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The permit was for 20,000 people.

That hit capacity.

Nearly 10,000 more people stood outside on the streets.


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30,000 people gathered to listen to this great man speak today!!!
THAT is what a grassroots movement looks like! 🙌

The candidate to become the next POTUS is where the energy and momentum of the working class is behind, and it's clearly with @BernieSanders today.

Bernie also has more donors + donations than Trump.

#Bernie2020 #BerniesBack
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Some estimates are 30,000 20k in the park plus 10k on the surrounding streets and bridge
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20K supporters in the park + 10K supporters outside the rally + four (4) counterprotesters 😀#BerniesBack pic.twitter.com/ysUcGo0jYD
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The combined size of the crowds is around the amount of people who die each year from lack of healthcare/coverage (30k-40k). It's a good visual so people can understand what we're fighting for.
The revolution is alive and well. #Bernie2020
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In reply to @shaunking
movement is about justice not grievance & new deal is American as apple pie not ” radical” - most important thing said today - justice comes : red or blue- trump lied to working poor in red states Bernie will speak to & work for them as much as anyone else
The largest Democratic presidential rally of this cycle.

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Thank you to everyone who made it there. Especially those standing outside who couldn’t make it in. The revolution is here. #BerniesBack
I am so jealous of those who attended the rally! But I wstched the whole thing. So inspirational. Wow. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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estimating 30,000 total (20k inside the park + 10k on the surrounding streets that couldn't get in) That makes #BerniesBack rally the largest of any candidate in the entire #DemPrimary!
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The news media ain't reporting the news.
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All along the Queensboro Bridge too 👏🏻👏🏻 #BerniesBack pic.twitter.com/xckFWtOTPR
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In reply to @shaunking
This is not just a presidential candidacy, this is a person leading a national movement to reset the balance of power and remove profiteering in all of its various forms. Go @BernieSanders go.
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Add 20K viewers on YouTube to those numbers.
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Near Silence on MSM. Thank you, Shaun, for your advocacy for ALL.
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For Bernie? Really? That is awesome.😍😍😍😍
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NO WAY IN HELL JOE BIDEN WILL DRAW THIS MANY PEOPLE!!! Wake up old school Democrats, Biden will NOT draw enthusiasm and anxiousness like Bernie!!! I’m feeling the BERNie!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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This is a beautiful picture of our #BernieFam!! Y’all are making me 😭😭😭. Love you all! ✌🏽❤️🔥
And last I checked there was over 240,000 watching video on the Twitter feed. #BerniesBack pic.twitter.com/s7LuJmyPX4
This is how you KNOW MSM is lying to you...... amazing! #BerniesBack
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Is anyone else noticing if you try and post a link to this rally it automatically changes to coverage from Washington Post? No kidding. Try it. Did it to me 3 times. I deleted the tweet.
Damn, that's lotsa people. Impressive, inspiring, gives us hope. Onward.
Amazing, never thought there would be 30,000 ppl at #BernieInQueens it gives me a surge of power, strength & hope.

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You guys need to also indicate total online viewers. I've seen some estimates of 290k. Is that right?
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My goodness. Other campaigns have billionaires, we have the working class.

$1, 5, 10, 27 or whatever you can ⮕ BernieSanders.com/Donate — let’s do this, fam!

He is not only running for president, @BernieSanders is leading a national movement.
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This is what 20k outside looks like!! #Dallasoverflowlie
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Fantastic and around a million in London. All progressive people of the world who want to see a fairer, loving and support humanity must unite against the vile and deceitful white supremacist like Trump and Johnson.
tens of thousands showed up for bernie today. we've never had an opportunity like this. a chance to create a government that represents everyday americans and not just corporations. by the time we get another chance like this, it might be too late. stop playin, we need to win
He’s already remade American politics.
Let's not forget that while the setting is next to public housing and a fossil fuel plant, it's ALSO next to a significant bridge that represents the NEED to invest in infrastructure - and that's what the #GreenNewDeal does!
#BernieIsBack #Bernie2020

"Bernie Sanders held a small rally today that estimates show about 500 people were in attendance. Almost exclusively young white males."
Hey Wall Street.. can you hear us now?

Hey 1% and Corporate Dems.. can you hear us?

I like Bernie as a person, disagree with much of his politics though
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headline Are Bernies rallies too big to be good for America?
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Good for him. Not my choice for the primary, but if he is the nominee, of course I'll vote for him.
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In reply to @shaunking
The poor grass in New York City parks takes a beating from the Bernie Bros, will they never give up? #sarcasm
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Hahahahaha wow!!! The peoples revolution!!! Here we go!!!
Along with about 400,000 streaming the rally online.

#BernieIsBack #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs
Watch the inspiring #BerniesBack Queens Rally here: pscp.tv/w/1OdKrLbROLYJX
Don't get left out!
Join a #Bernie2020 event near you!!!
Then get all supporters to register Dem NOW so they will be ready to get their votes counted, at vote.org
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And will there be any coverage of the event and the crowd on MSM? I bet not.
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In reply to @shaunking
Not to mention people on the bridge
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In reply to @shaunking
I was just going to ask what the final total was. Note: this was only in one city, for one rally. All of them look like this.
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Anywhere Trump goes his crowd's are massive and that was a New York crowd bunch of libtards anyways lol 😁
Wow, max capacity + thousands in the streets! #BerniesBackRally #BerniesBack
There is nothing I want more than President Bernie Sanders.
And there were people wTching from the bridge!
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Will you guys say anything about this in ATLANTA? This was not done by a white police or a white supremacist.....so I don’t know if ya’ll will say anything pic.twitter.com/LAnBZQjlkC
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In reply to @shaunking
Electoral college will make this mean nothing. 538 random people choose for the whole US
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Fun fact: the ability to draw 30,000 people is completely meaningless if you can't bring your poll numbers up past 15%. pic.twitter.com/SuudKMqpe4
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Glad to see he's doing better. Nice guy, but we still not VOTING for him.🤷🏾‍♀️
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Crowd size does not correlate to delegates won. We saw that in 2016, didn't we? Bernie is not leading the polls and will not win the nomination.
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your crowds will never this large @DonaldJTrumpJr your da crowds will never be this large
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In reply to @shaunking
America is sick & tired of #Trump
30k people in an area of over 20 million isn’t that impressive
msm: Bernie's "huge" rally is so big, is it truly representative of the American people? Is his campaign done for?
It’s happening!!
Pay attention to all of the media outlets that will try to pretend this didn't happen or to minimize it when they report on it. Pay attention to the kinds of people who throw shade on #BernieSanders and this #BernieIsBack rally.

It will tell you all you need about their fear.
Saw it all on livestream. Was brought to tears more than once. This is serious folks. We must win.
And Drumpf thought 3000 was big. Bernie come to New Mexico!
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