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he actually went out of bounds wtf

Nintendo said 鈥測eah there鈥檚 no way anyone will ever mash this hard, don鈥檛 bother modeling more of the world, we鈥檙e good鈥 but little did they know 17 years later this man would arrive to prove them wrong
bruh this guy deserves at least 1 star for that
Prenerf tec9 gods could鈥檝e beat this
I thought I was a good button masher, this guy is a god damn legend!
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
I am not worthy. I'm sorry for challenging you Senpai
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
Could we just talk about the fact that he mashed so hard that the game couldn鈥檛 even load the rest of the background past like 180? 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Imagine getting fingered by this man
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
Ludwig could create a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together with that mogul speed.
Me when I found some good hentai
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I鈥檝e tried breaking 200 for so long and the closest I鈥檝e ever gotten was a 196. This is ridiculous
I think we might have found somebody who is almost as good as @Gabriel_Prevost
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
do 2 buttons work or is it modded to work that way?
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
damn luigi is pretty good, awesome job on his part. maybe a human can do this with enough practice one day
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
I wish I had that ability. He mashed so fast Luigi looks like he's not even hitting the ground pic.twitter.com/ljhQ3bSIuN
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
:o can you play for me when I get rob d thrown
Queria que ele fizesse isso com o dedo dentro de mim
When you go so hard, you break the games reality
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
How does this go past 160?
He literally broke the game doing this.
What an incredible Bardock he would be
bbtag players after blocking once
No nut november, day 9.
He mashed so hard he went out of bounds

That is some raw talent right there folks
This man鈥檚 penis lives in constant fear.
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
Getting tagged in this like crazy because I'm the best masher in the office.

Ive literally mashed against him in person.

I am LITERALLY nothing compared to him. Like - he mashes double or triple what I can. Lol. Im like an SD TV and he's an 8k OLED.
you already know his girlfriend happy
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
I鈥檓 still taller than you
...que se sale del escenario... No puede ser
No ones grabbing this guy in Smash Bros
Absolutamente nadie:

Hombres el 1 de diciembre:
When you're training to fail NNN harder than anybody in history
Ahh, this is how I get good at Kombat League, been studying all wrong!
I want him to rub my hole like that
A que eso no lo hace el satisfyer
Je suis forc茅 de m'incliner face au champion cc @Frederic_Luu @meijin_16shot
imagina a bronha desse cara
moi 脿 la fin du no nut november clrmnt
Me when I decide to CTRL-Z an entire sketch instead of switching to the eraser tool
Holy shit that's awesome!!
I love how the devs never thought this would even be possible. :')
Este se帽or tiene que hacer unas pajas....
Todos los h茅roes que aguanten el No Nut November cuando llegue el 1 de Diciembre:
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
Holy crap someone else actually does the two thumb method. I've done 224 in 10 seconds on another minigame but other than my friend, you're the first person I've seen do over 200! (my old lame vid of 208) youtube.com/watch?v=NwU4fA鈥
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
You literally broke the patio party space time continuum
me after I get knocked down in the corner
Bro he needs to main Geras
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
He went so far that he left game boundaries!
he destroyed that minigame, literally!
Keep this guy away from the 1st Mario Party!
I expected something amazing to the levels of @FlyHec, but this is honestly average.
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
Bahahhaah the map ran out
Eu: Sou maluco por joguinhos!

Pessoas: A que n铆vel?

Eu: ...
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
World record, and he even broke the game
Getting fingered by this man results in insta-death
Now do that on my lady bits and we all good.

Fr tho that's impressive. pic.twitter.com/5haKaFMFit
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
Is Flight Of The Bumblebees to keep you going at high speeds?
Me december 1st
Definitely a bardock main
He mashed so hard the game went out of bounds.
When someone buries you in Ultimate.
Me with my meat, December 1st
Sir, my number is 917-555-3835
omg why did this vid make me wish i had a clit
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
He mashed so fast, that the game broke
he mashed 20 times per SECOND

do you realize how fucking CRAZY that is?

assuming this game runs at 60 fps, he literally mashed once every THREE frames. DO YOU REALIZE HOW FUCKING BUSTED HE IS
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
My jaw actually dropped at the end holy shit
Personne : Les gars le 1er d茅cembre :
I feel sorry for his dick
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
No nut november day 8
In reply to @LudwigAhgren
Ayeee ggs but im 110% sure my brother can beat that no cap @whyhesoloopy
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