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Sen. Marco Rubio: "It is possible to do something that is wrong and not be an impeachable offense and people are throwing that term around so loosely it's lost all meaning."

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I really wish there were awards for the anti-Profiles in Courage: Profiles in Cowardice. We would have a winner.
When all the hollering, screaming, and whining (by trump) is over, and he's been impeached, defeated, and imprisoned, we'll STILL have a ton of weak-ass, corrupt "leaders" in gov't.

Make a list.

Enablers #MoscowMitch, Graham, Collins, Cruz, and Rubio should be REMOVED.
Bribery is the one crime mentioned by name in the Constitution as grounds for impeachment.
You mean like, oh I don't know, lie about a blow job?
Republican wrongs are neither indictable nor impeachable because they are above the law, and so long as they have power they will do whatever necessary to keep it. They are incapable of acting as small d democrats! Party always before country!!
Spine of dough, brain of mush.
.@marcorubio what has "lost all meaning" is your worth as a Senator and as a human being.

You are a gutless coward.
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File this in the dictionary under: cow鈥rd
It's lost all meaning among Republicans, that's for sure
Generally speaking, colluding with a foreign power for the purposes of influencing a domestic election is an impeachable offense. Perhaps not in Florida where the politics is among the most corrupt in the nation, as you are well aware.
At least Rubio is young enough that he鈥檚 going to have live with everyone knowing he鈥檚 a coward for at least a few decades.
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Actually @marcorubio 鈥渋mpeachable offense鈥 has very clear meaning. We use it so often because @realDonaldTrump is committing 鈥渋mpeachable offenses鈥 every single day.
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throws around the word Christian so much he鈥檚 forgotten what it means to be one.
i was just saying to my editor that rubio had distinguished himself for being absolutely feckless and hollow
It is amazing what they have done with exoskeletons.
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But a blowjob is, got it
Are these people not able to get employment in the private sector? Is it really necessary for them to sell their souls like this? I don't understand
I'll take "shameless GOP toady" for a thousand, Alex.
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#MondayMotivation #MondayWisdom #MondayThoughts #MondayFeeling The term "Senator," in regards to Marco Rubio, is thrown around so loosely it's lost all meaning.
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if Trump pulled a gun and shot someone - fifty people witnessed it. Marco - Trump really didn't murder him, the guy just got in the way of the bullet.
Marco Rubio has no business veering toward the existential. As a public steward, he lost all meaning years ago.
You are an embarrassment! I will do all I can do to vote you out in Florida next time- #coward !!!
Can u believe this coward? Trump named u well 鈥淟ittle Marco鈥.
Marco Rubio has all the spinal fortitude of Gumby.
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Trump was right about one thing. He knew Little Marco @marcorubio had no 馃幈. Trump even used Russia against Marco after they stole his emails and he rolled over like a little baby & remains complacent.
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Area man without spine provides cover for criminal who mocked him on a national stage.
He鈥檚 such a Christian..馃檮

I鈥檓 shocked he didn鈥檛 have a scripture from the Bible for this and transform it into what he says it means.
Marco, here is where I usually call you a dick. But seeing how small you are, it鈥檚 possible it鈥檚 lost all meaning.
Hoo boy. You mean like, say, lying about a consensual blowjob?
Little Marco suggesting that high crimes and misdemeanors aren鈥檛 an impeachable offense

He is literally voiding the same document that allows him to serve as senator
More Republican courage.
Marco goes full Marco.
In reply to @thehill
It is also possible that Marco Rubio's head is so far up his *ss that he can't tell night from day.
Marco Rubio has never read the Constitution and frankly doesn鈥檛 give a damn about what it says because last I checked, it says that the crime of bribery is subject for grounds to impeach. What a weak, small accomplice Rubio is.
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What's lost all meaning isn't impeachment, it's the oath Rubio took to uphold the Constitution.
鈥淭hat term has been thrown around so loosely it鈥檚 lost all meaning鈥 has been thrown around so loosely it鈥檚 lost all meaning.

It鈥檚 the ultimate weasel phrase.
Marco Rubio is the dumbest man ever elected to the senate, and it isn't even close
On the 7th day God went back on the clock to make a weasel. And He saw that it was bad so he sent it to Florida. And He said Little Marco be thy name.
Marco 9:23
Even for Rubio this is pretty Rubio
Rubio continued: 鈥淚t is possible, for example, to commit a light murder and not be charged with actual murder, because people throw that term 鈥榤urder鈥 around so loosely it鈥檚 lost all meaning.鈥
Some others throwing the term around loosely. pic.twitter.com/QSl6xrhPjl
Republicans impeached Bill Clinton over lying about oral sex and obstruction of justice.
In reply to @thehill
"Yes, all of the basis of my morality is completely situational" All those bible verses I quite,well, those are just quotes....
Little Marco should've just retired in 2016 and become a Fox News correspondent.
In reply to @thehill
just as you loosely throw around patriotism and bible verses
Little Marco is petrified of #Trump.
In reply to @thehill
in the future you will be judged harshly. You are a profile in cowardice
In reply to @thehill
It is ALSO possible for the President to fundamentally violate his oath of office but not be removed from office because the US Senate is dominated by cowardly weasels
Rubio was a rare Republican who said it was unethical to even mention Wikileaks to attack the other side in 2016, let alone encourage a country to interfere in an election
Marco. You still haven鈥檛 found your balls since you lost them in that second debate.
Rubio the douchebag never disappoints
He looks and talks like the chair of the Elks Junior Committee when the Mayor is keeping him from his late appointment.
In reply to @thehill
So, basically, @marcorubio is cool with treason.
If anyone knows all about losing all meaning, it鈥檚 Marco Rubio (R - Flopsweat).
In reply to @thehill
Giuliani to Hannity: 'I wasn't acting on my own, I was following instructions of the state Department.'
Someone should ask Rubio what he considers an impeachable offense.
In reply to @thehill
Impeachment for High crimes & misdemeanors - was first thrown around by the founding fathers to give the American people a remedy for a corrupt person holding the office of the President. Impeachment was put in the Constitution for just this kind of moment.
In reply to @thehill
Yes, Mr. Rubio, that鈥檚 true. It _is_ possible to do something that is wrong and not be an impeachable offense. But what the f*ck does that have to do with Donald Trump extorting a foreign country for his own political benefit???
Marco Rubio lives his life like a guy who is totally bummed that he didn't let Donald Trump get away with insulting his wife and father.
In reply to @thehill
Betrayal is not an impeachable offense, but Trump is a Traitor to almost everything we hold sacred in America. #TraitorTrump #BenedictDonald #CageHimUp pic.twitter.com/2tl2YsJOD9
In reply to @thehill
Rubio is the weakest, most pointless person in the senate - and that鈥檚 not an easy accolade to win.
You know, it wouldn鈥檛 lose all meaning if we actually impeached him
I would rather have one of those weird 鈥淔lorida Man鈥 people as my Senator than this pathetic human.
Says the party who impeached a president for a blowjob.
Man, "Little Marco" was so dead-on.
In reply to @thehill
Maybe Rubio needs to remember when he was running for President in 2016 Trump called him "Little Marco". Is he going to be another Republican to toe the Party line, hate Trump in private and support him publicly? Do you job Senator and stand up for the Nation.
So tell us @marcorubio what do you consider an impeachable offense? I mean seriously we had a president impeached for getting his dick sucked and the only person who should have been mad was his wife. This man is once again asking a foreign government to interfere in our election
In reply to @thehill
Like the term Republican Representative. An oxymoron. If they鈥檙e Republican, they鈥檙e not representing their constituency, only trump鈥檚 selfish, unAmerican interests. It鈥檚 embarrassing @marcorubio @SenRubioPress Never call yourselves Patriots again.馃嚭馃嚫 You鈥檝e abandoned your oath. pic.twitter.com/BbHoSYzJpJ
I want to rip his toupee off so bad.
You know what else has lost all meaning? The phrase 鈥淢arco Rubio is a Christian who puts his money where his mouth it.鈥
This recalls that fabled moment when rubes sat in that big oversized chair and everything made sense.
Here's what Franklin meant when he pushed for it. It was for the purpose of removing an official who had 鈥渞endered himself obnoxious...for the regular punishment of the Executive when his misconduct should deserve it, & for his honorable acquittal." avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/d鈥 1/2
Ah, yes. The vision and the moral courage.
In reply to @thehill
Marco the Hypocrite misses the 3-point kick
Yes, it is possible for Little Marco to get even smaller.
Spineless Florida man gonna spineless Florida man.
Please vote the American COWARD @marcorubio out of office!!
In reply to @thehill
Colluding w/a foreign nation to aid in winning an election is beyond just *being wrong.* Was Marco absent the last 2 years?? He should read the Mueller Report.馃う鈥嶁檧锔
In reply to @thehill
how do you unwrap your integrity after your liar-in-chief leader is impeached? shame shame shame on you little marco
In reply to @thehill
No @marcorubio your sense of any and all gravitas is what鈥檚 lost all meaning!
In reply to @thehill
Marco Rubio has no meaning. Waste of Space in Senate Unseat!
In reply to @thehill
should just read the Constitution and learn the meaning.
It is possible that you're a cowardly asshole, @marcorubio. Or it is possible that you're a traitor.

Gotta be one or the other.
I'm old enough to remember when Republicans impeached Clinton for lying under oath about a blow job.
In reply to @thehill
Hmmm I鈥檓 pretty sure extortion, bribery, abuse of power meet the threshold for impeachable offense. Stop setting the bar so low for the President.
In reply to @thehill
The @GOP has lost all meaning and credibility. Good luck in 2020.
In reply to @thehill
.@marcorubio may I remind u that Clinton was impeached in the house 4 lying about a sex act. His behavior didn't endanger any1 but himself, Lewinsky & his marriage. Trump's behavior endangers our national security. Literally every citizen and also many people around the globe.
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