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Mehdi Hasan
Mbeki's AIDS/HIV denialism not allowing AntiRetrovirals leading to 330k deaths. You're Complicit?

Baleka Mbete:
You're saying as if we plotted that people must die, we didn't. Health Committee worked

Did you talk to Mbeki?

It wasn't for me, I was busy

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Never go to such interviews with just general knowledge.
My mother lost her life in 2008 as a result of Mbeki's AIDS denialism. One thing i will never forgive that administration for.
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I've been wanting to use the word "cringeworthy" for a while. It's time
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Now would be a great time to share this clip pic.twitter.com/pi3ujST6jE
Where is Julius Malema to tell this Gogo where to get off💔

People are dying she says she was busy🙆🏿‍♂️sawthwala amasimba ngesandla yaz😦
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Who sent Baleka Mbete here😂
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Why she didnt tell the truth about the US pharmaceutical who where overcharging the government and they opted for a Indian company And a smear campaign against Mbeki started.? Our leaders amagwala
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this is the typical ANC politician , just so long as their salary hits their bank account at the end of the month then its all good , money and defending ANC is all they know , so people were dying but she was busy ????
The only thing I've ever recognised Baleka Mbete for is her singing, which is terrible by the way.
I don't recall this woman ever saying or doing anything that makes sense.
Wieder ein Beispiel, warum trotz Milliarden an Entwicklungshilfe nichts funktioniert auf dem Kontinent. Einfach mal die Mentalität beobachten:
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She's typical ANC... this is what people like and vote for. We are so doomed.
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The day Thabo Mbeki dies, I’ll be happy. I lost my very successful sister, she was part of the so called mistakes 330k and I saw my father in tears 😭😭😭😭
I still ask, why is Thabo Mbeki NOT in jail for crimes against humanity?
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Well this is embarrassing
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Dear Mehdi Hasan Ms Mbete – I am sure – might have run out of your interview – if I had stood up in your audience & confronted her on documents I hand delivered to her as Speaker of Parliament. The African National Congress is depraved – before it is corrupt @MYANC pic.twitter.com/QoVtzvJC0t
This is being televised now on Channel 406. This was embarrassing to watch honestly. Eish Baleka Mbete maan, she fluffed her lines.
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Her facial expression says it all , andiyazi bendizothini kule kaka ye interview please vuleka mhlaba ndingene , unxile after la interview
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Who decided this was a good idea though 😢
At one stage Baleka Mbete wanted to be president of SA. It is so disappointing that a country of 55 million citizens is struggling to produce just ONE good leader.
oh dear @niehaus_carl this your party ? you must be proud
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What I noticed about foreign journalists they ask questions which never asked here in SA that why these politicians find it difficult to answer any , here in SA politicians are protected by media to be held accountable for anything
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May I please be forgiven for voting for ANC😞😤
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I can't watch it shame, I just can't.😂🙌🙌
South Africa is doomed!

She was busy guys.🙂
Baleka Mbete
I am genuinely concerned at the competency of these leaders.
Who arrogantly aren’t ashamed of their ignorance.
We are in trouble Maqabane.
The lives of Marikana meant nothing to them💔💔💔HIV means nothing.
No wonder SONA address was about dreams
⚠️Must watch for all South Africans.⚠️
She doesn't even acknowledge the atrocity, take responsibility, feel shame.
Denial killed more than 330k, it's still killing now. Thanks to Zuma too btw.
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Did someone forced her to this interview? The way she's so arrogant n ignorant is shocking.
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White people admitted to spread HIV to black people now mbaki is to blame pic.twitter.com/Cs5cwFGzmu
More from the messy interview.

Literally every question ended in some form of disaster.

Thanks Land Noli
This is what happens when you are led by people who are ignorant,if she knew who Mehdi was dont think she would've taken that interview..
Im not laughing, I shouldnt laugh but i cant help it
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All am hearing from Mbete is I was busy, I couldn't do anything, it was not my responsibility, etc. Alot of denial through out the interview
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This is the caliber of intelligence of the @MYANC from the top to the bottom!😶😶😶🃏
Mina personally I forgave Thabo Mbeki a long time ago when I saw a video of a white spcl agent of the SAIMR saying that HIV/AIDS was created and infected in innocent African ppl who were seeking health services. It was used as a tool to wipe out Africans in Africa
I honestly don’t understand why ppl are expecting so much from her. This is the same useless woman who said it’s a good thing that #Cyril bought the conference because we were not ready for woman president. Lest you forget that she also tried to run for presidency. Pathetic 🤮
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We need this guy to interview ramaphosa on marikana
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"People were dying, yes Including my family members... I was busy.... we were busy in Parliament... we know they were dying yes.. Blah.. blah.. blah".... Anc deliberately killed citizens of South Africa, and is still killing them... yet our own are still having hope. Smh... Sad!
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Imagine if JZ came in and started blaming Mbheki for R330k lost lifes? Instead he did a massive rollout which as the things stand out now is called 9 wasted yrs🤔.
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Mbete was unfairly treated in this interview: 1. She's a slow talker & the interviewer in many instances couln't wait for her to finish 2. Some of the questions which were directed to her were unreasonable & required certain individuals to account for them either than her
I've never understood why so many ppl celebrate #ThaboMbeki as a great leader. As far as I am concerned he was WORSE than Zuma because of his Aids denialism which had devastating consequences for all of us. 😡😠
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WATCH: HIV/AIDS IS A WEAPON I interviewed this white lady, Lara Johnstone on the HIV/AIDS agenda back around 2008. Listen to the audio and decide for yourself youtu.be/xTB_xyrD0v4
No but wait, who came up with the idea to send her there??? This is so embarrassing
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Give Mehdi our CIC Malema, i want to see something. He won't survive (A ka sa o besho wa tuka).
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Very revealing. Clear that Mbete and other ANC leaders did not have the guts to challenge Mbeki on the AIDS issue and other controversial ones. They chose to bury their heads in the sand. This is how institutions rot, from the top and inside
I’m so glad they sent Baleka here..its quite satisfying seeing this..we need more South African journalists to stop tip toeing around officials and MOP’s and start asking questions like these to hold them accountable.

Sis literally said “I was busy” 😂💀
When a leaders response is that they were too busy to deal with decision & matters that affected & resulted in lives being lost. Wow.
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Tx our PD,suddenly Baleka uyabaleka knows nothing
Not only do we have a problems of leadership in this country but we have dom kops occupying key positions and are so out of touch, no accountability whatsoever. Why TF did she even agree to this interview to embarrass herself like that?
Give Mehdi our Mandisa Mashego, i want to see something. He won't survive (A ka sa o besho wa tuka).
Free PR lesson for the day - don't show up for every interview you are invited to. Also, 'busy' is not really a good word to latch onto.🙃🙃
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Clearly she was still busy and she didn’t prepare for this interview 🙈😂🤣😂🤣
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Baleka Mbete sounds like she's ill-informed. As if she was not once on top leadership of the governing party. She made foolish comments answering here and there. Clown!
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The problem with ANC they love Europa so much but the sad part is that Europe don't love them 🙉
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Why was she interviewed? What could she possibly say? Who was the idiot who advised her to conduct this interview!!
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Mr @PresJGZuma, Thank you and I respect you for being decisive on this matter, a lot of lives were saved and still alive and especially the children, siyabonga baba.
Our people were once told beetroot and garlic could cure HIV/AIDS🙆🏾‍♂️.
We’ve come a long way.🤦🏽‍♂️
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Those were the wasted years. I remember every weekend there were a funeral somewhere you are directly or indirectly linked. Mbeki failed us and thanks to Zuma for stopping the genocide. I suspect Zuma's term is regarded as wasted because he stopped black genocide 🤔🤔
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You really made my day with this interview of Mbete. How can she say she was busy when people were dying?
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Only President Mbeki is intelligent enough to defend himself when it comes to this issue, the other have no fckn clue lol
This is so embarrassing
Not really sure why she even agreed to do this interview coz seriously it was a disaster. It made for a good sitcom and the crowd kept laughing at her🤦
Guys baleka mbete was too busy with parliament when thousands of people were dying from HIV/AIDS which was caused by Mbeki's denialism! 💔
Get Baleka Mbete out of there, so cringeworthy😩
This is the sort of journalism we missing in my country.
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I watched this last night. Nothing spectacular about this interview, other than the usual media-generated talking points. From state capture to corruption to xenophobia. These are the issues that 'define' this country out there. This Thuma mina minion didn't even do well🤷‍♂️
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She used incorrect word 'Busy' But I believe she handled the interview very well, Mehdi was expecting her to answer questions that should be directed to President wich is unfair. I hope Mehdi interview my president Julius Malema kuvele kunyiwe once
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Incompetent individuals representing us, wow ey....no wonder other countries don't see us moss.
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Unfortunate that she must now answer for the arrogant Mbeki. This interview is not fair on her
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Ahhh kodwa jesu, savelelwa, are these the leaders pple keep on voting into power... 👀🙄 pic.twitter.com/XrnW3OR2UM
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I can see Deep down she wants to throw this guy out of the house... Sargent of arms should be called to assist removing this guy out...
Baleka is one of the richest women in this country for the shares she holds in Goldfields. She is the part of the greedy nouve riche who sold their souls to the WMC.
Baleka wished to run as fast and far as she can from this interview.
All politicians from her era should resign. They have nothing to offer. We can't be led by such dunderheads.
The ANC should fire everyone who’s above 40years
I'm really glad that @mehdirhasan brought up Mbeki and co.'s AIDS denialism.

Every time I hear Mbeki being praised as some sort of profound intellectual giant, I can't help but think of how many tens of thousands of people lost their lives because of the state's arrogance.
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Those that voted for ANC please come an explain
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There are no 300 000 people that died, and there's nothing ridiculous about the beetroot and garlic. AIDS patients have immune deficiency, garlic and beetroot are known immune boosters. Unlike Arvs which aren't designed to treat Immune deficiency but rather to kill HIV.
I'm glad I never voted the ANC in my life and so it remains 🤮🤮🤮
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Nc Nc Nc Nc she is embarrassing why didn't she deny this interview at the 1st place... We wouldn't b here💔
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😂😂😂 Let her suffer..
As much as this interview was unnecessary... now the question is, why has it taken an entire News channel as big as Aljazeera to interview Baleka yet our news stations have ignire this for years? Why is it that the culprit who is Mbeki isn't the one being interviewed?
This is so embarrassing to say the least! We’ve set the bar and standard so low when it comes to leadership in SA 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Mbeki should be in jail.I saw first hand how people were dying like flies while he and Manto kept preaching nonsense.@PresJGZuma will never be a saint but I'll always laud him for his work on HIV/AIDS.
Her saying it was not for her to push back on Mbeki/Tshabalala saying eat beetroot to combat HIV...
It hit home.
This is cringeworthy, my goodness ☹️☹️
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Well to be fair she held her own.. I am no ANC associate but Mehdi Hassan shreds, he destroys you with stats, facts, quotes and Baleka held her own.. Out there we don't put out our laundry.. We protect the image of a good country to encourage investors.. We will deal with ANC
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The ANC did not kill anyone, Thabo Mbeki did not kill anyone... The beneficiaries of ARVs killed those people for profit...
Baleka should've baleka'd🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
😭😭😭😲 she was busy!!
This is why she was snubbed . She lacks intellectual capacity
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Are you going to do one on the questions she was asked about Zuma and Tony Yengeni?
In reply to @LandNoli
Mare why did Aunty Baleka Mbete agree to this interview? Now her incompetence has been exposed to the entire world
In reply to @LandNoli
Having now watched the full video I can say Baleka was not even half prepared, her not knowing the latest on the Marikana story proves that. Mehdi though was totally unnecessary and condescending kodwa in many of his jabs.
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