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if u don't think Jackass was the pinnacle of television you're a fucking idiot what other show had a casual Brat Pitt abduction cameo
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Jackass doesn鈥檛 get enough credit for molding the sense of humor of an entire generation. None of us are who we are without it
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I like how later on they cut to them inside the van and someone compliments Brad like "Hey man you're a really good actor"
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鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 is maybe the funniest thing anyone鈥檚 ever said.
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Early 2000s were another dimension. You could've been just minding your own business in LA one night then randomly get jumped by a wasted Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and Brad Pitt dressed as gorillas
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Yooooooo when that guy pulled out his phone and pulled up the antenna ...I felt that 馃ぃ
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PInk's Hot Dogs customers straight not willing to lose their place in line to help a kidnap victim.
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LIVING for 鈥渨hat happened?鈥 鈥渂rad pitt got kidnapped鈥
i was telling someone about this the other day and they called me a liar i鈥檓 screaminnnnng
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one of the best shows of my lifetime.
鈥淏rad Pitt was kidnapped鈥
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This is unbelievably good tv
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Wow I just watched all 3 movies last week AND six episodes of viva la bam and yes I agree. Good tv and great tv
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LOL. Brad Pitt should go to jail for this?
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I used to love Pontius bound and gagged in a thong 鈥渆scaping鈥 the trunk of a car 馃槀
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1) I鈥檝e never seen this and i don鈥檛 know how 2) I had that same weird Samsung sprint flip phone 3) 鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥
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The way everyone got on their phones at the end 馃槀馃槶 pic.twitter.com/chZAD8u0As
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The dude in the purple literally became an accessory to kidnapping when he slammed the door behind em lmao
No one tried to help, either. #Society 馃槀馃槱馃う馃従鈥嶁檪锔
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How the hell have I never seen this before? What else am I missing?
Crazy because Jackass might go down as the peak of human development
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Wasn鈥檛 there even another Brad Pitt cameo that I want to say was him crashing down a hill in a grocery cart while wearing a gorilla costume?
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His finest performance
wow, throwback! totally forgot that i, brat pitt, did this casual abduction cameo for jackass, haha <3
the one guy near the end鈥檚 delivery of 鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 is just sublime
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Never forget Golf Course Air Horns
LMFAO, all of those people just stood there and watched Brad Pitt get abducted.
my period is due in like several hours. I KNOW this. I did NOT need to tear up at the tenderness of bystander civilians' half-assed attempts to save brad pitt from being kidnapped.
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Wasn't he also one of the night pandas? pic.twitter.com/8Z86C6w8EN
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I鈥檓 trying to figure out how literally no one did a thing. I feel like there were enough people.
jackass and wildboyz was the height of comedy
Jackass played a major role in my childhood and, as crazy as it sounds, shaped who I am in a way
Rumble in da pumpkin patch dirk
Ha!!! Oh shit. Good TV.
"brad pitt got kidnapped im really not kidding" 馃槶馃槶
No one rode for Brad here and it鈥檚 a damn stain on the conscience of a nation
I really didn't appreciate the Jackass/Viva La Bam guys as much as I should've
Brad was also in one of the panda costumes when they went crazy all over Tokyo. So goddamn funny.
I just fucking choked laughing i had never seen this
Jackass is truly the best show ever made we are all unworthy
These people let just let Brad Pitt get abducted.
All Timer
People really don鈥檛 give a fck about anyone but themselves馃槶i wish they could bring jackass back though馃槀
Wow this is deep in my psyche for some reason
鈥渨hat just happened? wtf?鈥
鈥渂rad pitt just got kidnapped..鈥
Jackass was the best 馃槀馃槀馃槀
i watched this at a sleepover at my nigga Josh's crib and next day we all had 2 go home dumb early bc his parents was getting a divorce. ion know if that relates but keep ya head up Josh
how have i never seen this .
I鈥檓 dead 鈥渂rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 lmaaoo
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped 鈥 馃槀
LMAOOOO how could I forget this? This era of television, what a beautiful time.
Lmaooooo jackass was really quality television
Early 2000s TV was different 馃槶
I like how everyone just stood there until it was too late lmao
Yo wtf why haven鈥檛 I seen this?! 馃槀
鈥渂rad pitt got kidnapped.鈥 馃拃
This was my favorite moment from that show.
Wtf just happened!?
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 馃槀
Why did I never know this holy shit that鈥檚 amazing 馃槀
They watched him get snatched up wtf
鈥淏rad Pitt just got kidnapped..鈥 LMFAO

Frank Ocean鈥檚 team before FYF 2017:
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 lmao
It doesnt matter how many times I've seen this clip, it still kills me! 馃ぃ馃槀
"Fucking Brad Pitt just got kidnapped" 馃ぃ
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Operator: "911 what is your emergency?"

Witness: "Brad Pitt was in line and he just got kidnapped and thrown into a van I'm really not kidding."
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped 鈥 馃槀馃槶
They really fake abducted Brad Pitt at Pink鈥檚 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 馃槀馃槀
Omfg, I forgot all about this! 馃ぃ
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 馃槀
the casual 鈥渂rad pitt got kidnapped鈥 is SENDING MEE
white Americans were in their prime during the jackass era, closest thing to these guys now is Logan Paul dkm
guy chasing the car ahaha
I said it before I will say it again I will say it a million times: America needs jacksss. Bring back jackass 2020
c鈥櫭﹖ait le bon temps
How have I never seen this before Lmaoo
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥 馃槀
Lmaaoooo if i was the 911 operator and i got a call saying "brad pitt just got kidnapped i'm really not kidding" I'm hanging up馃槀馃槀
hahahah 鈥淏rad Pitt just got kidnapped, I鈥檓 really not kidding鈥 possibly the best line on any tv show ever.
Lmao these kids don鈥檛 understand what this show had us doing 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 no regard for our physical safety
鈥榖rad pitt got kidnapped鈥 LMAOOOO
鈥淏rad Pitt got kidnapped鈥
In reply to @philorphilip
One of the funniest skits ever was that meat in the grill, blood on the windshield
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