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max and murphy have a conversation about how to help their hooman and it's too funny
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😂sourire du jour
On se pose souvent la question. En cas de malaise comment réagirait mon petit compagnon ?
On voit la réaction parfaite du berger allemand j'adore cette race😂 et la réaction pour le moins énergique du golden retriever, elle est efficace la preuve😂
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"Hind-lick" maneuver. Nice one.
“if he hot he alive” 😂
In reply to @humorandanimals
shoutout to the dude with the NF shirt tho
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Dogs are the absolute BEST! (Especially German Shepherds, in my highly biased opinion as someone owned by one.) pic.twitter.com/BFfb8s9c9L
I’ve watched this 4 times, and it gets better EVERY TIME!!!! *ohmydog*
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I watch all these videos about pets helping their owners and I realised something with my own pets.......I don’t think they like me!
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This is my first aid responder ❤️ pic.twitter.com/PbcuLjGyYu
i hope someday dogs reveal that they have been fluent in every human language since the dawn of time and they mercilessly kill us all for imagining they say “hecc”
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haha. I love both dogs. The Golden fixed the problem. 😂
Oh merde jsuis en larmes
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Cardio-PUPmonary resuscitation! 🐶🏥
โอ้ยยยยยยยย 555555555555 อยากมีน้อง เล่นกันทุกวัน
This will make you laugh this morning ...
This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Sharing it to bless yalls timeline
In reply to @humorandanimals
Can't stay dead after that
In reply to @humorandanimals
A puppy to the gut is fully deserved for making his dogs falsely think he was in crisis. 🐕
de loinnnnn le meilleur tweet que j’ai vu depuis que je suis sur twitter
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This video make my day!!!🤣🤣
There are no words😍😍😍
The captions are funny and all but this trend of people pretending to die in front of their pets disturbs me.
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youve just got to have dogs in your life!
We don’t deserve dogs..lol
The question is, what would you do? Me, I’d probably ignore the hooman until I thought it was paw oclock (which is noms time in our house)
Oftalmólogos cuando un paciente se nos desmaya en el láser
Bruce would eat me but these two are good pups.
¿No pueden hacer una serie en netflix sólo de vídeos así?
I can't tell you how much I love this! 😂😂
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Dog to other dog,"What is it doing? Is it pretending to be dead?"
best thing av ever watched
"boop the business" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Siempre que veo un pastor aleman pienso en kike
Luckasti, divni❤️❤️... Jednom recju najbolji covekovi prijatelji
In reply to @humorandanimals
lab was like ok i took cpr i will do chest compression you breathe into mouth, team work!
i love dog videos with funny dog commentary. seriously makes them even better
In reply to @BrodHiggins
@BrodHiggins I hope you'd look after @PresidentIRL like these guys!
Прекрасно, боже мой
I love it when dogs talk like this. 😂
I really love videos like this 😂 dog moms and dads translating their dogs and the way it’s worded is so cute and funny to me
Oh hecc hahahahhha
In reply to @humorandanimals
Like...a puppy Heimlich maneuver.
here’s something to make your day shine a lil brighter
I could watch these all day
“boop the business, hooman does the live” 🤣
Hooman won’t try this again. 🤣
This is the content I look for🤣🤣
This is my favorite video on the internet
In reply to @humorandanimals
We did the paw CPR & saved our human !! 🐶🐕
ok je chiale, on les mérite paaaaaas
I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this video
Boop the business and the hooman does the live 😍😍
Tälle oli pakko nauraa. Ehkä olen väsynyt
In reply to @humorandanimals
is Indy certified to perform emergency pupcedures?
Me meo, la conversación entre los perros es maravillosa
Ay, me rayan estos videos de lo que piensan los perritos.
This needs to be seen by everyone
i love this so much
c ça devenir adulte, c rigoler devant ce genre de vidéo?
One hell of a CPR treatment there;)
In reply to @humorandanimals
I've been doing it wrong all this time.🤣😜
In reply to @humorandanimals
I'm pretty sure my pitbull would just sit on my face just for the pure pleasure of him sticking his butt in my face 😄
They're the fucking best
Hooman did the malfunction
Need me a puppy golden retriever
Oh I’ve laughed for the first time in days
This is great 😂❤️ Happy Friday!
I needed this!!! 😂😂😂😂
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