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In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
All after the suspension was announced 😂😂😂
This is the same dude that played alongside LeBron, Kyrie, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant in his nba career and did not win with them
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Simple solution for Waiters: Negotiate a buyout with Heat and become an immediate FA and sign with a team for the money you feel you are worth for the starting position you feel you deserve. Put your money where your mouth is!
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
This bum Dion Waiters can hit the bricks. It’s either the Heat’s way or the Highway #InSpoWeTrust #HeatCulture
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
I can’t wait til Waiters and JJ are gone. They’re both literally dead weight on this roster.
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Riley's worst personnel decision of his entire tenure is choosing to sign Waiters based on one good 41 game run.
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
I don't care about his remaining salary, cut this fat ass already.
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Get this guy tf out of here.
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Spent 2 years paying him while he played video games and got fat. Now he's mad because he isn't feeling the love and being asked to compete?
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Talks a lot of shit for a guy who’s never been an All-Star.
Autsch. So „subtil“ ist selbst Whiteside nie gewesen.
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Yea this dude ain't gon play another minute in a Heat Jersey he wants out.
everything’s going well
there has never been a player who believes in himself this much with as little skill as dion waiters
Just buy this dude out. Please..
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Seriously the guy who missed 126 of a possible 246 games over the past three years is talking shit LMAO
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Lol funny how he got no rings
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Lmaooooo he had bron and Kyrie then he had KD and Russ relax
Is every player that wants out of the team they are on just gonna take subtle shots at them on social media now?
I really love this league.
How dare the @MiamiHEAT offend the SUPERSTAR talent of Mr. Dion Waiters!!!!!!
😭😭😭😭😭😭 Jesus
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
We can send him back home for... 👀👀👀
Alright, get this man the fuck off this team
Alright this dude gotta go with that toxicity
I’d be upset too if Herro came and took my spot 😂
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
They won cause he wasn't on the team..same with the Cavs! @dionwaiters3 all that hard offseason work means NOTHING if you can't accept your role! LOL now you're gonna go work on your game for hours in anger I bet. All that work gonna get you on the Shanghai Sharks averaging 40 😂
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
He’s an idiot. Riley gotta get rid of him. The concept of Spo only winning bc of Wade & Bron is idiotic. That means Pop only wins bc of Duncan & Robinson & Parker. Phil only wins bc of Jordan, Pippen, Kobe, Shaq & Pau. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ Every great coach had at least 1 superstar on the team
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
This idiot can’t even use to/too correctly
Tell Melo we say hi 👋. Yikes.
Dion really acting like he is a an allstar or even a border line allstar!
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
That Herro kid is a bad boy. I like him.
Dion Waiters is that dude in class who never helped with the class project and absolutely loses his shit when he realizes nobody put his name down
Welcome to the Charlotte Hornets, Dion Waiters!
Dion channeling his inner AB
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
I’m surprised it took this long for him to become a public problem. I’m sure this has been a back + forth for quite some time.
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
I like Dion, but he’s digging his own grave.
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
I could see this one coming from a mile away. Dion thinks he’s better than he actually is.
Nah, he a bitch just like whiteside
Damn Herro really got Dion shook
How good does Dion Waiters think he is?
get this guy outta here !!
“tell melo we say hi” LMFAO 💀💀💀
Dion is clearly a long-term Thunder sleeper agent sent to ruin Miami’s chemistry and force them to panic trade for Chris Paul. Presti is on some next level shit 👀👀
Définitivement un débile
Dion Waiters needs to get out his feelings. First of all, he hasn’t played in two seasons. Tyler Herro is looking like a pure scorer. Of course Spo is going to think Herro is better. If Waiters stays stuck in his ego, he’ll be off the team ..
Dion played with Bron before and got shipped outta there
Waiters is beyond Carmelo levels of delusional.
Lmao Waiters wants to be a starter but acting like this
The audacity of this guy
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
7 years in NBA n all u are is a more inefficient Melo. U play for urself bro u ain't no TEAM player. Career PER is SHIT at 12. NEGATIVE OBPM *AND* DPBM EVERY YEAR LMFAO. Cant even finish at the rim. I wuldnt even pick u up n put u on the enda my bench. Fuggin CLOWN
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
This was post suspension right?
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Trade him to Sacramento
In reply to @Brendan_Tobin
Salty that a rookie came in and best his ass lol
dion bout to be hassan level of headache or worse tis season still no maturity
This nigga so sorry
Dion come on dude....
Un payaso Waiters. Hay que traspasarlo antes de que se proponga romper la química del equipo
Bye Dion... its been good seeing you replace Wade at sg before but now youre becoming like our center before. 👋
Little nba ACTION before football 🗣 Come on home Waiters
Man I hate this. I’ve been so excited for this team and now there’s all this negativity around it.
Happy NBA season!!😂
🏀 Tout va bien à Miami. Et je me fais descendre parce que je les mets pas en playoffs.. Ah oui c'est vrai, y a Butler donc tout va bien, leur vestiaire est sauf.
In reply to @Mike__vii
@Mike__vii What's Going On Down There ? 😂
Dion Waiters abt to find himself sitting next to Melo this season.
“Tell Melo we say hi” 😭
The worst purchase I’ve ever done was getting Dion’s jersey after that crazy 30-11 run and the Heat threw in a free Whiteside jersey with that order. Smh.
This nigga crying about preseason minutes. Pussy.
Should probably just leave him home indefinitely
In reply to @HoodieGrizz

Dude better keep that mouth shut 🤐😭
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