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What a mess 🤦🏾‍♂️

Medhi: South Africa is the 5th highest murder rates in the world.

Baleka Mbete: I am wondering who said that ?

Medhi: The UN you might have heard of them

Baleka Mbete: So what ...

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Who sent this embarrassment to the United Kingdom to represent South Africa? Dear @CyrilRamaphosa @ParliamentofRSA @MYANC ... what the f_ck are you guys doing????? WAKE UP 😡
In reply to @MightiJamie
Can someone from @MYANC explain why this debate even happened. If this was a soccer match the score would be Medhi 15- 0 ANC. It was almost painful to watch. Who trains you guys for debates at this level. This was a bloodbath from start to finish🤦🏾‍♂️.
In reply to @MightiJamie
People might think Baleka Mbete or especially the @MYANC have some sense of shame in the ills that are happening in this country, from knowing them all these years, trust me when l say they don't give a shit can't stop at nothing on shifting the blame to other ppl
In reply to @MightiJamie
Mbete undermined medhi. She think Medhi is some SABC clueless journalists
In reply to @MightiJamie
That 'so what' means I could not care less about my fellow south africans. Incredible.
My God. How embarrassing! These @myanc creatures must have not only the thickest skin, but also the thickest brain of all living things. @CyrilRamaphosa do you seriously think you can attract foreign investment when halfwits like this reflect the incompetence of #ANC ?
In reply to @MightiJamie
It’s damn hard to debate against facts. Especially when you really don’t care, which she doesn’t.
In reply to @MightiJamie
Cannot believe she agreed to an interview with Mehdi of all people.
In reply to @MightiJamie
Haaibo; who invited Mam Baleka and why did she accept ? 😏 Ramaphosa people though
In reply to @MightiJamie
I think in her mind she wanted to say "oksalayo", & her brain translated it to "for what". What an embarrasment to the nation at large.
In reply to @MightiJamie
The think that she wanted to be President 🙆🏽‍♂️🙈
In reply to @MightiJamie
In reply to @MightiJamie
For fucksakes ... what is the IQ here, sub 60 ? Black people should be ashamed of what she is doing to the view the world have of you. But hey, for 25 years you have been voting for this so I must accept that she represent you 😱
In reply to @MightiJamie
She knows she can literally say whatever she wants, it has no effect on the ANC’s voting base in any way. She could have sat there and made baby noises it would not have mattered one bit.
In reply to @MightiJamie
I am surprized that observers blame her for being an honest mirror of the ANC. Watch the interview, listen carefully to the questions and listen to the answers. Then consider that this is the true reflection of the ANC that the majority of South Africans want to rule. Then weep.
In reply to @MightiJamie
This is the most embarrassing program ever about the anc. Old speaker is talking bull dust blaming everybody but the anc. This women knows sweet blow all only knew how to get millions into her banking account.
Its not a mess. This is absolutely perfect.
Did Baleka dismiss the existence of an entire international organisation? 😳
In reply to @MightiJamie
She epitomizes what's wromg with the current rulling party. Clueless and embarrassing
In reply to @MightiJamie
This shows South African journalists are just rumor mongers, and are obsessed with with @EFFSouthAfrica and @Julius_S_Malema
The formula is the same all over Africa.
FIRST deny, SECOND blame, THIRD if the pressure is too much declare that yu a sovereign people only yo opinion matters.

@mmawere @MandisaMashego @IndWorldThinker @LandNoli

In reply to @MightiJamie
This reminds me of Ministar ‘ hole in the head ‘ Hhey!!!!
In reply to @MightiJamie
The presenter was somehow rude, the way he chipped in and cut Me Baleka
Baleka Mbete was unable to use her “I don’t recognise you” line with Medhi! Cringeworthy on steroids!!! 😳
In reply to @MightiJamie
I can't watch this, it's cringe worthy... this reflects poorly on South Africa. Now we have to account for her deeds when me engage with the international community, so much damage control, she didn't know what she was doing there... RSA should distance itself from her...🤦🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️
This is an embarrassment
Baleka Mbete is very stupid and a corrupt lying politician. Makes me Sick
For fucksakes ... what is the IQ here, sub 60 ?
Black people should be ashamed of what she is doing to the view the world have of you.
But hey, for 25 years you have been voting for this so I must accept that she represent you 😱
In reply to @MightiJamie
Someone needs to make a secret recording of the ANC NEC meetings! I am convinced that the world will be shocked when it's revealed that we are led by a bunch of clueless ninacampoomps... this is the level of @MYANC debates!
In reply to @MightiJamie
As South Africans we shouldn’t cringe or get shocked. This happens all the time in parliament, this is how she and the rest of the ANC respond to serious matters that affect us. It’s good that she did the interview she’s being her true self & representing her party very well 👌🏽🙃
In reply to @MightiJamie
and then you want the west to invest in this country, attract skills etc.etc. ......with this kind of thinking ? pic.twitter.com/D3fky99gnm
It was too embarrassing.
& this was a senior, powerful #ANC @GovernmentZA figure.... She's a pure embarrassment to 🇿🇦
Deny, Deny, Deny
Blame, Blame, Blame
Her only answers to anything
In reply to @MightiJamie
In reply to @MightiJamie
I'm cringing. This is so embarrassing
In reply to @MightiJamie
There is no political will to fix crime. It can be fixed. Rwanda has close to zero crime.
🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ second hand embarrassment was eating me the entire time
😳 okay. I must watch it
In reply to @MightiJamie
Baleka should have stayed home..🙆‍♀️whatched the whole inteview on YouTube and I was cringing throughout
Wow Baleka Mbete
this is the problem, the denialism.
remember #LifeEsidimeni !
this is how they acted,
they dont care about black people.
on crime, health care, education they dont care
In reply to @MightiJamie
That guy said "The United Kingdom has done to South Africa what it has done to many other Nations". I hope he wasn't extradited after that statement.
In reply to @MightiJamie
Oh my word... sit down the people at the back are laughing at you.
Guys please watch this whole interview, it's cringeworthy
Baleka made a spectacle of herself, this interview was a bloodbath 🤞
🤦🏾‍♂️ Our leaders use Oksalayo in debates.
Appalling. Does the ANC even have media coaching? @clivesimpkins
In reply to @MightiJamie
This just confirms the uselessness of ANC NEC
In reply to @MightiJamie
She's embarrassing really world class embarrassment!
In reply to @MightiJamie
she thought it was going to be like in parliament were ..she rebukes anything she may not like
In reply to @MightiJamie
The cream of ANC!
In reply to @MightiJamie
Guys so Baleka just went on international TV to embarrass us 😤😳🤦... Looks like the only thing she was ever good at was protecting Zuma.
Oh my God how fucking embarrassing
It's sad to be governed by people who refuse to be accountable, no wonder the country is not progressing. Such arrogance😡, South Africa is your house, under your watch for the past 25 years. #BalekaMbete What has your government done to try and solve this problem?
This is so funny and scary at the same time
Our leaders... we are so proud of them. They can do no wrong.

Under their guidance and leadership #SouthAfrica has gone from strength to strength over the past 25 years. We can only reach new heights from here.

In reply to @MightiJamie
So what 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/TMeWGkrSfj
In reply to @MightiJamie
Eish the leader we have. Kunzima kwaANC. ANC slowly getting exposed
In reply to @MightiJamie
Your leadership @MYANC organisation i can't vote for leaders like this
In reply to @MightiJamie
She is a disaster if note.
In reply to @MightiJamie
She was weak for this show!! Such shows needs JS Malema
In reply to @MightiJamie
Post Zuma, I had lost some of my immunity I gained towards cringing at the public statements of our officials. Thank you for bringing me my medicine comrade.
In reply to @MightiJamie
Yazi this Mehdi need to invite Malema, ontanga bakhe uzomnyisa
This was a cringe fest
Embarrassing. Highly embarrassing.
Ebesiyaphi? 💀
Yhooo! Ha-a🙈🙈🙈
"I think we cannot blame the problems of South Africa on the ANC..." ~Former Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of South Africa, Mme Baleka Mbete
She said 🖕🏽
Xolani Xala is another horrible mess in this debate. ANC people are just an embarrassment
In reply to @MightiJamie
This was painful to watch...😰😰😰😰
In reply to @MightiJamie
Another mediocre is that Xolani Xala, on a defensive mode...
In reply to @MightiJamie
Its only the ANC that keeps bringing up the past. China moved on from the opium wars, Vietnam moved on from the US war, South Korea moved on. ANC there was no war or destruction of main assets but they the one's doing the destruction. I blame those who keep them in power.
In reply to @MightiJamie
Why politicians agree to go on medhi's show unprepared 🤷🏾‍♀️ that guy takes no prisoners! You can't easily recover from this
In reply to @MightiJamie
FACT is there is worse crimes in the world but they make it seem like South Africa is the worse. USA never talk about their own shit, they claim to be doing reports on crimes, who gave them the statistics? Who gave them the stats for inequality tsek
In reply to @MightiJamie
Murder means nothing...so what?? What an outrage when people are dying every day
I'm here for the people screaming "yes you can!" wow this is a mess!!!! 💀💀💀
Sometimes I wonder what the fuck my government is doing.
My goodness this is embarrassing 🤦🏾‍♂️
In reply to @MightiJamie
Good thing she's not from my country cause me I'm from Nayjiriya. She kannot embarrass me like dis. Me? Heeeeeeh
In reply to @MightiJamie
So they would laugh and make jokes and deny what apartheid and colonialism did to our wonderful Africa... Shame on them
In reply to @MightiJamie
She really appeared exhausted and the presenter kept on cutting her off. I really felt sorry for her. The part that really got me was when Makhosi said she didn’t get any feminist protection from Baleka Mbethe.
In reply to @MightiJamie
Poor Mbate, she still clueless life she was when she was a speaker of the parliament.
In reply to @MightiJamie
She was disgraceful indeed. And some of the stuff she said here was scary for the future of South Africa. The stuff she said re Tony Yengeni, her defence of David Makhura’s xenophobic diatribe, her general lack of any personal responsibility for anything Mehdi asked 😨😨😨
Wow Baleka is a disgrace...what a disgrace.
It keeps getting worse.
This should NEVER EVER have happened. 😫
Ladies and gentlemen residents of South Africa.
About the high crime rate in the country. @CyrilRamaphosa and his @MYANC says "SO WHAT ". ✊🏿✊🏿
Dunno which is worse this interview or Government gazetting wrong version of master energy plan report last week 🤦🏾‍♂️ 💔
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