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the whisper gets me every time lmfao

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This is the most energy Baker Mayfield has brought all season...
In reply to @mattwhitlockPM
Just another professional. No dj but a photographer. I love it to look at his face again and again and again 馃槀 pic.twitter.com/AO10XYBLf8
when will the national film registry do what鈥檚 right and preserve this truly perfect piece of art
all three of them just cut in front of me at the metrograph
the tl is never complete without this
In reply to @mattwhitlockPM
It鈥檚 like these kids grew up and found a 3rd friend. pic.twitter.com/dQtpfcraaI

festa de faculdade de letras em lisboa:
In reply to @mattwhitlockPM
This looks like 90% of the boiler room sets
In reply to @mattwhitlockPM
every time馃し鈥嶁檪锔忦煠封嶁檪锔忦煠封嶁檪锔忦煒傪煒傪煒傪煒
This is amazing I hate it
this is what martin boys looked like 鈥渄j-ing鈥 in martin 101 but really they鈥檙e just playing drake鈥檚 entire discography in order
Me last night disassociating with two corrupted usbs and a crowd of my peers
I will never not watch this video when it pops up on my timeline
love this video so much. lmao
This video only ever gets funnier to me
I watch this video about twice a day
i think my dying wish is to remake this video
Me and the boys on media row getting ready for a 1 p.m. Saturday tip off against Southern Utah
this video is timeless. a true masterpiece.
So this is what Baker has been doing in his free time
This video has a special place in my heart wallah
metade de balneario eh assim e posso confirmar
Not a phone in sight.
Just humans enjoying the moment.
Thought this was Baker Mayfield for a sec.
No puedo con este v铆deo oh por la virgen es aquel kriztian
POV: Me front row at Nu Wave
La puta madre cuando le dice algo al o铆do lloro
Wait who leaked this video from last years O鈥橲pacis
I have to RT it every time. I don鈥檛 make the rules.
Rare live footage of @a40ounce @Mcswazyy and @gspacebass during an economist set lol
.@Sick_Negui and brian foley and @tony215136 in the back
Which boiler room is this ?
Retweeting this every time I see it
Glad to see @cdorion89 is alive and well in Denver
hmu if you wann remake this
I have to RT everytime I see this
Still the video of the year in my opinion
guy in the orange hat is matt champion
Me Evan and Schrift with a handle of burnetts at 5am during iupatties. (Evan is the guy in the front idk which one Schrift is)
Me: *walks into devins backyard*

Devin Luke and Bird:
me when @callmejojo____ is playing at the house show before anyone I know arrives
This would be @MartinezJr99 at the parties but he hasn鈥檛 got his chance yet
Live look at @treblaw with his homies enjoying some warm ones in preparation for noon kickoff tomorrow.
In reply to @mattwhitlockPM
I will never not retweet this when it comes up on my feed.馃槀馃槀馃槀馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑
Her : so you鈥檙e really going to choose the boys over me

Me and the boys:
In reply to @your_melanie
Me and my friends before going DT
sara, mayijo y yo en el nocturnal
I do this bottle cap dj shit to my girls titties lmfaooooo
me in my room with my imaginary demons
In reply to @mattwhitlockPM
Whats the name of this song?! I haven鈥檛 heard it since newgrounds.com
This is one of my favorite videos
How I鈥檓 tryna be tonight @ Scala
This is how it feels to be next to @ITS_JIGGS when he鈥檚 on aux
So this not SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃
me and my friends almost every weekend
my last 3 brain cells when i鈥檓 trying to go to sleep
one of the best videos of 2019
In reply to @mattwhitlockPM
This is every boiler room set ever
Easily top 5 best video of all time
my last three brain cells trying to study
Dis how I鈥檓 tryna be tonight
This video will never not make me happy
Girls be saying all guys are cheaters BITCH this was we really be doin馃槀馃Б
o nunes quando ta tocando
eu e o lucas atras falando filho da puta lanso a braba
I RT this video every time It鈥檚 on my timeline馃槀
This is the only video that matters
I don鈥檛 make the rules
This is Innisfree bham on a Friday night 馃槀
this is how i feel when i hang out at vala鈥檚 DJ booth
I actually laugh everytime I see this 馃拃
One of my favorite videos 馃槀馃槀
I would die to recreate this with my friends
Lmao imagine going to a club and they playing this type of music 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Ima be in that bitch lit asf
Who the fuck let these guys in @ebjerkeli garage?
How @djtonymontes1 and his crew look like at the one and only on Latin nights 馃槀馃憦馃徏
Uni of boys on tinder
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