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Thousands upon thousands are here in Queensbridge Park - with a line still in the streets - for the #BerniesBack rally with @AOC

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The fact that this is happening after months and months of the campaign being undermined/distorted/erased makes it all the more astonishing. #BernieIsBack
Bernie's rally maxed out at capacity 20,000, then they couldn't let more people in.

We have a movement.
We have the people.
We will win.
#Bernie2020 ✌️❤️🤬
Even if you don't like Bernie, you have to admit his crowds are beautiful. Crowds of people who want a more just America for everyone, people of different race and backgrounds. And people who want to knock down that damn wall. Crowds like this let us know that America is alive.
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Yep, looked at the "main" news networks #CNN, #MSNBC, and #Fox. There is nothing of this great event. Imagine if #AOC endorsed #Warren. It would be everywhere. #OurStrong
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bUt sHOuLdN't hE tHiNk aBoUt dRoPpiNg oUt?🥴
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And this video doesn't even show the crowd that couldn't get in. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌✊
Sister @NinaTurner for VP! Can i get an AMEN and an AWOMEN!! #SandersTurner2020
In a move that is truly shocking to the world, liberals in the most liberal city show up in droves to hear ultra liberals speak. Look at that crowd! 🤦‍♂️
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We must also point out : I was there. It was totally packed. I saw the warren rally, it wasn’t packed. Here I didn’t have place to move. It was like person to person just stuck.
Sanders supporters share this!! I’ve got goosebumps all up and down my arms! This is amazing!! What a great feeling! #BerniesBackRally #berniesback #BernieSanders2020 #aoc #queensbridgepark
Taking the stage to AC/DC’s Back in Black, Bernie says the rally permit was for 20K & they “had to close the doors.” I want @neeratanden, @TomPerez & @ThirdWayTweet to understand, every time they attack/attempt to undermine Bernie, they’re hurting Democrats’ chances in November
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There is people in the streets piled up who can't get in
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Watch this wonder crowds thousand wonder if MSNBC is watching or MSM
Taking the stage to AC/DC’s Back in Black, Bernie says the rally permit was for 20,000 & they “had to close the doors.”

Just wondering if everyone else is as excited as I am to hear @juliemason and @IsaacDovere reporting on #Bernie2020’s historic groundbreaking campaign.
Dammnnnn. And the line to get in is still going for blocks and blocks in both directions! 🤯🙌🏼 Can’t wait to watch this all later on CSPAN. #Berniesback #NotMeUS
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Bernie 💖 as far as the eye can see 🔥🔥🔥💖 #BerniesBack
a great pan shot of the crowd today! #BerniesBack #Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern twitter.com/BNeidhardt/sta…' rel='nofollow noreferrer'>twitter.com/BNeidhardt/sta… twitter.com/BNeidhardt/sta…' rel='nofollow noreferrer'>twitter.com/BNeidhardt/sta…
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Only in NYC ! Long Island City too. Right where a billion dollar investment by @amazon was closed down by aoc. We never will get that back.
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Yeah, and they aren't degenerates shouting "lock her up." They aren't wearing hateful and racist tee-shirts. They are people who believe in laws, the Constitution, and the American dream for everyone.
Bernie is BACK, baby! Rumo à vitória!
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Donated again from Oregon! Thanks #QueensBridge #BernieInQueens #Bernie2020 #BerniesBackRally I’m so inspired by such a genuine person fighting for the America I believe we can become!
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Don the con only wishes his crowds were this big!!!
If Bernie loses, it will be because the establishment ordered his loss.
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Bernie the hope of millions to make America Sane Again. To make America a place for all Americans not just the Filthy Rich Parasites who give nothing back.
By *far*, largest American political rally of 2020 election season. 1000s still waiting to get in after an hour and a half.

This is amazing! No other candidate has been able to bring out this HUGE a crowd, this early in the race! #BerniesBack #Bernie2020
I am watching rally live and currently I am behind ~20 minutes. Bernie came stage just now, and OMG this man is a fvcking rockstar. Just listen to the chants. #BernieIsBack
#BernieInQueens #BerniesBackRally
#BernieWillWin #WeWillWin
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2,000 max. 20,000,000 people live within a half hour. Not a great yield. Now THIS is a crowd! Dunno about #BernieIsBack but #Bernie better move over: This time it's #AndrewYang's turn to be cheated by the Democratic Party! pic.twitter.com/A8sel0YoW0
Mainstream media: Bernie's big rally was a dud and the senator looks like he could possibly drop dead at any moment
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Everything is free free free. 🤣🤣🤣
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Trump's overflow was bigger
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A Socialist holds a rally in New York City and a couple thousand people come. Sh-Sh-Sh-Shocker. Boy, next you’ll say a Socialist holds a rally in San Francisco and people attend. How about Bernie goes to a Red state or a Purple state? No? Oh, well, then carry on.
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We already know that New York is Full of free loaders, let's see who shows up in Texas.
Pa-Leeeez...Register to vote, peeps!
#BernieIsBack 🔥
Dwarfs Trump's Dallas rally.

Dwarfs any and every Trump rally ever.

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Dam this country has more retards than I thought
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If you would only tell them the truth about free everything is not possible. I'm sure the freeloaders would go home.
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Here is the dilemma...who is the crowd there to see...Bernie or AOC? Each canddiate will have to EARN my vote. I am not impressed with an endorsement by anyone. I take my vote as a precious gem that is not so easily given away. Want my vote...EARN IT.
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Yall trying to give Bernie a heart attack? Doesn't matter, he's not winning any southern states, just like 2016. AOC has a Dem opponent, she's on thin ice.
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Look at the Welfare crowd. Came for free food.
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This Crowd!!! Millions upon billions show up to watch football games, meanwhile Bernie gets a few hundred elitists to show up in the most populated area in the US and pundits pretend its meaningful. pic.twitter.com/XSL2uTovOk
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Bernie told them -weed was on him---😂
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That's a Warren rally lmfao
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There's Pelosi's 5 people 😆
Pretty good turn out. Let’s go get em! #Bernie2020
Only has a permit for 20,000 people, and they had to close the doors and turn away thousands! #FeelTheBern #BerniesBack #Bernie2020
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Wow !! That’s terrific !!
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No wonder New York is turning into a hell hole!
And in America... massive turnout in support of a truly great politician. #Bernie2020
I was a Bernie delegate, then I voted for Hillary.

People who dislike Bernie REALLY dislike him, and I dread a repeat of 2016.

No, I decided, we need someone else, preferably a woman and/or person of color.

But, then you see the crowds.
Now this is a rally.
Looks like a nice turnout for Bernie's rally #BerniesBack #Bernie2020
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AOC is a star, brilliant rally for BS.
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Taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes Bernie will will your taxes pic.twitter.com/xknnXV8UHo
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