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how could you tell me you love me and lie to my face 🤷🏽‍♂️

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That’s what you call toxic
In reply to @RoddyRicch
i really felt this on a whole other level
In reply to @RoddyRicch
They say it's too "protect your feelings" but the truth is most muffuccas have no idea what it really means to love someone in the first place..... they love their position in your life....not necessarily you
In reply to @RoddyRicch
vent to me not twitter BYE
I trust you >>> I love you
Me anytime my husband hurts my feelings in the slightest or disagrees with my dramatic ass
6 year old me after my mom beats my ass and then says she loves me:
deadass don’t know how people lie about their feelings. If ion fuck with you, I ain’t gonna say I do? people be doing too much on god 🤧
Idk it’s very easy to do
Niggas are masters at this
Love ain’t loyalty ... duh
That’s why I don’t play wit that word !! Niggas is quick to leave !
i fr could throw so many @ for this tweet
In reply to @RoddyRicch
The loving you part is probably a lie too.
Me when I take my food out the microwave and it’s steaming but half cold
Love is a strong word won’t catch me using unless it is true
Shit happens and such is life....I swear I felt this😂💥🔫
me thinking about how @Tokyojlo said she was gonna tell me about how she loved and missed me and then left me on read
Niggas do it all the time
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Shit happens and such is live 💚🐍🔥💨
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Sometimes the truth tend to hurt our loved ones however lying becomes the only choice . . As human beings , we even lie to ourselves despite the love we have for ourselves .
This is what starts all our trust issues lol
In reply to @RoddyRicch
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Idk but that messed up your songs are amazing
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Read between the lines... he don’t know why he lied... lol
In reply to @RoddyRicch
When the album dropping bruh?
In reply to @RoddyRicch
I would never lie to you bby 😔
In reply to @RoddyRicch
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Damn roddy bout to drop fire tracks cuz of her
In reply to @RoddyRicch
I won’t lie to you bae 😩
That’s great buddy where the album at?
ion even be lying bruh 🙄
This the shit I just don’t understand-jones
this the one 🤦🏾‍♂️
i asked shorty this same exact shit and nothing was the same
Rather have loyalty than love
In reply to @xbadgyaljx
@xbadgyaljx this yo chance get em tiger
and this right here is why I’m afraid to fall in love 😭.
Those lies to your face be the worst
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Eu te amo e você tá nem aí pra mim 🙃🙃
In reply to @RoddyRicch
I’d nvr lie to u bae
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Because it's easier to LIE than love🤷🤨
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Because some people don’t know the true meaning of Love. Or have never experienced it themselves. True Love is when you don’t want to see the one you truly love in pain, cry, hurt & all you want is to see them smile. You’ll do anything for it.
In reply to @RoddyRicch
Real simple so you can believe it and then they’ll trick you emotionally into thinking they did and laugh the whole time at it.
That’s them fakes , stay away .
I could @ a couple people but I’m chillin
I lie to you cus i do love yo ass, if i told you the truth all the gotdamn time, that means i dont give a fuck!!!
People really throw this word around. I hate that.
I lie because i care about yo feelings. I be out here telling these other dudes the truth!
Like bitch how 🤦🏾‍♂️
how that work ? i’ll neva understand
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