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imagine using ur limited time on earth worrying about what others think of u

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In reply to @NikitaDragun
In reply to @NikitaDragun
I mean u should, considering no one came to your pop up store
In reply to @NikitaDragun
My insecurities be acting up a lot ya know
most people barely know you and barely think about you and their opinion of you is a snap judgment based on assumptions, stereotypes, projection, and cultural conditioning. it’s not worth paying any mind to
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imagine using your limited time on earth not understanding that people have mental health problems like anxiety, or simply can’t help but worrying. just because you’ve got it figured out, doesn’t mean everyone else does
In reply to @NikitaDragun
Nah I use my limited time on earth waiting for your next pussystunt, so I can remember how to sh*t on the haters 💯🙏✌️. pic.twitter.com/OGwifX5N15
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It’s not easy to always be confident living in a very judgmental and apathetic society. I feel very judged and lonely being non binary and wanting to wear makeup and girls clothes. Love you Nikita but it’s not easy at all for me and it’s a reason for many of my problems
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Or using that time and energy to attack people who have no effect on your life. What a waste. Can you imagine being someone who protests basic human rights? What an empty life you'd have to live to take on that.
In reply to @NikitaDragun
Lmao imagine wasting even more time tweeting about it. SAD
just be happy & live ur best life
thank god I spend it tweeting about dick and balls instead
some of us suffer from anxiety nikita
Wow I needed this
In reply to @NikitaDragun
I can't help it sometimes. Part of my anxiety and over thinking. :/
OR BEING A FUCKING BITCH why can’t we all just be nice 🧘🏽‍♀️
@ all foreign parents that would kill themselves if their image got tarnished
could never be me , a mi me vale me la pelan todas toditas😙
especially people that dont know me .. like at all .. lmao
In reply to @NikitaDragun
Imagine social anxiety and miss dragun dragging you at once sks- pic.twitter.com/xrOsobp1PU
i don’t have to imagine it i live it
I mean technically, we all do.
😎😙✌🏼who gives a F
Can’t imagine
okay cause ion give a damn and never giving another fuckkkkkk 🥳
Couldn’t be me🥰
In reply to @NikitaDragun
Imagine being stuck with an anxiety disorder during your limited time on earth
I would neverrrrrrrrr
why she saying this..some of us really don't have a choice...like have some sympathy or sumn..
couldn’t be me 😚
In reply to @NikitaDragun
say hi to the gc we miss u
In reply to @NikitaDragun
In reply to @NikitaDragun
you didn't have to call me out like that-
In reply to @NikitaDragun
Never thought of it like that, time to boss up
So get yo ass goin' and live yo goddamn life sister!!!!! pic.twitter.com/YjiY0Qb35f
Needed to hear this
For real what I needed to hear rn.
If we’re being honest it’s necessary to be aware especially if you’re living in a society that has restrictive rules and etc .. that’s kinda the reality for some people; it’s easy to say this because you’re in America where anything goes
So do your life taste bois
This shit so real but people don't get it
In reply to @NikitaDragun
In reply to @NikitaDragun
Me and my anxiety feel attacked rn
In reply to @NikitaDragun
I LEGIT need to stop doing this
nawp, not gon happen again
Ganito kami sa pinas🙃
imagine wasting ur limited time on earth to someone who doesn’t give a shit abt u
Lol I can’t relate, I am unapologetically myself always. I say and do what I want as I please. Others opinions are beyond irrelevant.
Imagine? That’s what I’m doing rn 😙😔✌️
let them think what they wanna think about u, let them die with their insecurities. just chill and just be yourself, it is no lost from u by the way haha
As @theebabysitterx would say, in this economy? 🧐nahhh fam
This tweet just slapped me 🤭
There is really nothing wrong with this, I used to say the same but unless you are afraid of what they think or haven't built that foundation where your stand is greater, you should work towards people thinking positive of you. It's a good thing for be pleasingly thought of.
And then imagine tweeting about it
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