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This woman’s 15-month-old son was scared when protesters surrounded their car in Lebanon. So the protesters started singing “Baby Shark” to calm him. cnn.it/2BtAkVP

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Le tchat O’Gaming quand @Karnagemvp balance Baby Shark entre deux matchs.
Hvilket var ligeså skræmmende
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They could have, you know, just let them through.
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Ok, not to spoil the party on a very cute video, but that child should be strapped securely in a child seat in the back seat of the car.
Everyone pause, I’m here to cleanse your timeline
é o tipo de protesto que eu quero noticiar. apenas exausto
😂😂😂 the content I signed up for.
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The baby isnt having any of it, he still feels threatened he can sense it in the air.
La revolución se hace bailando o no se hace. #Líbano.
Esta mujer quedó atrapada en las protestas con su hijo de un año. El pequeño estaba asustado así que los manifestantes le cantaron Baby Shark para calmarlo. ✊❤️🇱🇧#Libano #RevolucionLibanesa #LebanonProtests
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It will be called the revolution of love @cnnbrk report right about #lebanon and help us spread a positive message...Scenes of love from #beirut #ثورة #فنانون_من_اجل_التغيير #لبنان_ينتفض #ثوره #اجا_وقت_نحاسب #كلن_يعني_كلن pic.twitter.com/HUxWQgI74P
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Future therapy bills...
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Wow If all the protesters are like this there will be no violence... Let's hope it continues this way
Baby Shark is here to stay 😭
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We were in Beirut, Lebanon from the 17th-19th of October, staying at @LeGrayBeirut .. though the protests were friendly in general as seen above, it was definitely a bit violent in pockets. we are ourselves were caught in the middle by tear gas
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The guy doing shark in the end. Priceless..
Faith in humanity restored. This is the best things I have seen today.
Protesters in Lebanon sang #babyshark to comfort a scared baby
When you’re about to the take the government down but a baby is scared.
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Kid should be more scared of sitting in front seat with no seatbelt.
Humans...we do have our moments
Lebanon is really something else
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my heart 😭❤️
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This is the most funny and beautiful thing I have seen in a while 😂😂😂 👍
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REAL NEWS!!! Finally!
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Last time they had a DJ while protesting 😂😂 This is awesome.
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Lovely people of lebanon, I can’t forget my visit there and how friendly they are. We asked for an address to a young couple and they said that they can drive us there . We asked to a traffic police and he left this job just to help us. Really Paris of middle east!
Baby shark- the great human unifier. How sweet is this?!
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I'm starting to love you okes even more now
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As we see in the footage, The baby (After being frightened) made an observation conclusion. This conclusion had lead to a new realization shown in baby's facial expression. His conclusions: The song is a trainwreck of words, and don't do drugs. Realization: Society has collapsed.
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What you doin' in Lebanon, bro? (Watch the guy at the end.)
#BabyShark has played at the most iconic of places like the #burjkhalifa fountain show, #washingtonnationals battle cry and now as the sound of #protest in Beirut!
One rhyme, many renditions! #popculture #Dubai #whatnext
레바논 시위현장. “아기가 차에 타고 있다”는 엄마의 외침에 “아기상어” 노래 떼창하며 겁먹은 아기 달랜 시위대.
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Bro this makes it more scary wtf
Jajajajaja OK 😂🤣😂🙊❤️🙇🏻‍♀️
Must my heart burst?? This is the cutest! 🤧🤧🤧🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
a worldwide healing phenomenon

@Genius we need an article about baby shark please
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This won't happen in my home country kenya soon..
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What about the kids in tent City in California when are those reports coming out
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What is it, five or six times already that you posted this today?
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In reply to @CNN
See Americans can't even protest right....This is how its done lol
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Thousands of people demonically chanting in your face while clapping their hands is just gonna make it worse LMAOOOOO 😭😭😭
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This is soo cute 🥰
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In reply to @CNN
Well they could’ve just not surrounded the car and scare the baby in the first place
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In reply to @CNN
Only lebs could do this 😂
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this is how civilized ppl protest! watch American leftists n liberals! watch n learn!
This world😂😂😂😂😂
레바논에서 한 차량의 15개월 아기가 시위대들 때문에 울길래 시위대들이 아기를 달래기 위해 아기 상어를 불러 줬다는 훈훈한 이야기.
Kid doesn't seem too pleased..
A quarter of the population in Lebanon are currently marching through the streets in protest and this an especially beautiful moment
This is very funny..hahahaha
Awwww 🥰❤
Wossil 3al CNN 😂😂
We are really The HAPPIEST DEPRESSED peoplee 😎😜
#Lebanese_and_pround 🇱🇧❤🇱🇧
@CNN Thanks for sharing this video💞
This is so sweet 😊😍
이게 더 무서운데 나는
World's greatest song.
Hey protestors in South Africa take note...
Arabanın önünde Lost dizisindeki Hugo var 🤔
@ismail__ismail @sambil58 بلغو انو البايبي شارك بلبنان منتشرة بأميركا و اوروبا
كيف زبطت معو ما حدا سائل
تحياتي السمعة
The only way to calm my son down when he is upset - This warms my heart. 💜💜💜
This is so dumb, why didn’t they just leave the car alone?
I’m all here for this kind of activism 🦈
Only in Lebanon
Masyarakat e khalil gibran ternyata kiyut jugaak :)
This is peak awesome. The guy that's swimming in the end. 😂
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