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“THEY GOTTA GO TO WORK!” 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭 twitter.com/tyIerzilla/sta…
THEY GOTTA GO TO WORK! https://t.co/r0TGXqeefV

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Imagine getting fired from your job cause some inconsiderate fucks had the road blocked making you late
In reply to @8Ball_305
The phone went ⬆️↗️⬇️↩️🔄🔁
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They asking what’s wrong with him when they blocking the street singing lullaby’s like wtf lol
In reply to @8Ball_305
Gah damn that was beautiful
In reply to @8Ball_305
My guy just worked a double at the hospital and has to go back in an hour. He wasn’t having it.
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“YOU GET THE F-“ “skisneiwndndjwidniwwienej”
In reply to @8Ball_305
He ain’t wrong tho lmao, just because y’all off for your protest doesn’t means my employer will sympathize
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“Yeah ima be late. I done ran into some human trafficking.”
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I have no issues with this. Get out the damn way
In reply to @8Ball_305
He was mad as shit in his scrubs 😂😂
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The phone flying satisfied me as well as took me tf out 😂 pic.twitter.com/OuGT9yhusH
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They singing & thought shit was funny in the beginning 🤣
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“You get the f-“ The phone: sksfsfsfhsgsfskkskshg pic.twitter.com/aiZdeSpvpo
In reply to @8Ball_305
He threw her phone into a whole new dimension 😂😂
In reply to @8Ball_305
When he threw that banner away though... pic.twitter.com/Ad955AVqkW
The guy in scrubs was a Capricorn
In reply to @8Ball_305
“Let’s stop traffic, then we’ll show em” pic.twitter.com/ByImkma5U7
In reply to @8Ball_305
I’m not mad at him. People are on call and have to save lives! Find a different protest. Do that on the side of the road.
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In reply to @8Ball_305
Nah can someone PLEASE make a thread of protesters not succeeding pls
In reply to @8Ball_305
Loll for them to give up that easily
In reply to @8Ball_305
Wha were they even protesting???
Never met a nurse who let you play with their time
I’M DEAD THIS IS IN SF! THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO PROTEST IDC I’M ON THE DUDE’S SIDE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 y’all clearly not from here and clearly believe you don’t live in a big city with almost 900k people living in it!!!
I’d do the same tbh. Don’t block the roads, people tryna get to places.
All heroes don’t wear capes. Some wear scrubs
In reply to @8Ball_305
Not all hero’s wear capes. This nurse got patients to go to lol
Look at him doin the lords work
Folks love all the benefits of past protests that inconvenienced people and stopped cities from functioning but don’t wanna deal with it now. Lol.
I love my city man
In reply to @8Ball_305
Man that internship at the hospital be having mfs stressed
In reply to @8Ball_305
If he was black they would have gave yo 100 years immediately
In reply to @8Ball_305
i love the "what's wrong with you people seriously" like they aren't blocking a street during morning rush hour
it isn’t even just that this is funny or anything. you see what he’s wearing? some people don’t go to work just for checks. some people need to be at work to SAVE LIVES because they have the gift of that knowledge and capabilities. g shit
Man let me see this dumb shit on a day I’m late for work, on god everybody getting ran over.
In reply to @8Ball_305
That traffic by SH in the morning be so bad I know people was hot💀😂
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Y’all check out my SoundCloud ima fake DJ ❤️ soundcloud.com/8ball_305 pic.twitter.com/kqxx2xoLJv
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Is he wrong tho 😂😂😭😭😭 this video should not be this funny omggggg
so these girls really thought making a lot of people late for work was going to work in reducing carbon emission??? Go protest outside the houses of government officials
In reply to @8Ball_305
Y’all better stop playing with people bags them bills gotta get paid
Imagine it being a 8:47am on a Tuesday, your car A/C ain’t working, some of the gravy from the sausage and grits spill on your work shirt and you just get that out of data text ONLY TO PULL UP TO A CORNER AND SEE A PROTEST! Dawg, I salute homie, he’s the hero we all need.
In reply to @8Ball_305
As a person who works in the medical industry that man probably just coming off of a 16 hour shit or going to one and wasn’t happy to begin with so I get it 😹
i stand with this guy 100%
Not all hero’s wear capes
I feel where he’s coming from tho 😂😭
In reply to @8Ball_305
Honestly my road rage is terrible. My car would have been half a centimeter from hitting them
In reply to @8Ball_305
the part of Grey’s Anatomy they don’t want us to see 🤣
Não sei quanto a vocês mas acho que o gajo agiu corretamente
In reply to @8Ball_305
I’m crying at how the white women yelling in the back 😂😂😂😂
Not saying I condone it, but I understand lol
I love his energy.
Whoever he is I love him LMFAO
This how it needs to be when people wanna protest and block roads making people late and shit
In reply to @8Ball_305
“What is wrong with you” bitch wtf is wrong w/ y’all ? 😂😂
Dat nigga came trippin. 😂
Then they got the nerve to be blocking a one way! YEEEEET LMFAOOOO
In reply to @8Ball_305
In reply to @8Ball_305
I mean....he wasn’t wrong in this situation pic.twitter.com/7LQLALAAoR
that guy's a hero
Bro for real tho you can’t be fuckin with people on their way to work 😂😂
Scrubs wasn’t havin that shit
In reply to @8Ball_305
He’s wearing scrubs, works in healthcare, I’d do the same in the morning I’m always grumpy
In reply to @8Ball_305
They really got tf out the way tho! 😭😭😭
Fuck people that try and stop normal people going to make a living and feed their family, protest the big corporations not the individual just trying to survive
In reply to @8Ball_305
He was fed tf up 😭😭 my boy said just bc y’all ain’t got shxt else to do 🤣🤣🤣
Bro is a nurse, them mfs pull 10+ hour shifts on a daily basis y’all need to get out the way
Do this in Sac and mfs finna drive thru the sign 😂😂😂 uh uh
This guy deserves a medal
In reply to @8Ball_305
The dude was like: move bish get outta way
“What is wrong with you?”
“They gotta go to work” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
In reply to @8Ball_305
Them Mfs tripping they lucky to not get ran over
ok but he’s literally right like get tf out of the street on a busy ass week day like ???
He’s 100% not lying and made you freaks loook so dumb
I mean shit they do though.. can’t blame this guy imagine trying to get to your job and some stuck up dumb fucks are blocking the street... fucking idiots
That nigga was in his probation period Lmfaoooooooooooooooo
damn right we need more people like him, quit your bitching and get an actual job. standing in the damn road like some freaking idiots
"Whiff of Grapeshot" by Napoleon (1795)
In reply to @8Ball_305
Yooo they shut down my brother @nxtgen720rules blockade of the hot topic store. He wanted to be the only man on YouTube dressed like Mick Foley. 🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @8Ball_305
When the phone fell on the floor it looked like he kicked it and that shit spun like a Beyblade 🤣🤣🤣
He wearing scrubs? Guess you can say he lost his...patients *badumtss*
So y’all’s plan to raise awareness for climate change was to herd a large amount of running vehicles for an extended period of time?
I’m pretty sure he’s a Capricorn 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Some people really fucking struggle to keep their head above water for their kids and you gone block the road!??
Nothing was wrong with this hero.
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