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Meanwhile, Senate Republicans just quietly voted to advance *another* nominee to a lifetime seat on a U.S. court who was rated "not qualified" to be a federal judge. huffpost.com/entry/senate-t…

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Justin Walker is 37, has never tried a case in court + earned a rare and embarrassing "not qualified" rating by the American Bar Association. So naturally, Republicans just voted to move forward with making him a lifetime federal judge. huffpost.com/entry/senate-t…
Once Trump is impeached, it will be pretty important to also impeach the *literally* unqualified judges the Republicans used his sham presidency to quietly put in position to completely reshape the entire federal judiciary for at least two generations.
We will never be free of Trump.
That’s it. The whole ballgame right there. Our constitution is being shredded but they get to pack the courts. Will take a long time to undo this madness. #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare
As @jbendery explains, this nomination is essentially a reward.

Walker is a former Kavanaugh clerk who went on a media blitz to dispute Christine Blasey Ford's allegations.

Now he gets a lifetime appointment to the federal bench, even though he is wildly unqualified.
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Question: There’s thousands of qualified judges, so why choose so many utterly unqualified candidates? Republican answer: We need a rubber stamp on the very worst of our hateful, corrupt decisions.
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These are not people who want to actually govern in good faith. They are arsonists who want to burn the government down while they are looting the treasury. The worst generation of Americans ever to hold power.
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why are there "life time" appointments for any position? Marriage isn't even considered a "life time" decision. The legal battle to remove bad judges, or bad politicians, is almost worse then the nastiest divorce
What is “quiet” when it comes to voting on a judicial nominee? The hearing was live-streamed. I don’t see how the GOP is trying to obscure their behavior regarding this nomination. H/T @cardinals150
To be clear, at a year out from passing the bar, *I* have more civil litigation and trial experience than this guy
Can the Senate take a day off from court packing to address a couple of those 250 bills the House has passed?
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Keep a list for impeachment in 2021. No reason to live with the corrupt takeover of the judiciary by this corrupt admin and McConnell. Anybody ever find out how Moscow Mitch went from being worth 2m to being worth 10X that? #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare
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The @GOP’s desire to saddle this country with “not qualified” individuals at every level and in every department in government, just breaks my heart 💔
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They are destroying this country.
This is the only reason they let Donald stay on
they are getting their Judges so the GOP can turn us into a country where Religion is part of the deal.
Gone will be the separation of Church and State and the way paved for a dictatorship
I love how ABA ratings are the gospel, except when the ABA says that Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett, etc etc are "well qualified," then to hell with the ABA.
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So this is his reward for Kavanaugh?
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Conservatives are packing the courts with ideologues. I guess they dont mind activist judges at all...
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Of course they did. Judges, cabinet members, other political appointees...in all cases qualifications are beside the point. Political ideology rather than experience and competence is all that matters.
We need to flip the Senate!
This has got to stop. 👇🏼
They wouldn’t let President Obama appoint anyone during election season.
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are you going to sign off on this idiocy too? How about you @SenJohnKennedy - got any words ?
I'm wondering if THIS was the reason for the presser and G7 announcement.

I'd be very interested in seeing a Venn diagram showing how many of Trump's most explosive and egregious Tweets & actions fell as cover on days when the Senate was shoving through judicial nominees.
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Republicans will let Trump burn the US down as long as they have one tiny, fireproof corner where they can continue to give inexperienced & unqualified nominees lifetime appointments on the bench. Meanwhile, Biden doesn't want to expand SCOTUS because that wouldn't be right??
You've gotta ask yourself why Republicans are so eager to push through lifetime appointments for judges the nonpartisan American Bar Association rates as "not qualified." Your favorite "principled" Republicans are pretty quiet about this part. And that's no accident.
In reply to @jbendery
Trump distracts, gop acts. I’ve always said this.
This is the real coup.
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McConnell is a broken man. Still fighting Dems over what happened to Bork. His influence of putting unqualified men on the federal courts in America is a disgusting abuse of power.
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The GOP poisoning of our judiciary will last long after I'm gone. Republicans have planted the seeds to complete the destruction of our society that they've been working toward for decades.
In reply to @jbendery
Also amazing: how quiet Democrats are about all these lifetime appointments.
Sitting on 250 bills from the house.
While they stack the courts.
We all need to keep our eye on the prize. Trump is the most corrupt president in history, but GOP as a whole has been an active, willing participant in dismantling of America. The party is rotten to the core. Need to vote the bastards out at local, state and federal levels.
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#MoscowMitch #DitchMitch @ditchmitchfund @AmyMcGrathKY If you think Mitch is going to save the country, think again.
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has no honor to country, Constitution, the sick or elderly,veterans,children or humanity!It’s all about greed, suppressing the will of the majority. Bastardizing the judiciary is the mission. And keeping Koch&Russian mobligarch money flowing tinyurl.com/yamph5lf
In reply to @jbendery
THE most under-reported, long-lasting calamity of this corrupt administration.
The ABA is not really "non-partisan". Also, show me where the Constituion mentions the ABA, or 12 years of trial experience.
In the not too distant future our courts are going to be as incompetent as our executive branch. No knowledge of how things work no background prep..no advance planning. Trump incompetence is having a negative effect on the entire world.
If you don't have to be qualified, does that mean anybody can be a judge? What's the point?
In reply to @jbendery
Disgusted more and more by the GOP
Question: if Trump ends up impeached AND removed: what happens to his lifetime appointments? We’ve never asked that because we’ve never had a president removed by the Senate.
In reply to @jbendery
How are we ever to recover from the damage done by these criminals?
Horrifying thread. @justinamash this is just another example of how completely irresponsible our govt has become. I'm so grateful I at least can trust YOU. @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC @SenatorRomney how can you possibly think this is ok??????? More importantly...
Wow...but #MerrickGarland wasn't worth considering?

#MoscowMitch you've done it again! 🙀🙀🙀
Well this can't be right.

Everybody is telling me they're all going to jail. And Trump melted ... orrrr something.

Gosh this is eventually going to leave a huge part of our judiciary filled with nothing but judges that uphold Trump no matter what he does.
This is such an outrage. It makes me so tired.
The oppressors are busy today, making a lie of the meritocracy ideology they’ve pushed on communities of color & poor folks for centuries, making a fool of the justice system, & perhaps more importantly, ensuring the durability of white supremacist hegemony & its trappings. Nice.
the circus at the white house is a distraction while they push through as much corruption as they can before it all falls down
In reply to @jbendery
This has to be one of the (many) despicable reasons the @GOP & @senatemajldr are continuing to enable an unfit, unhinged president.
This is the game ... putting “the best” people in life time judicial positions. We are going to need to be holding round the clock judicial impeachment’s if sanity ever returns
All the corrupt gop can think of now is to fast track unqualified, fake conservative CHRISTIAN judges
Once Trump is gone we must remove these judges.
They create moral hazard. If Republicans are allowed to steal judicial seats this time by propping up a corrupt president, they’ll do it again in the future. We must remove that moral hazard by removing the judges.
In reply to @jbendery
Well if they’re going to be the minority they are gonna need to stack the courts with corrupt judges so they can fight every law passed that their campaign donors don’t agree with they cheat every chance they get
GOPs want to gift a Federal Judge seat (lifetime appointment) for

JUSTIN earned a rare & embarrassing “not qualified” rating from the American Bar Association.

Only the best people!
You had me at "ANOTHER LIFETIME JUDGE!!!!!!!!"

Your Leftist anguish is my VIAGRA!

This, and only this, is why they’re keeping Trump in office. The gamble is that they’ll be able to ride it out, blame it all on him, and stay in power.
In reply to @jbendery
part of the obstruction delays. Keep getting these misfits in while they can!
In reply to @jbendery
What a disgrace. I think every nominee who makes it on the court this way should be removed via impeachment.
In reply to @jbendery
And when people ask why Republicans put up with Trump, this is why. Trump is a very necessary distraction from this. Trump will he gone soon, they know that, but the judges won’t. It’s horrible.
I can hardly bear to think about these judicial appointments but I suppose they have to be faced. The idea of confirming someone rated "not qualified" shows what a joke this entire administration is. Folks, we have been taken over by a foreign entity.
Another opportunity lost for a woman or person of color.
In reply to @jbendery
So, @senatemajldr legacy will be placing a lot of unqualified justices and supporting an illegitimate president. Great way to sunset lifetime achievements with a thud.
In reply to @jbendery
But Hunter Biden definitely needed more qualifications to sit on a board....
Please follow the thread.
In reply to @jbendery
Can they be stopped? What needs to be implemented to stop this?
In reply to @jbendery
Undo all these appointments when we start cleaning up this mess. Trump is not a legitimate president.
Trump works FOR Republicans.

Trump is a SYMPTOM of AMERICAN dysfunction. pic.twitter.com/Bf3pLka5sQ
This is the point of trumps treason they are stacking the courts to change the laws and the country in their favor
Listen, if anyone knows anything about a lawyer..it’s the ABA. They knew things about me that I didn’t know about myself. The bar application is ridiculous. This vote is ridiculous, but I’m also not surprised because McConnell sucks.
In reply to @jbendery
We can't wait another year for an administration change. Too much harm is being done to our country.
"Activist judges" lol.

This guy isn't remotely qualified to work as a federal district court judge. Your average public defender is more qualified. Almost every lawyer who will try a case in front of him is more qualified. He's barely better than Ty Beard.
In reply to @jbendery
Outrageous. Too little time before the bar and no trial experience. He is decidedly not qualified.
This thread man.

I'm going to be dead before there is any chance of restoring the federal judge system to some semblance of impartial competence...
A nice thread to remind you that nothing matters
Seems fairly short sighted of the founders to have included a process for impeachment but no mechanism to undo the acts of a lawless executive.

Like let’s just say hypothetically that the president was a serial fraudster and rapist. He gets impeached but the laws he signed stay?
yep stack the courts so we can never get out of this orange hot mess.

This dude isnt even qualified, and the ABA said so!
THIS FUCKERY has to be one of the despicable reasons the @GOP & @senatemajldr are continuing to enable an unfit, unhinged president.
Just fantastic. A lifetime federal judge who's never tried a case as an attorney.

He's getting rewarded for helping to shoot down Christine Blasey Ford.
The effects of this presidency will be felt for decades.
this is the destruction of the #RuleofLaw being done without the knowledge or consent of the governed. This is #Fascism.
Gerrymandering discovered so now it's pad the courts. Setting up for more corruption.
In reply to @jbendery
just too much f*ckery today!
How can you sit judges in an impeachment year but not an election year? @GOP
Oh my gawd. Seriously. WTAF, @GOP ?!? Are you trying to drown us w unqualified ppl everywhere? Where are the @DNC folks?!? Hello? Are there no ppl left w scruples? Values? Morals?!?
Obama got 14 judges rated “not qualified” by the ABA to a floor vote and the Democrat-controlled senate confirmed 9 of them. In his first term. Nobody gave a shit because no one actually cares about judge qualifications. Just outcomes they like.
In reply to @ewarren
@ewarren I beg of you, when you become President, I BEG YOU to establish a judicial review board/committee to establish a set of MINIMUM standards that are REQUIRED BY LAW for any *current & future* judicial appointments. Then get these UNQUALIFIED judges removed from the bench!
His name is Justin, but he looks exactly like a Chad.
#Impeach @realDonaldTrump and reverse ALL judicial appointments made during his disgraceful presidency!
In reply to @jbendery
Anyone to stack the courts!
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