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me: que bronca que me duela tanto la espalda y nose por que

me durmiendo la noche anterior:
Que dolor de espalda

Yo durmiendo :
This is why I keep telling everyone not to throw away their feline assembly manuals. These kinds of disasters happen all the time with cats!
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many things are possible when cats are around some good some....... bad pic.twitter.com/5XN5XFZWxt
me duele muchísimo el cuello y no sé de qué

yo durmiendo:
In reply to @AwwwwCats
yes, best sleep - somehow around the corner 😉 pic.twitter.com/zgvwE1ruuE
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این دیگه حالت مایع رو رد کرده😁
In reply to @AwwwwCats
This cats physics broke.
ซักวันโลแกนจะนอนท่านี้ ฉันรู้สึกได้
“Vamos ver um filme ? Tu não vai dormir né ?”

-Eu ? Dormir ? Claro que não pô...

*Versão brasileira Herbert Richers*

In reply to @AwwwwCats
you assembled your kat wrong, don't buy them from ikea.
Eu de dia: que dor nas costas, pq será?
Eu de noite:
Así duermo yo y después me quejo pq me duele la espalda
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The Floof is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural...
It’s a known fact that cats are a liquid.
Yo: tío me duele la espalda un montón y no sé de qué

También yo:
*acordo cheia de dores de costas*
Eu a dormir:
When you can't be bothered to read the instructions on a complicated Lego kit so you just go ahead and then think, oh its fine, when you run out of pieces
Que dolor de cuerpo, por qué será si ayer no hice nada físico

-yo durmiendo-
Moje spací polohy be like:
this is how i sleep and then i wonder why i have back pain
Zakoni fizike se ne mog.....🙃
Yo: no sé porque me duele tanto la espalda
Yo durmiendo:
moi : g mal au dos
la position dans laquelle je dors :
“I wonder why my neck hurts...”
My sleeping position:
Die IKEA handleidingen zijn ook helemaal niet zo gemakkelijk :)
hostias tú, que dolor de espalda

*la noche anterior*
In reply to @AwwwwCats
When cats do it no one bats an eye, but when i do it suddenly its bad for me and my friends bash me for it
eu: nossa pq q eu sinto tanta dor nas costas???????

also eu dormindo:
ik slaap zo en durf dan nog te klagen over nek en rugpijn
Me: Omfg why does my back always hurt??

How I Sleep:
cats can achieve levels of nap comfort that surpasses the feats of Yoga masters
Yo: me duele la espalda, no sé por qué
*Yo durmiendo*
No se porque me duele la espalda

Yo durmiendo:
alien işte alien
Quando a minha cama está quentinha e confortável
me: ay dios me duele un montón la espalda no se pq :c
Also me:

Je suis pas sûr qu'une colone vertébral doit se plier dans ce sens.
Wenn ich so einen flauschigen Bauch hätte, würde ich auch so schlafen. Und wachen.
In reply to @AwwwwCats
Is that two cats 😳🥴
eu: hmm pq será que acordei toda doendo

eu dormindo a noite:
y hay gente que no le gustan los gatos
eu dormindo... e sempre pensando pq tenho dor nas costas
Ferrari intentando una buena estrategia.
eu: nossa que dor nas costas, pq será????
also eu dormindo:
Finally a yoga instructor we can rely on
Perspektif cizmisimdir
Çıkan sonuç
Must’ve been some GAS catnip
Katzen sind flüssig.
Oder aus Gummi.
Eins von beiden 😂
Wie ich auf der Couch einpenne bei euroleague
Me when I sleep, goodluck to my man.
Yo durmiendo. Y luego me quejo de dolores de espalda.
How my girl be contorted when I'm in that thang
In reply to @AwwwwCats
This is what happens when you use rbind in place of dplyr::left_join 😉 #tidyverse #rstats
Cats are multidimensional creatures, obviously.
Woah...I think someone mixed the pieces up when they built it 😬
É assim que eu acordo
What do you mean? Cats are LIQUID!
"_Acordo todo dia com dor nas costas, deve ser o colchão.."

O colchão:
In reply to @AwwwwCats
It’s a cat... no explanations needed
se me ha roto el gato
With kitty physics anything is possible
Eu: que dor nas costas pqp
Eu dormindo:
*yo durmiendo*

*yo luego quejándome todo el tiempo de que me duele la espalda*
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