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If you camp in COD your trash. Idc what your K/D is....your trash

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In reply to @joshhart
I KNOW this was you after getting killed by the same camper 8 times pic.twitter.com/Oen6hdwjX1
If you camp in COD your trash. Idc what your K/D is....your trash
In reply to @joshhart
In reply to @joshhart
Claymores = trash. I don’t make the rules
In reply to @joshhart
COD MW be like: 5% run&gun 5% skill 40% camping 50% claymores
In reply to @joshhart
If you don't go to where they are camping, then they are just a person sitting in a room not getting kills. Stop feeding them kills mate :)
In reply to @joshhart
Everyones trash then Josh!
In reply to @joshhart
you’re* cmon bro
Pelicans have one win and six losses
In reply to @joshhart
You had two opportunities to say “you’re” and you blew it both times. Go Lakers
I’m big trash then. And I tell people, “if u know I’m camping, come kill me then.”
In reply to @joshhart
In reply to @joshhart
Some "youtuber" with 3 subscribers tried to say im trash yet he was headglitching with a kilo and was overkilling a 725 😅
The pelicans are camping at the bottom of the western conference b ...worry about that & not COD pic.twitter.com/oWu0UGubkp
In reply to @joshhart
Not as trash as your grammar.
I might’ve gotten Josh at Euphrates Bridge last night
In reply to @joshhart
In reply to @joshhart
You had 2 opportunities in one tweet to type "You're" and failed miserably RT @joshhart: If you camp in COD your trash. Idc what your K/D is....your trash
In reply to @joshhart
Same if you use a shotgun?
In reply to @joshhart
This how it be after you get killed by campers all game pic.twitter.com/xuFgkEJViy
say it louder for the people chilling in a building with a claymore guarding the stairs and clapping people with their retardedly broken weapons *cough* *cough* m4 & 725
Then call me Ernest...cuz I’m going to camp. Hahahaha.
In reply to @joshhart
Real 🐐s kill the campers and don’t complain about them
Prefiero tener un k/d bien shitty a ser un campero smh
Big facts! Let’s duke it out like grown men!!
Camping with an LMG, claymores and the 725 shotgun >>>
On me ! Mfs payed $60 to sit in a corner with a shotgun and two claymores
bro do you ever play basketball
Idc what anyone says when you get on that 4 or 5 kill streak I’m camping a lil to go for the chopper and anyone lying if they say they don’t do the same shit
And camping is literally soo boring idk how ppl do it i gotta be running around 24/7
Man i already know you trash
Lmao this cod takes no tactics other than camping. This ain’t cod 4 or black ops 1 where it took some skill and tactics at least
Felt this on a spiritual level lol
In reply to @joshhart
Josh Hart. what is ur opinion on these shotguns.
you have to camp/mount behind cover everywhere to be good at the game i learned that the hard way
And if you use the 725.
All they do this year bro 🤦🏽‍♂️
Use to be Malik back in the day
Y’all are 1-6 bro go to practice
In reply to @joshhart
Quit camping at the bottom of the league pic.twitter.com/kaB6lWbcYJ
Gets killed 4 times by the same guy in the same spot:

Me, every time:
They forced us to with that dumb map piccacorner or Piccadilly whatever it’s called
The trifecta of tilt be the camp, claymore, 725
Even jhart feels it 😂😂
and a BITCH, how u hiding on a GAME dat u respawn in seconds after u die.. niggas hoes
you are 1-6, go get sum shots up, ingram needs sum help u bum
I’m tired of everyone crying about this shit
Nigga go get better at basketball 💀
Come on dont come at my boy @Fozzy_is_Nice like that
You’re** bro but agreed
Say it louder for the ones camping in the back
Idk what my trash gatta do with it but okay
These fucking kids wouldn’t last a day in MW2
Hear me out... a game mode where if you sit/stand in one spot for longer than a couple of seconds you die🤔🤔 gotta move at least 10 ft from the last spot
In reply to @joshhart
I use 725, riot shield, claymores and camp....I'm great... pic.twitter.com/ZvZuxQLcnE
It’s not Call Of Duty without camping lmao wym
No lies detected
pelicans 1-7 and you out here playing cod? camp yo ass on the three point line sir
When you get hit from around the corner with the Claymore/725 combo🤦🏽‍♂️🤧
That’s why we campers run you real stupid goofy mfs. Look at the scoreboard. #HitYouWithThePump #HappyCamper #ThatsAClaymore
The game is good but these mfs that hide around a corner with claymores and a shotgun make it not even fun to play🚮
This is like cherry picking in basketball...
I heard this in Carlos' voice lmaooo
Louder for the people in the back
In reply to @joshhart
In reply to @joshhart
you’re* anyways wyd tomorrow night
*you’re, but I agree
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