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i will smile today.... but only for them

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I’m going to raise a goat named Tabassum
In reply to @baldboyblues
But how could someone not be smiling when they’re looking at a goat??
In reply to @baldboyblues
This is so true they get excited to see people that they recognize! This is my friend Brownie (living in sanctuary) pic.twitter.com/mmrzbitWvq
Estas cabras son lindas pero luego te vas a fuerteventura y todas parecen una reencarnación del diablo
The second pic..... <3
i was around goats a lot as a kid and they always liked me/came to me right away and now i’m gonna go fucking cry because this is so sweet
kupicu jednu zivota mi prelepe su
In reply to @baldboyblues
He’s me and a kid goat I met when I was backpacking round Crete with the parents over the summer. Waz th best time of my life n clearly this boyo was having a good time too. Already posted this but don’t care report me uno pic.twitter.com/MYBU85w82H
I didn’t need to see this Cos now il b sad when I eat them
Lepasni senyum kt kambing apek dah la
Mutton briyani puts a smile on my face too ☺️
why did this give me PSAT flashbacks
Really wish I had a wee pet goat, underrated good guys of the animal kingdom
questa è la notizia che aspettavo............ non sarò mai più triste nella mia vita............. Do It For Them.....................
is this why they scream
it has been decided that these are the only kids rob and I will ever have goodbye
I will have a goat one day.
I smile at my goats and they just make weird noises and run away :(
One of my goats is an asshole wtf
A partir de ahora van a ser mi unica razon para sonreir
Kahhhndeng smile ka kahhndeng?
So going completely bonkers whenever I get to be close to goats is even better now
Im starting to astagna6 alhumans wallai i need a goat in my life y’all too negative 😤
that’s it. i’m getting a goat
ok to teraz oprócz 2 alpak i 2 owieczek chcę jeszcze 2 kózki
why is this sending me?? imagine walking down the street and you hear "you'd look better if you smiled" and turn around to find a goat
i will smile today just In case a goat sees me :)
We absolutely are drawn to smiles, so smile!
In reply to @baldboyblues
Gimingaw nakos amo mga kanding 😭
Happy barbacoa 🥰
why does this make me want to cry this is so cute wtf
this makes me want to play animal crossing
halaaaaaa lalo ko tuloy gusto ipush mag alaga ng kambing grr HAHAHAHSHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
literally someone get me a goat
omeiii macam aku 🙈
No wonder why I’m always smiling
Quiero una cabrita🥺😍
Why my goats stare at me with blank faces when I smile at them :/
i would die for all goats
ayyyt, smile-an nato tong mga kanding sa dao beh hahahahhahha
olha a minha foto do wpp
Awww thank you for describing me 😆
Rey in my fic Still Time: “Smile softly at my goats or get cracked on the head by my staff, them’s the rules.”
Whenever we have baby goats at home they always love us nd their just so cute my gosh
Frowning only from now on. Goats are animals sent straight from hell
Did the goat tell you this ??
In reply to @baldboyblues
bro wtf suddenly i’m smiling
In reply to @baldboyblues
Was having a terrible day and this shit made me smile ngl
you guys I picked up a little goat at a petting zoo and it screameddd sooo loud at me but not anyone else im still confused
and they say capricorns are emotionless smh
maybe this is why thor & I got along so well... iykyk
can i have a fuckin goat already we can do yoga and smile together
Me seeing my friends happy and smiling
More reasons to get goats
Can’t wait to have a goat 😭 Told Moises I want a goat as a wedding gift 😅
The goat: :|
Me: :)
The goat: :)
I need a goat pleaseee..
Nikos wird dann wohl eher angezogen von Toris Wutgesicht. @MoyashiStar
Guess what?..... i want a goat🥺
In reply to @baldboyblues
i feel like you would appreciate this
Finally, some good fucking news
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