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This man is playing fetch with a Beluga Whale. This is INCREDIBLE. ❤️

We honestly don't deserve these Majestic Creatures. 😭

Protect them at all costs.


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I used to photograph Belugas. I have seen their pups swallow plastic bottles and die within minutes.
This Beluga mother is not playing fetch, it is protecting its young.

As they are not visible, I can only conclude that they are already dead, and this is an act of grief.
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90% of plastic ever produced isn't recycled and it takes a thousand years to decompose- Contaminating our Waters and choking these beautiful creatures. We need to an eco-friendly alternative to plastic! (Also trying to create change one friend at a time. Follow)
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RT ♻️ if 🐬 you 🐟 wish 🐳 every 🐋 animal 🦑 was 🦀 protected 🐠 and 🐙 safe. 🦈
Best thing I've seen all day.
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I'm going to show this to my lazy dog and tell her she'll be replaced by a Beluga! I know what she's going to say then: Gimme treat!
This is the content I’m here for
what a treat to watch this! i can't even get our lab to bring a tennis ball back to me.
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Unless the whale is giving the ball back because he thinks the man is polluting his home with more plastic? Great video really
Whales are my most fav sea animals 😭💜💜💜
This is some good and wholesome content that I very much needed today 💜
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Beautiful. In 2015 I had the rare privilege of sitting in a rubber dinghy, engine off, bobbing around in San Ignatio lagoon off the Pacific coast of Mexico, with mother grey whales choosing to bring their babies to play with the humans. Eye contact, no fear and so gentle.
Do I reallyyyyyy want a career in criminal justice or do I want to protect the freaking environment?! I think one time for earth 😭❤️
Immediately going to make changes in my life and reduce my use of plastic. This makes my heart soar and it makes me so sad.
Wanna play fetch with a Beluga Whale? (I do)
This is absolutely mind blowing
OR this mans is trying to give you back your ball and hes STRESSED THE FUCK OUT that u keep throwing it away
this is so incredible 😭
This is the best thing on the internet today!
🙌🏽😢why is there no whale emoji?!
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That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
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This video made my day. Thank you.
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*Stop using plastic but do not throw away all your stuff for new stuff. Use it with purpose and do not litter 💪 The world is full of majestic beings we just don't see them anymore
Animals are dope don’t @ me!
All work has stopped for the day because I just learned that Beluga Whales play fetch and I may never recover.
This is amazing. This bloke is playing catch with a Beluga whale!
Oh come in.
This is legendary.
A reminder of the beauty in the world.
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WOW! such beauty...and brains!
We really don’t deserve animals... 😍❤️
Incredible. Agreed. We don’t deserve these beautiful, majestic creatures. Also, I need moments like these to happen in my life.
This wins the Internet for me today.
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OMG! This is amazing!
Who knew belugas were just big, white sea doggos!
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Look how beautiful Earth is!!!!!!!! And all its creatures. I love this!!
Just when I’m convinced I’ve already seen the best thing in the world, this happens. Thanks for pointing it out @KyleTWN
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This is actually incredible.
Definitely reminding me to reduce my use of plastic! 😭🙏🏼
Belugas are my favorite 🥺🥰
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We do not deserve animals.
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Maybe hes telling us to get the plastic out the oceans!
I could cry watching this ❤️
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If only this whale had of been around to save Wilson
Yes incredible, if we save them we will save ourselves and each other...please try everyone
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What a beautiful creature.

Na moral, mamíferos melhores pessoas
I love this so much 😭
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I want to play fetch with a Beluga Whale! That is amazing. Protect the oceans!
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I feel like a failure for not having played fetch with a beluga whale ever in my life. I need to rethink my life choices 🤔
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Why do we hurt God’s awesome creation ? Playing fetch how awesome
Incredible! You're right, we don't deserve these magnificent creatures. 🐋💗
They are so beautiful. ❤❤❤❤
Aucun RT de cette séquence n’est superflu.
Best thing you'll see all day!
This has made my day! How amazing 😱😱😱
It's Beautiful 💕💕
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This video is amazing🐳🐋❤ We must do more to protect our oceans and the wildlife that inhabits them. We have to start undoing the damage we've done, we're running out of time. Species are becoming extinct and pollution is overwhelming, we need to do something NOW.
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One time down in Tampa bay I was floating there on my kayak. A dolphin floated next to me as I sang to him. After about 15 minutes, he kissed me on my nose and swam away. I’ll never forget that moment. I never ate crab legs again.
So my dog won’t play fetch but a whale can ???
No big thing. Just here, playing fetch with a whale.
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Well Canada is going plastic free for single use plastic. It’s not enough, but a good start. We share this planet, just because they don’t have a voice, doesn’t mean we can destroy it for all creatures.
Seriously..this is both beautiful and incredible. 💕
Uma pausa na nossa programação #HarryDora para mostrar o quanto animais são especiais e evoluídos e a natureza é perfeita! ❤
Do we all see how this is possible without having them in captivity 🙄
Of course don’t use as much plastic, but remember most of our pollution is at the fault of large corporations that don’t have to play by environmentally friendly rules ! Using a paper straw doesn’t stop radioactive waste from being poured in our oceans. Happy Friday :)
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Giant sea puppies are the best puppies!
Whales are persons

I want everyone to know this

They have language, culture, inner lives

Respect whales goshdangit
This is really INCREDIBLE ❤️
I'm very thankful to @AfrozShah1 bro who is doing great work to protect them.
#stopusingplastic #StopPlasticPollution
yeah because it’s definitely plastic users not the giant multinational corporations pumping toxins into the atmosphere and oceans
He’s not playing fetch... he’s saying “quit throwing shit in my house” 🙇🏽
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