So me and Alyssa took our engagements pictures yesterday. She found a Pinterest picture that she wanted to try and recreate
I botched it

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In reply to @collinhewett17
The original photo is actually him pouring it behind her and directly on her hair, so I think you basically nailed it
In reply to @collinhewett17
It鈥檚 so great that you tried sealing a picture of the rest of your life with a $5 bottle of 鈥渃hampagne.鈥
In reply to @collinhewett17
Lmao and he鈥檚 still pouring as she鈥檚 spitting it out and choking 馃槀
In reply to @collinhewett17
When he gives you the warning tap on the head and you don't listen.
In reply to @collinhewett17
Well, the first mistake was buying Andre champagne
Tbh... obsessed with both.

We're officially rebranding any tries to a #Pinterestwin.
In reply to @collinhewett17
I鈥檓 pretty sure you nailed it brother
Maybe one day....馃ズ
i would also like to be drowned in 6.99 Andre
That tilt angle is crucial LMAO
At least @ErikMiranda215 didn鈥檛 drown me 馃槀 Peep the concentration in the second pic 馃槀
My pictures would end up like the second and third one 馃槀
Dear future fianc茅 let鈥檚 do this... but with a plastic of White Oak.
Dnsnawksksjd MEN ARE TRASH
tbf who wants Andre straight
This is the type of love I want 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
imagine involving an andre bottle in your engagement fotos, que verg眉enza
he was tryna drown her lmfaoooo
If I don鈥檛 get this I don鈥檛 want it 馃槀馃槀
If you can recreate anything from Pinterest you are among the elite!
Relatable that鈥檚 100% how our apple biting pics went
Lmfaooo sis is dead drowning
What did you expect to happen pouring a $6 bottle of Champagne down that woman鈥檚 throat?

The engagement is OFF. Get out.
When @RileysRakes & I meet & we book a photo shoot to commemorate the occasion
In reply to @collinhewett17
The picture on the left is my sisters photography!
It鈥檚 even better though. 馃槀馃挌
Soon as she tasted that bum ass Andre it was a wrap
I love this馃ぃ
Best thing I鈥檝e ever seen 馃槀
If this ain鈥檛 me and my fianc茅e I don鈥檛 want it
Me anytime I try anything I saw on Pinterest 馃槀
I'm laughing way too hard at this
The love I have for this is infinite
Let鈥檚 try this 馃槀鉂わ笍 @lemons_fromlife
Lmaoo this is mad funny
the kind of relationship photos i wanna see.
first mistake was buying andr茅 for engagement pictures
ok why did I laugh so hard 馃槀馃槀
why do i have the feeling my future fianc茅 would do some shit like this
馃槀馃槀 the remake is always the better one
Gonna do this with Murran but with a hawf dig
My future expectation since Bren can鈥檛 even pour tequila in people鈥檚 mouths right
In reply to @collinhewett17
Using Andre was your first mistake
i love this 馃槀
In reply to @collinhewett17
okay but can you do this for me but with tequila???
no i鈥檓 pretty sure you did it better
Look at her face, she didn鈥檛 really want it. That鈥檚 the face of a dodger.
lmaooooooooo if i were to ever settle down i would expect this 馃ぃ
Andre.... for engagement photos... tacky and i hate it
Exhibit A

Me asf to you guys 馃槀馃槀馃槀 @villeda_s_ @vanesssamace
In reply to @belladegr
@belladegr baby birding in her engagement pics
10 outta 10 would do this for engagement pictures
Something that would 100000% happen to Alex & I 馃檭
I'm yelling 馃槀
This some shit that would happen to me and you 馃槀 @anahilemuss
My favorite part about this is that they used Andre
I can鈥檛 wait to have a headass husband like this 馃グ
First of all you not about to get any pictures with me drinking some fucking Andre. I鈥檓 not that damn poor.
Yep this is def me and Jake trying to recreate a Pinterest picture 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
I also want to recreate this and have a feeling it will look just like that
I am crying right now 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Ok I wanna do this even though I know javi will spill the whole bottle on me 馃檭馃槀
Literally every engagement picture Declan and I try to do from Pinterest, we RUIN 馃槀馃槀
In reply to @keyonnnceee
@keyonnnceee & @elijahholguin97 yesterday running into each other 馃拃
If i ever get married
This was sophia and I when she tried recording and pouring into my mouth at the same time on my birthday night 馃槀馃槀
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