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Chef Gordon Ramsey: you fat ugly stupid bitch

Them: yes chef

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In reply to @Thatbulljuice
In a kitchen you pretty much just say "yes chef" or "no chef" arguing is an easy way to get fired
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
Anybody picking up on some Dom/sub vibes here?
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
It doesn’t matter what Gordon says... you agree with him.
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
Love it when he calls them donkeys.
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
That's his way of showing love
queen malena: sí che
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
as a cook I literally would cry if I ever had to work for him lmao
Consultant: nag iisip pa ba kayo? Nasan mga utak nyo????

Residents: Noted doc
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
i had a dream where i lied to chef ramsey about getting into food service “because I love people”. He knew i was lying and he made me eat dog food as punishment.
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
yass we love stolen tweets 😋😋 pic.twitter.com/AAD2fnipx6
What if we replace "yes daddy" when getting railed with "yes chef"
How our parents except us to respond smh
y’all can’t tell me this isn’t like femdom
wish i could’ve experienced this last night at aura
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
Anyone else read this hearing his voice?
praxe be like...... ihih
This sounds like a really heated role play, lol I’m joking.... less you’re into that 🙂
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
😂 ...I STILL can't believe this happened. pic.twitter.com/O3tvEG5D1n
Praxe resumida num tweet
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
I really don’t understand how people can put themselves through that😭
On dirait un peu du bdsm nn?
Next person I fuck better let me call them chef
i sent this to my parents bc theyre gordon ramsey fans and my dad yelled at me
Yes daddy is cancelled.
It’s yes chef now. 😌
In reply to @isafabx
@isafabx @sofsflow @MariaNandza lembram se das bolachas da meia noite?😂
I talk to myself like that on the daily. Gordon Ramsey ain’t special
I've said it once and I'll say it again, hell's kitchen is just one big nonsexual BDSM scene 🤷🏻‍♂️
apps night ng *maraming* orgs
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
Ramsay: "IS THIS ICE FRESH OR FROZEN?" Chef: "Its Frozen chef-" Ramsay: "OH FUCK ME!!"
Me and @anthony_tawil talking to each other on a daily basis
me as gordon ramsay isabelle as them
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
BET “yes chef” is coming out with the same energy as “yes daddy” 😩
I literally catch myself hours deep watching Gordon Ramsey videos
The group chat to me when I don’t listen 🤥
I didn’t read the chef part and I thought you meant that Yodeling kid
I just want this type of respect
my brain goblin to me
dura chef gordon ramsey sed chef gordon ramsey
I love him so much 😂❤
Bc that nigga fine
I'm Chef Gordon Ramsey, Them is @totocommapeter
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
which don/sub fic is this
It be like that 😂
😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 he be onnat
i am chef gordon ramsay. i am also them
Being a chef ain’t for the weak lol
This how bootcamp is lol
If y’all ever wonder what the military is like this is pretty much it🤦🏽‍♂️
Drill sergeant: you fat ugly stupid bitch

Them- yes drill sergeant
me & my self esteem
How mfs in culinary be w Chef Tom😂😂😂😂 could never be me 😗
I'd answer with 'ok boomer'
*Chef Ramsey putting two slices of bread on either sides of a woman's head.*
Chef Ramsey: What are you?
Her: I'm an idiot sandwich
🤣😭😂 @Collop14
Os creéis que solo es el pero así son TODOS los chefs TODOS no se escapa ni uno amigos
just change “gordon ramsey” with MAR and “them” with DOT
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
pls remember me b4 this blows up 😔👊
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
i’m fckn done with this app
In reply to @Thatbulljuice
People think it's funny but the kitchen really be like that
> Yes daddy
> Yes master
> Thank you daddy
> Thank you master
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