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The billionaire class is scared and they should be scared.

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In reply to @BernieSanders
Remember: Billionaires aren't afraid of just Bernie Sanders. They're afraid of us. Let's show the billionaire class they can't have it all: BernieSanders.com/volunteer pic.twitter.com/P1Phb5t0Fr
Well-I doubt that actual billionaires are scared -truthfully- their extreme wealth gives them the ridiculous latitude to change country-city-state-planet location of residence instantaneously. No matter what changes are made, the richest of the rich will have the ability to avoid
Ironic, since a Sanders presidency and a peaceful end to their aristocracy is the best outcome the billionaire class can hope for.

Cuz I guarantee they ain't gonna like Option B.
Warren: bill gates uwu let鈥檚 talk

This energy right here.
Why? Did you just buy another house in their hood?
When a socialist speaks, we should all be scared.
In reply to @BernieSanders
When the 鈥渟cared鈥 billionaires leave America because of your incredibly high taxes who is going to pay for your ridiculous programs?
In reply to @BernieSanders
Bernie. Is. The. Change. Candidate. 馃敟馃敟馃敟
Bernie鈥檚 gonna jump Jeff Bezos 馃憖
The capitalist class is scared and they should be scared.
Pinkos love it when citizens are afraid of them. It's part of the whole commie thing.
me when I successfully use a two-for-one maybelline coupon at CVS
In reply to @BernieSanders
I鈥檓 a 1%er raking in $31.11/hr, and I鈥檓 scared of nothing
I will never make even close to billionaire status but I鈥檓 grateful that I became financially stable in this lifetime before 鈥渉ard work鈥 became a faux pas in America.
馃嚭馃嚫 馃嚭馃嚫 馃嚭馃嚫
I think pretty much everyone should be terrified that you and Elizabeth Warren are serious contenders for President.
The only way we鈥檙e going to solve many of today鈥檚 problems is through a political revolution.

Who owns the news? The billionaires.

Who鈥檚 telling you @JeremyCorbyn eats babies?

The billionaires.

Don鈥檛 fall for it.

We can change the story.

Vote Labour.

Threatening to punish class enemies is the hallmark of every mass-murdering tyrant in history
There are now more billionaires running for the democratic nomination than democratic socialists.
Of what? Two terribly ineffective septuagenarian Senators trying to fail up to the White House on the promise of deeply unpopular socialism?

More threats from the kindly old caring socialist. This is what politics yields.
You ALL are scared, @SenSanders, and you SHOULD be scared.

#PanicInDC #TickTock
Billionaires aren't scared. Capital moves around the world easily. It's the working class that should be scared.
Isn't literally encouraging part of the US population to be frightened technically a form of terrorism?
In reply to @BernieSanders
Rich man with 3 houses, telling other rich men they should be scared of being wealthy. Ironic, isn't it? 馃
In reply to @BernieSanders
Bloomberg 2020
Actually, the taxpaying class is scared and they should be scared.
In reply to @BernieSanders
get em. get their asses
Bernie pioneered attacking millionaires until he became one. Now be spends his time going after billionaires am I the only one that noticed this?
How about we eradicate poverty first?
In reply to @BernieSanders
Tax Bill Gates until he鈥檚 wondering how much he has left
Why? Most of them are communists (and dual citizens), kinda like Bernie.
So your position is to make American citizens afraid of their government confiscating their property because you believe they deserve to be punished for being successful.
In reply to @BernieSanders
no puedo creer que este chabon sea yankee
In reply to @BernieSanders
get them, king
In reply to @BernieSanders
I鈥檓 so grateful you鈥檙e running to stop this madness, Bernie.
How to determine if your ideas are bad:

1. Replace the group of people you are referring to with 鈥淛ews.鈥

2. If you sound like a Nazi, your ideas are bad.
Bernie wants us to eat them guys
I remember a mere couple of years ago your grifting bait line was about the 鈥渕illionaire class.鈥 But then your BS became lucrative enough you had to change it to billionaire. No one is afraid of you, you craven old fraud.
It鈥檚 so funny how he won鈥檛 say millionaires anymore 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ
Why would you even want them scared? Sanders over here sounding like a murderous communist regime. Psychopath. I don鈥檛 know how any American supports this rhetoric.

I鈥檓 scared of Sanders and communism. That鈥檚 what I鈥檓 scared of.
In reply to @BernieSanders
Threatening to punish class enemies is the hallmark of every mass-murdering tyrant in history
What about your class Bernie? You are hardly an example of the average hard working American.

You work about 30 days out of a year and own at least 3 posh houses. Reports say your assets are worth millions.
Care to share how you acquired your wealth?
Lmao, you ain鈥檛 gonna do shit
In reply to @BernieSanders
If you make a dollar every second, $3,600/hour, it would take you 3,500 years of non stop work to reach Jeff Bezodls' net worth.
In reply to @BernieSanders
Billionaires exist only because of political decision & can be easily eliminated by political decision. We must inspire & organize the political will to do so from the citizens. #StillBernie #Bernie2020 馃椊馃寛馃尮馃敟馃敟馃敟 pic.twitter.com/DRnLD7nYDI
In reply to @BernieSanders
Isn't this slightly terroristic?
No one is afraid of you, Bernie. Try scaring off the pigeons from a park bench.
In reply to @BernieSanders
I sense a bit of shade directed at Michael Bloomberg right here. Nice one. 馃槈馃敟
In reply to @BernieSanders
Bernie supporters sure do like it when he openly threatens innocent people's livelihoods.
In reply to @BernieSanders
RT @nowthisnews 鈥業t feels like I鈥檓 at a firefighters conference and no one鈥檚 allowed to speak about water.鈥 鈥斅燞istorian Rutger Bregman wasn鈥檛 afraid to confront the billionaires at Davos about their greed pic.twitter.com/eX1j2ag8fy
It used to be the 鈥檓illionaire and billionaire鈥 class, that is until @BernieSanders became a millionaire.
The Billionaire Class. Okrika Marxist.

The Millionaire class that you belong to nko? Their own money is not too much?
In reply to @BernieSanders
sir I agree with what you say and would say I鈥檓 even to your left but making threats like this over the internet is extremely inappropriate and I think you owe me an apology, as well as a kiss on the lips
鈥淭he billionaire class.鈥
It鈥檚 600 people. That鈥檚 it. Only 600 Americans are billionaires.
The fact a country of 330 million might have to choose between two billionaires is preposterous.
There are 600 billionaires in America and two of them are running for the Dem nomination.
In reply to @BernieSanders
*cough cough* millionaire with three houses *cough cough*
Why do socialists always want to use the power of the government to scare people?
Ah that is why billionaire Bloomberg is going to run. I guess he does not want to pay tax!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If someone wants me to stop liking Sanders, he has to stop kicking ass so hard.
In reply to @BernieSanders
...fam, please retire. Take care of your health and go spend time with your family before it's too late. You were the man in 2016, but now you're just so damn angry. Thanks for everything you've done. We need someone that can unite us all not divide us. Love ya 馃枛鉂
What country do we live in? I thought the most free in the history of the world. Those history books are also not kind to persecution, regardless of the status and class of those being persecuted. While it's all just a matter of degree, it still has the same underlying theme.
In reply to @BernieSanders
I鈥檓 old enough to remember that you used to rail against millionaires too. I wonder what changed... 馃
In reply to @BernieSanders
I hate to be mean on a Friday but you are an unqualified fool. Everyone who has had success is scared and everyone who hasn鈥檛 and wants free stuff is excited.
In reply to @BernieSanders
I promise you they aren鈥檛. But maybe they would be if your proposals were effective. One way to put fear into the plutocrats is to tax the system that they exploit and use it to eliminate poverty directly, taking the boot off our throats. Power to the people. #UBI #YangGang pic.twitter.com/LIuYTZHnZ0
607 people in the US constitute an entire social 鈥渃lass鈥 now? Wow...馃檮
But not of you.

They are scared by warren. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
It's time for the billionaire class to start paying some freaking taxes.馃敟
that's exactly what I thought. exactly.
In reply to @BernieSanders
What happened to rallying against "millionaires and billionaires?" Why are only billionaires bad now? pic.twitter.com/V3DVbP7uLn
Lol New York 4 just showed this tweet and described it as 鈥淏ernie Sanders cryptically tweeted:鈥
In reply to @BernieSanders
How's the millionaire class doing, Bern?
In reply to @BernieSanders
Every billionaire is a policy failure
In reply to @BernieSanders
You're the one always looking like you just lost a gamble with a fart.
When did it become the job of government to scare its citizenry? When did success become a bad thing that must be punished? Whatever happened to the quaint notion of government helping the governed secure the blessings of liberty?
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