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I hope this video of Chief Keef dancing to Native American music brightens your day.

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When I say not all Black Americans were brought here on boats but some of us was already here:
In reply to @__Jozu__
help the dude recording.. sound like he done ate a popeyes biscuit wit no bev. 😂
In reply to @__Jozu__
“I dont wear no fuckin MCM” - Keef (2014)
In reply to @__Jozu__
Bra this not sosa lol
Nigga saw a black person with dreads and said “Lemme just say this is chief keef”
So you’re telling me Chief Keef went to La Bufadora
It absolutely did...is there an extended version? 😭😭😭
In reply to @__Jozu__
This ain’t even keef
Anybody who actually think this is chief Keef needs they ass beat
Melanated people been dancing like this in the Americas for 1000s of years
In reply to @__Jozu__
Not even chief 😭
In reply to @__Jozu__
bruh this ain’t Keef
In reply to @__Jozu__
So this not Igbo traditional music?
whole time, this a bay area nigga
I know @studpham ‘s laugh when I hear it
That’s tadoe you uncultured swine
In reply to @__Jozu__
Ain’t even Keef
Tapping into those indigenous roots
In reply to @__Jozu__
If u a real keef fan Ya kno this is not buddy pic.twitter.com/206uF9eQmD
In reply to @__Jozu__
When u become one with the chief that keefs pic.twitter.com/ESwtIIbds6
This should be ina museum
okay but why does it sound like @marshall_partin is recording😹😹
In reply to @__Jozu__
Real fans know this aint even keef.
This ain’t Sosa bitch
This is not Sosa. This definitely a random dude from Antioch
Let Twitter tell it to you, every nigga with long dreads is chief keef
In reply to @__Jozu__
Sosa would never have that fit on lol.
This is really one of the greatest videos of all time
Yo Who to laughing in the back yo 🤣🤣😂
Who taught Sosa how to smeeze👀
It’s hella funny cus this is in Ensenada at the bufadora
that’s not even chief keef foh
Mfs think any Nigga with dreads keef lmao.
I know the bufadora when I see it
😭😂😂said it was keef tho?
When was Keef at la bufadora????
Thats a bay area nigga u cant tell😭
Eu quando passo pelos índios na entrada da feira de maio
This not chief keef but alright
Putain faut vous dire combien de fois que c’est pas Keef
This not even chief keef lmao
This is the true solidarity required if we are to resist neo-colonialism
Me loving other people’s culture and traditions without culture appropriating.
Porque este video solo dura 7 seg?
this is not chief keef :/

feeling: confused 😐
Is he not their chief???
In reply to @__Jozu__
this marshawn lynch not sosa😂
This would be @CoreyMay_ and @OGKeyy recording it. 😂😂😂
Man y'all don't understand how much I love this man
This is not chief keef LMAO
now yall know this is not keef.
la bufadora lmao but that ain’t him
He better stop slanging them guns around like that
This aint chief keef he dont wear mcm
Nobres e Nepaleses na Zambujeira
Black ppl dance better to other cultures music better than they do. 😂
I love my people 😂💛
when i was in high school this boy used to call me chief keef whenever i wore my hair in twists... before you ask, yes he was.
In reply to @__Jozu__
Goddamn this blew up
retweeting for good energy ✨
Not Keef but he turnt lol
This some ghetto Buddha shit lol
Why you got a tusken raider recording the video
how could u hate chief keef
mdr il joue à quoi là
All of Harlandale when they give the Cowboys the pow pow tonight at the Frontier Bowl 😓
Damn. Dreads long af okay growth lol
This not even sosa, n that’s in Mexico lmfao 🤦🏾‍♂️
This absolutely brightened my day
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