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Here is history. I watched two Black Ole Miss students carry the bullet-riddled Emmett Till memorial through campus and place it at the base of a confederate monument on campus.

Three white Ole Miss students shot at the Till memorial last year and posed beside it in pictures.

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Here is the previous memorial. The bullet holes have literally made it painful to carry, as they’ve created sharp metal edges that can—and did—draw blood. pic.twitter.com/L5Uc8DZBUw
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These are the students who vandalized his memorial. From my research, they were only suspended from their fraternity. They deserve to be in jail. pic.twitter.com/RtkzQRrPxl
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This new bulletproof monument fills me with mixed feelings. I'm glad it's going up & I'm enraged that this is the FOURTH replacement in 10 yrs due to vandalism. It's been shot at 100s of times but the continued replacement is a testament in & of itself, of persistence & strength
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The bullet riddled memorial needs to be sent to the @NMAAHC and placed near the Emmett Till exhibit to remind visitors that this hatred still exists and is on full display.
What a powerful act. There is a common thread in Confederate memorialization and the vandalism of the Till memorial, and these students made it impossible to not see it.
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Here in lies the answer to EVERY racist civil war memorial. place a reminder (I'm sure there are too many to name) like this at the site for the world to draw the obvious conclusion!!
Accountability. Read this thread.
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Ms. Till's decision to let tje world see how her son died changed the very course of America. Never underestimate the power of a courageous woman.
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twitter.com/_jahan/status/… It should stay as a reminder. It’s unfortunate our society needs a reminder of this.
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I wonder if they lived in the area because ole miss isn’t that close to the site. If they drove from campus, they drove for two hours to shoot at that sign. That was deliberate, pre-meditated and should be a hate crime.
We should put an Emmett Till memorial and an MLK memorial and a slavery memorial in front of every remaining confederate traitor monument in America.
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I was listening yesterday to a description of the new monument and it made me so goddamn angry to think that we remain in a place where a monument like this needs to be made with bulletproof glass so shitheads don't vandalize it. Major props to these two students for this act.
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My grandmother is 85 yrs old. I was shocked she didn’t know who Emmett Till was nor the injustice the preceded him. After an hour with me on a phone call, she does now. Not only Emmit but Dread Scott, Harriet Tubman, Franklin Douglas, the barrel booming of black Wall Street...
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We are Local 24 News in Memphis. Can we use this video on air and online/social media platforms?
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This is why #DonnyHathaway’s song ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ is my favorite and makes me cry every time I hear it. The struggle to equality isn’t over and Donny knew. So he kept on pushing for it. These men are doing right by Emmett. Don’t let us forget. #BLM
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These young men should’ve had armed guards walking with them. Heartbreaking this hatred is still going on.
THIS is the content I came for. Who were the two students?
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This breaks my heart, but more so, makes me so very angry.
The moral force of this....
This makes me angry, sad, joyous, and proud as hell, simultaneously.
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Here we have Confederate memorials honoring traitors to the United States & it's disgusting. You cannot be an American patriot & support or honor the Confederacy at the same time.
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Thank you both of you are truly special..
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My God, I am so exhausted with crying and rage and frustration with this evil. I don't understand how a human being can be so viscerally hateful toward a complete stranger, toward other human beings.
❤️this is powerful beyond explanation. Peace and blessings to these Kings! The Revolution will be live✊🏾
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You might be interested in a book by James Silver - “Mississippi, A Closed Society.” He was a prof at Ole Miss in the 60s. There’s a special collection of his notes, & letters from Malcolm X.
This short thread brought me to tears. I seriously don't understand why they hate us so much. I do, but I don't. Can't even have a memorial to an innocent murdered black child that isn't bulletproof.

Good for these students and what they did. It matters.
Real talk. Somebody ain’t gonna like this but I can’t imagine being a black kid choosing to go to a college w confederate monuments on campus
I think about this sign often. I thought about it this morning. I was thinking about how do we properly memorialized Emmett Till?
Perhaps through anti-racist policy named after him.
Something that would truly protect marginalized children for generations. Thoughts @KamalaHarris?
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I hope the new monument makes the bullets ricochet back into their faces
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Hate is an invasive cancer in the souls of too many. What makes this so scary is that hate is taught and people seem to embrace it with a fanatical glee.
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Whole lotta respect for these men.
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These white people need to be taught how to acclimate to the 21st century in America! If immigrants & asylum seekers can do it, they can too. #RacistTrump
My goodness. I send an abundance of praise to those beautiful young people!! 🙏🏾🥰
And it still better be there when I walk to class. Periodt.
Can Denton borrow that for a minute?
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Proud of these men for taking it to the Confederate statue. Appalled that there is still so much racism.
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If Trump did anything he opened our eyes about how far we have not come. The absolute hatred was just sitting waiting for the opportunity to show its face. It’s much more widespread and many are in denial. And this makes me profoundly sad
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Ben Leclere (left) and John Lowe (crouched) are their names, according to The NY Times. No name given for the man on the right. The fraternity is the Ole Miss chapter of Kappa Alpha. (from @WorldJBFree) Wanted to keep the names with the pic, since these boys are clearly so proud. pic.twitter.com/vy9BeRbqOB
In reply to @_Jahan
Thank you for sharing this and the info. Emmett Tills story stays with me always and this is a beautiful and profound gesture 💔❤️
In reply to @_Jahan
I was there and have video and photos of this also!
In reply to @_Jahan
This the shit I love to see on my timeline
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They are so WEAK mentally, emotionally, spiritually, that this cold, inanimate object HURTS them. There is NO difference between them and NAZIS.
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Cannot believe there’s so much hatred, even in young people, driven by skin color. Please, let it go. It’s over. We are all Americans. #Unity #Respect #Love #Loveothers #Lovehelps
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Emmitt Till's memorial statue has no business being placed at the base of a Confederate monument, esp by WM Honor his memory some other way.
When I remind myself that the white witch (Carolyn Bryant Donham) that lied about Emmett Till is still alive and breathing, I get infuriated.
historical statues are defaced and removed so they can get this.
Short thread. Tears.
The majority of this country would be against the civil rights movement if it were to happen today. Only reason that people today are against segregation/Jim Crow laws is bc history books say so, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to determine if racism should be illegal or not
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Btw, does anyone know what happened to the “humans,” that got caught posing in front of the sign?
Ole Miss should write a check to MVSU, Alcorn State, and Jackson State for $1 million each.
In reply to @_Jahan
I hope the white students that did this were kicked out
In reply to @_Jahan
I hope the next dumbass that shoots the improved sign catches a ricochet..
In reply to @_Jahan
Whaaaat?? Why isn’t THIS headlining the news?
Ole Miss gotta be the worst college campus in the country. Fuck that school and that state forever.
You can never have too much truth.
Imagine, if you will, how weak of a place you must come from to desecrate the memorial of a boy who was heinously murdered and mutilated by people after he’d been falsely accused of something that was not even a crime.
Where was the violence
But athletes with OPTIONS still go there to enrich the school.
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The memory of that child, Emmett Till, will never be forgotten. The horrors of the past must never be forgotten so that they may never be repeated in the future. Question: What ever happened to the three white students who shot at Emmett Till's memorial last year?
I was the panel discussion where these two students spoke right before moving this sign. It was so heavy, and they were so honest and brave.
This is why we have to keep fighting, fiercely and bravely and knowing we are all in this together.
In reply to @_Jahan
I have video and stills of this also working on edit now- very powerful, intense weekend
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In reply to @_Jahan
It’s hard to fathom the amount of hate and stupidity that one would have to have in order to shoot at a memorial of a child who was murdered for doing nothing.
Some backstory. Thanks for this Ja’han. A thread 🧵
Why does this state have to suck so much
Definitely feel this
How racist do you have to be to shoot at a statue of a lynched black child? Jfc the hate runs deep with these bigots...
Powerful, I salute these brothers man
In reply to @_Jahan
No need to try and raise the bar higher for stupid.
I wanna know why they chose Ol Miss in the first place
Pissed I can only "like" this once.
In reply to @_Jahan
White Trash at it's finest. Disgusting.
In reply to @_Jahan
That's serious disrespect of the dead. Wonder why your life is suddenly all f**ked up? Do something like this and you WILL feel effects.
In reply to @_Jahan
What’s the matter? I thought defacing and removing monuments and statues was the cool thing to do?
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