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Breaking News: video of Coach Keanon Lowe disarming Parkrose High School gunman Angel Granados-Diaz. More to come.

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Watching someone perform a miracle of anti-violent love is...intensely overwhelming
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In reply to @DanTilkinKOIN6
Holy shit, that got me right in the feels. To still have the ability to express empathy and compassion during this circumstance is incredible. That coach can coach.
This is one amazing person I’ve had the pleasure of playing on the same team with. Such an outstanding person, I’m speechless!
Former Oregon Duck receiver Keanon Lowe disarmed a 19 year old who brought a shotgun to Parkrose High School on May 17th. I bet this is the first time anyone on the East Coast is hearing about it tho. Probably because no one was injured. Keanon Lowe is a hero.
This happened back in May.
This man is an American hero.
This should not be normal.
Lowe became a coach after his best friend died from an overdose. “I’m going to lead. How can I lead the community if I’m not there?” oregonlive.com/crime/2019/06/…
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The best part is that everytime the kid tries to break the hug, he keeps pulling him back in and making him hug him. Receive that love no matter what. I learned that something as simple as a hello will stop a person from killing someone. Ppl just want to seen, heard & loved.
Black people are beautiful and courageous. Many of us are able to see the wholeness of humanity.
Awed by the courage and compassion displayed here by former #Oregon WR @KeanonLowe ... Hero.
I have not been this moved in a very long time. Impossible to not get emotional watching this. We called him a hero then, but after seeing this I’m not sure there is even a word worthy of him. Thank you, @KeanonLowe. 🙏
"I told him I cared about him, that people care about him. He was really surprised. He said, 'You do?' I said, 'Yep, I just met you and I care about you. It's going to be OK."

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Keaton Lowe is a devastating downfield blocker and a true letterman
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Wow, this is truly incredible. He’s something special. @KeanonLowe
Disarmed with love and compassion. Wow.
Just breathtaking!!! Watch as Parkrose High School football coach @KeanonLowe stops a student with a gun. This surveillance video and more obtained exclusively by @DanTilkinKOIN6 tonight at 10 and 11. #koin6news
Jesus. I’m writing in Keanon Lowe as president in 2020.
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The compassion he showed and made that person feel like somebody and that he cared ..... awesome video and a awesome person
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Disarmed him with compassion and love. A true hero who saves multiple lives including the shooters.
Here's our detailed story on this video and the incredible work by Coach @KeanonLowe who also works security at Parkrose High School. Before this, Lowe was known for his football achievements as a #GoDucks receiver.
@oregonfootball koin.com/local/multnoma…
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Wow! I imagined a Chuck Norris scene. This is way more impressive. Compassion is cool.
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Thank you Coah Keanon Lowe
Just a surreal moment here. Lowe is amazing here with how he handled this.
An incredible display of love and compassion. @KeanonLowe is a hero. We’re all forever in your debt, coach.
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Too much for words. Absolutely heroic
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The power of his compassion is transforming many lives tonight.
It’s hard not to be overcome with emotion watching this video.
This happened in May.. Thx you Coach Keanon...
Legendary act of compassion.
First you see the gunman with a shotgun hidden under his jacket walk by in the lower right of your screen, and then moments later kids flee. pic.twitter.com/ei0yOOCBJN
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This man has a waterbed coming, no charge!
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Wow.. Already had mad respect for him, but this... More than a hero.
Former Oregon Duck disarms a high school shooter with compassion.
Deescalation with hugging. Wow
Video of Former Oregon player Keanon Lowe being a hero. Powerful stuff. Love.
❤️ that this ended with a hug
Sin palabras, desarmado por un simple abrazo, cuánto cariño no le haría falta y desearía, que un simple abrazo es lo que cuesta que suelte el arma.
Huhhuh mikä video. Koulun liikunnanohjaaja estää kouluammuskelun, ottaa ampujan aseet pois ja välittää ne turvaan vietäväksi. Ja sitten pitää ampujan paikoillaan ja rauhoittaa halaamalla pitkään.
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De-escalation masterclass. Thank you Coach Lowe for how you handed that.
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The moment he wraps the would-be-shooter in a hug, and says “I care about you” is the kind of compassion this world doesn’t have enough of
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Pretty powerful video..
That he wraps the kid in his arms and holds him is really something. (Incident happened in May of 2019).
The humanity displayed in this video - in the midst of an unbelievably frightening incident - is absolutely remarkable. Nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for the human being that @KeanonLowe is. Watch to the very end. You won't regret it.
Wow. Just wow.

This high school coach hugged that kid away from the gun, and kept hugging the shooter. That’s what did it.

This leaves me speechless.
The coach said, "I felt compassion for him; a lot of times, especially when you’re young, you don’t realize what you’re doing until it’s over."

Compassion. Not anger or hate, compassion.

Way too short on Compassion in the US and the world today.
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Oh wow. I was expecting some fisticuffs. Did not expect this.
This coach is a hero for disarming this would be shooter.

He’s an even bigger hero for holding this kid in his arms and giving him compassion and love in a time that he probably wasn’t getting it. He not only saved him from making a huge mistake. He probably saved his life.
I hate it came to this but a BLACK man. Gave the hug... even after seeing and knowing the history of these events!!! This is WHAT WE NEED TO SEE IN THE MEDIA!
Not gonna lie. This had me in my feelings and I cried. Jeez, it’s so much going on in the world. The kids are not alright and it’s time we as a society figure out how to change that. We are our brothers keeper. We are each other’s business. #PeaceandLove
The other staff member takes the shotgun and then gets on the phone and alerts others about what has happened. pic.twitter.com/1IjjsbWjvT
Impressive display of compassion and deescalation by Coach Lowe.

In a situation that easily could have become violent — even deadly — he disarms a student with a gun (who was in a mental health crisis) and hugs him.
This is so chilling. So many cops would have shot the coach and asked questions last
True compassion and courage via @KeanonLowe.

A black man stopped a school shooter but we the violent once cops scared of
Scroll to the end, and watch. This is why I refuse to believe anyone is irredeemable, why I refuse to endorse the death penalty or life imprisonment, and why I believe cages are merciless solutions. This boy never had a real hug in his LIFE.
This was a big story in Portland earlier this year. Coach/security guard disarmed a gunman and averted school shooting. But we hadn’t seen how — until now.
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And thats how a good man WITHOUT a gun deals with a bad man with a gun 👍
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Very very powerful video / the young man’s pain is so intense
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Wow!!! And I though the only way to stop a gunman is with more guns... I am absolutely speechless pic.twitter.com/72NmX0Akvs
A matter of moments after you see the gunman walking through a hallway, you see kids run for their lives. pic.twitter.com/v40YuK1G9t
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I don't care who that coach is, I love him.
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The brother risked his life in double, because had a cop rolled up on this scene & saw that gun in his hand, they would've definitely aired him out
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The boy with the gun had one round, was drunk and only pointed the gun at himself. He was suicidal. The coach saved his life by recognizing this and being willing to risk his own life to save the boy’s
Hey @KeanonLowe, I would love to have you on my show. You’re amazing my man. ✊🏾
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Absolutely incredible. He saved this kid and the other kids in that school from what could have been the most profound and devastating moment of their lives. That’s a true hero
This is a must watch. Coach Lowe shows compassion @ a whole new level. Maybe the most touching thing I have ever seen. Wow!!
Holy shit, that’s amazing.
This video brought tears.
The heroics, the empathy, the compassion and the quick-thinking.
This is everything. ❤️
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is a hero and always will be. 🙏👏
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Profoundly touching. Keanon Lowe, you, sir, are a national hero and an excellent example of how to disarm a troubled young man with compassion, empathy and love. Blessings to you and your family! Thank you for saving his life and possibly many others ❤️💗❤️
Keanon straight up hugging the kid and rubbing his back after disarming him brought tears to my eyes. Powerful
I'm not crying, you're crying.

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That man would make an excellent police officer.
This. Kid comes to school with a gun Keanon disarms him with a hug and compassion. We need more @KeanonLowe’s in this world.
This is the heaviest shit I have ever seen. What a man
ONLY ON KOIN: Watch the moment Parkrose HS Football coach Keanon Lowe grabs a shotgun from a student, Angel Granados-Diaz.

@DanTilkinKOIN6 exclusively obtained this surveillance video from that day, I'll have more with a break down on @KOINNews tonight at 10 & 11.
OMG.. Do you know the kind of strength it takes to disarm someone with a shotgun and intentions to KILL!???

This made me cry!

Black men are so magnificent ❤️
This apparently happened in May, yet the Media only reports on it when people die because it brings in the ratings. If the media reported on these, rather than on the killers after a massacre, we may see a change in the frequency of these happening. The Media is part of the issue
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As real as it gets.. we need more of this
This video is jaw-dropping. Coach disarms high school gunman in Portland, OR, by embracing him in a show of compassion:
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I don’t even remember this shooting 🤦🏾‍♂️
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