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Cat saves baby that escaped from her crib from falling down steep stairs....

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“Sksgraghss BOI get yo ass back away from them stairs” is all I see
-this cat
In reply to @AwwwwCats
so they can be nice but just refuse to be???
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Look at how it tries to grab the kid by the nape of his neck just like it would a kitten. But upon realizing the babys neck is too thick and weighs too much it blocks the baby and outs himself between the edge and the baby.
In reply to @AwwwwCats
I like how he tackles him the second time like "NO YOU STAY WHERE I CAN SEE YOU"
Filipino titas be like: oh thats your lola who saved you. You should thank her.
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The Cat at the end like I told you to stay away from those damn stairs pic.twitter.com/4w7XRdf1nc
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Amazing cat, and astounding that they can afford to install a CCTV camera system but not a stair gate.
real shit the cat was just attacking the baby cats don’t care if babies fall down stairs it’s just a fact ask any cat
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I had a cat who woke me up in the middle of the night, dancing on my head, because the fuse box had caught on fire. If not for her, both of us and the other "eh, call 911" cat would have died - maybe everyone in our apt. building.
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The cat was definitely trying to grab the baby by it’s neck like a kitten, but couldn’t so it blocked the stairs. ❤️
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Not Baby related but I had a cat that found my son’s escaped hamster and brought it to my bed to give it to me! She was making a strange sound and holding it gently in her mouth and the hamster was shrieking - but he was unharmed. Cats are amazing!
Mano, a gatinha salvando o bebê que ia cair escada abaixo 😻
Il voulait juste lui péter la gueule mais on l'a pris pour un héro
Waoooow the hero jumped out this is incredible
In reply to @AwwwwCats
I remember the video when a cat saved a child from multiple dog bites. Gotta love cats! They are great creatures!
Cats are extremely intelligent and will protect a baby with its life
Après les gens ils disent que les animaux ne peuvent pas penser mais dans ce cas là comment le chat a pu prédire la chute ?
In reply to @AwwwwCats
Just came to see if anyone was commenting on what's all over the floor?
voilà l'équipe "les chats ça pue la merde vive les chiens" peut rentrer chez elle on prend le relais
In reply to @AwwwwCats
I have studied cats for many years and I would put nothing past them. Crafty animals, with sixth sense (feelings) and seventh sense (magnets) in abundance.
But who is going to save them from whatever is going on with that carpet
I can't get over how that cat catapulted himself in front of that child and pushed him back. He eating good the rest of his life.
In reply to @AwwwwCats
I don’t like cats but way to go cat💪
omg see this is why cats are the best!
There’s like a 60-40 chance this cat was just lookin to fuck someone up
This is crazy amazing. I think pets are pretty awesome, but this one takes the cake.
In reply to @AwwwwCats
And now all the rest of the world’s cats are pissed at it because their apathy is now known to be by choice and not biology.
Dire que y'a des gens ici qui n'aime pas les chats .. bande de fou.
I never wanna hear cat slander AGAIN
Not a fan of cats but this is impressive!!
In reply to @AwwwwCats
The kitty tried to pick him up like a kitten 😭
Love for the #cats of the world
Wow... just wow!!!!
In reply to @AwwwwCats
I dunno know the cat doesn’t leave the child alone even when he’s away from the stairs? I love cats but I don’t think I’m on board with this analogy
In reply to @AwwwwCats
We don't deserve cats!!
In reply to @AwwwwCats
You guys really can’t see that the second time the cat pounces on the baby, it was preventing him from bumping his head on the rocking chair? that cat is a goooood good fluff.
great reminder that people who say “cats don’t care about you” are just people who cats don’t like
¿Quién lo pensaría? Los gatos son nobles después de todo...
shit man it’s not looking too good for Dog FC
Les meilleurs animaux du monde
In reply to @AwwwwCats
cats can be dogs... never seen a cat to be that caring. but yes loved the vid
The streets say it was Sneakbo
In reply to @AwwwwCats
“cAtS aRe LaZy AnD uNfOrGiViNg”. Show them this.
This is legit the first time i seen a cat be useful. Dogs do this shit in they sleep
In reply to @AwwwwCats
My cat launched himself at someone trying to hurt me.
In reply to @AwwwwCats
Cats have to rescue their kittens in this way also when they wander toward danger. Human baby was too big to get into kitty's mouth for transfer to safety... So kitty knew the risk, wasn't accidental play behavior.
In reply to @AwwwwCats
That bit at the end the cats like “you little shit what were you thinking?!” 😂
Toxoplasmosis never felt so good
Maybe I was wrong about cats
It ran towards the baby like “kmt this bitch”
In reply to @AwwwwCats
Can this cat be our president?
daily reminder your guardian angel is watching you
i dont wanna hear anyone say they hate cats cuz theyre mean anymore
In reply to @AwwwwCats
I like the way hero kit hopped on the baby at the end like, “don’t make me do that again, tiny human!”
In reply to @AwwwwCats
i love cats. I am very familiar with this I SHOW LOVE BY BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU technique
Think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a cat do something for somebody other than itself. Lol
imagine being a dog person ew
In reply to @AwwwwCats
The arms extended at the end like “hold on now! Stay there ya hear!?”
Weeeesh regardez comment il a sauvé le bébé ! Le chat est le meilleur ami de l'Homme. Après vous osez dire que ce sont des créatures démoniaques.
In reply to @AwwwwCats
Cats only pretend not to care
In reply to @AwwwwCats
neko mi secka luk ispod nosa 😭😭😭❤️
Que plus jamais je vous entende dire que les chatounes sont de sales bêtes ingrates.
Les gens qui critiquent les chats vous avez quoi à dire là ????? 😡😡😡😡
I was today year's old when I first saw a cat do *anything* note worthy.
In Shaa Allah I’m getting a cat, it’s decided
In reply to @AwwwwCats
Reminds me of the story a few years back of that cat launching itself at a dog to save a little boy. They are so fierce and loyal. Love them ❤️🙏🏽😻
In reply to @AwwwwCats
Naa. Look at the ending, The cat “attacks” for play in the dame way he do at the beginning. It was just a casuality. World is save, cats are cats. :D
😳😳😳 How do they know??
In reply to @AwwwwCats
Cats never cease to amaze me
The cat is clearly an agent of chaos and staged this entire thing.
Who knew CATS could actually care about something other than food and sleep! 😂

Good kitty!
In reply to @AwwwwCats
"cAt WaS pLaYiNg" and "cOiNcIdEnCe" doesn't change the fact that the cat saved the baby from a serious injury
O gato, aquele bicho que não se apega ao dono
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