’re absolutely right. Keep it up. 👏🏽🌍
Man kann den Hype nervig finden. Man kann #Greta unsympathisch finden. Aber ich finde es trotzdem beeindruckend, wie ein Mädchen den ganzen Herrschern dieser Welt verbal den Hintern aufreist. Klare Worte sind unter Politikern ja leider nicht mehr erwünscht.
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Wow. Such passion and commitment, every leader should be ashamed for ignoring this warning
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If noboby consider the solution described by the green curves shown herbelow, we will surely fail. Who will have the courage to launch a worldwide debate about this? twitter.com/que_lenergie/s…
If you have a few minutes out of your day, please watch this. The weight of this speech moved me to tears. This world does not deserve Greta Thunberg.
“You say you “hear” us and that you understand the urgency. But no matter how sad and angry I am, I don’t want to believe that. Because if you fully understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil. And I refuse to believe that.” – @GretaThunberg
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this is the full speech and i am absolutely speechless! nothing but the painful truth.
¿Cómo se atreven? ¿Cómo se atreven a reírse cuando dice "los estaremos observando"? ¿Cómo se atreven a aplaudir y vitorear cuando todos deberíamos estar avergonzados de la condena que vivimos y que en silencio alentamos?

"El cambio viene, les guste o no", @GretaThunberg.
Gözümüz üzerinizde
Listening to this impassioned address to @UN #ClimateSummit by @GretaThunberg brought tears to my eyes. I too #Greta will never forgive them. How dare they! We are watching them & we will win 💚✊🏻🌳 #ClimateEmergency #XR #ActNow #RebelForLife
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There are people in Canada who think that by voting Conservative in our upcoming election Climate Change will miraculously go away.
“People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”

I feel her desperation. But she gives me hope. #ClimateAction
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