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how many mental breakdowns have u had today?


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quand je dis merci à une voiture qui me laisse passer
you guys don’t fucking know what mental breakdowns are. I’m TIRED OF THIS. stop claiming to have mental breakdowns, anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia etc! you’re diluting the seriousness of these terms & i hate u
Mi amiga: ¿Cuantas veces te mando a la mierda en el dia?

Mom : how many tacos u want

How i order food bc im shy
Tacero: ¿Cuantos quíeres?

taquero: cuantos tacos quieres?
“Should we roll 1 or 2 blunts?”

People confusing a mental breakdown with something like their mum making a bad dinner 🥴
whenever i ask someone “how many spread would U like” and i throw fingers up to confirm w them LMAO
Me all of 1-Line week
how many times have you gotten high today?

none of yous know what a mental breakdown is sorry x
this little rat has fingers this the cutest shit ima see all day
Linguini: how many cloves of garlic do I put in?

when the taquero finally asks how many tacos you want
when the taquero asks me how many tacos i want
will never understand why y’all joke about shit like this lol
لما حد يكون بيكدب وانا عارفه انو بيكدب بعدين الموضوع يأفور منو..
I will always retweet this mouse when it comes up it’s brilliant
What's one number you need to remember
well... if this isn’t me LMAO
Me: I only took 1


In reply to @leeaaxo_
How many days you been out here? Lil Uzi:
*during your math paper
When someone tries to cut me off when I’m speaking 🤚🏾
me trying to write this essay due next week
Tatlong beses kang sinaktan? Ilang beses kang bumalik?

Me 😭😭😭
Taquero: ¿Cuantas ordenes de taquitos quiere?

Yo bien feliz
Bartender : How many shots of patron ? Me:
Taquero:cuantas ordenes de tacos?
Dude nice that’s so cool and relatable
I laughed wayyy tooo harddd lmfaoo
How many dollars u got in your pocket
me when someone points a camera at me
That’s crazy i actually had four today
Too applicable, but I need like, twelve of these
"How many hotdogs did you eat today?"
When you ask @yervbvbe how many boy friends she’s going out with on the weekend
me yesterday 😂 “i mean i cried like 4 times in an hour, but im straight”
Me every single day of this rough ass week 😝
This is how many tacos my girl gets😪no come nada 😂❤️
I'm a Egirl who talks about mental breakdowns like a joke haha lol XD please love me.
cute & disturbing kasi i hate rats :(
In reply to @leeaaxo_
“How many spicy chicken sandwiches you ordered?” ***

This remind me of @RONN_SAND “ how many tacos you would like “ @_EvelynCalderon 😂
And that’s the truth
How many weed would u like?
*mental breakthroughs
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