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In reply to @3peasinmypod
If ThEy LaY fLaT wHiLe EaTiNg ThEyLl GeT aN eAr InFeCtIoN Yes I’ve been warned and yes I moved them around I just wanted to show you how cute it is when they come to eat
In reply to @3peasinmypod
They’re like little drunk people fumbling the bottles lmao i love it
In reply to @3peasinmypod
When the bottle girl brings the bottles to the table.. pic.twitter.com/XqBPlvRvmo
In reply to @3peasinmypod
The second time you said “eat” all three FINALLY heard you & almost broke their necks to look at the bottles like 😳😍😋
ok thats enough. anyone here wanna send me your kids? I'll drop my address on my MSN status
موضوع مش مهم بس الفيديو ذكرني بحالي انا وخواني... طبعا احنا توأم مواليد ال ٩٩ وتوأم مواليد ال ٩٨ واحنا صغار كنا اذا حدا فينا صحي وصار يعيط نصحى الاربعة اخر اشي وزعونا وليد عند دار جدي اهل ابوي ومحمد عند دار جدي اهل امي وانا وزيد بالدار كل واحد بغرفة😂
In reply to @3peasinmypod
Omg this is so cute 🥰 they’re all like “hold up, wait, mom’s got the goods” 😂
i cant wait to have babies, i swear
In reply to @3peasinmypod
The one on the far left rolled over on his own. Keep an eye out he’s the elite
All of a sudden I want triplets
If you would like a Starbucks reusable cup tag Ellen! I have 5 cups! Thanks love you guys
Imagine not only giving birth to one blessing but to three blessings 😍
Bitchhhhh that’s breast milk. I fucking stan.
I would be gassed my whole life if I had triplets I’m not even joking
this is my favorite video on the whole internet
jon feeding the jonerys babies when dany is doing court
ahora quiero 3, que mierda
Pai, me abençoa também assim. Podes mesmo me dar três de uma só vez. ♥️
In reply to @3peasinmypod
I’ve seen two videos today “what it’s like changing twins” i would like to see you do a video with your boys😅
You should’ve put 1 bottle there and made them fight for it. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
great. now i want more than 1 of these things at a time.
In reply to @3peasinmypod
This is so cute 10/10 😭😭❤️❤️ but i have an honest question: do they not choke if they drink while laying down??
احلى اشي بشوفو بحياتي شو هاد ماشالله يا رب يا الله يصير عندي triplets رح ابكي
Ok this was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
Jajajaja esta cabrona los tiene como si fueran perros
That’s it I’m getting nutted in tonight
In reply to @3peasinmypod
This is the wholesome content I enjoy on my feed 😍
Baby fever on 100% right now.
Why she make this shit look so easy. Like having 3 newborns not hard lmaoooo
In reply to @3peasinmypod
Lil dude in the gray was like “y’all need mom to help y’all roll over? Couldn’t be me” 💀💀💀
Y’all can’t tell me this shit ain’t CUTE 🥺🥰🦋😭😩❤️☹️🤩
I can’t wait to be a dad😭😭😭😩😍
Babies are so dumb I want 6 ☹️
This is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen 🥺😍
am i crackhead for wanting this? bc i seriously do 😭😭
Getting dms saying to tag @TheEllenShow so here ya go @TheEllenShow :)))
ya rab inshAllah moi aussi j’ai la chance d’avoir ce bonheur
Bro ong this finna be the move
Idk but I’d love to have twins/triplets that’d be dope af
If I get pregnant with triplets the first time around I’d be done having kids
Ok which one of my friends is taking one for the team 😭😭😭
This video got me wanting kids
I find it selfish that my friends haven’t made me a auntie yet ....
احلى ڤيديو شفته ف حياتي
cabronnnnnnn yo quiero 🥺
That. Is. Long. Not one but three ?! 😭
If you see me buying baby furnitures in 9 months mind your own business
Asi se ven los panas mios cuando llego con el round de cervezas
Till this day I can't understand how babies can lay down and drink without choking? It doesn't make sense looool
this is the rich content I signed up to see
In reply to @3peasinmypod
so like, i know that I really want a baby and that my ovaries are having a hard time but after this im like lmaoooo ok lets have triplets while we're at it
Is this wha heaven looks like
oh my god look there’s 3 of them🥺
me dieron ganas de tener trillizos y todo
This must be a trap
No way three kids look this peaceful
This is not what my baby fever needed to see 🥺
my mf heart. imagine having triplets🥺😍
ok i want three now
If you see me pregnant anytime soon, mind your own business
God knows how badly I want twins when I have kids may he bless me with triplets I won’t even be mad
Aww🥺 now I want triplets
C’est quoi votre but ? J’ai envie de les regarder manger , jouer , dormir pendant des heures.
i pray to God i’m blessed with twins/triplets
They way they all just cooperated lmaoo 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
I’m convinced I need 3 now
ok that’s it .... I’m taking one for the team
lmaoooo how fucking cute 🥺
ألطف اشي رح تشوفه اليوم
I think I’m ready 🥺🥺🥺
Ok where the love of my life at, let’s go half 🥺
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I don’t need one
I need one.
LMAOOO she treat them like dogs.
Ptdr on dirait des chiens quand tu dépose leur gamelles la
This is cute. I want 5
Genre la j’ai envie d’avoir des triplés en mode normal aller cbon jquitte tiwtter 😭😭
sooo i’m getting pregnant.... soon
Olalala le rêve absolue que Dieu me permet d’avoir des jumeaux ou des triplés 🥺🥺🥺🥺
@ one of my friends pls get pregnant i have baby fever
Non Chaii c’est pas le moment tu es trop petite calme toi 😭😭😭
Call me crazy but I’ve always wanted twins or triple🤞🏽🥰
دايما الأمهات في العيادة يسألوني كيف نطبق الأهداف في البيت؟ اقلهم مافي احسن من أوقات الروتين اليومي في الأكل أو الاستحمام أو أي نشاط تسووه يوميًا لتحفيز اللغة، فيديو اكثر من رائع لأم قامت بالتفاعل مع صغارها😍 مشاهدة ممتعة✨
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