hmu if ur trying 2 b like this

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In reply to @unusual_videos_
They lost control bc he shifted into Reverse
الحاجات دي بتضحكني فشخ
In reply to @unusual_videos_
Sis I was like there’s no way you’re rt’ing this and then I watched the whole thing hahaa
if you drive manuel car,you can save yourself from doing sin with your gf hahaha
Is this too much to ask for ?
-Wen badik nrouh
-heaven ? Say no more
i sent this to @TrentonWillert one time and he said “that’s so you babe” and it was in that moment i realized he doesn’t actually watch the stupid stuff i send him
vsf eu amo esse video
Actual goals pls.

I don't ever sit in a passenger seat D:
primero dije “awww” y luego JAJAJAJJA
type of shit I’m trynna b on
Jajajajajajajajajja me cago en la madre
Who drive stick Im tryna be like this 🥺
This literally had me crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
this is my favvv video ever jdjsjsjs THE ENDING. fucking Superb
Ur mcm don’t know how to drive stick but u still rting this
i will slap ur fucking hand off 😂
I knew what was coming and I still giggled
Le seul tiktok qui m’a fait rire
I was ab to roast tf outta Evan for RT’ing this, then watched till end lol good RT Evan
bitch i thought this was supposed to b corny and then BAM the romance 😍😍😍
If you’re not trynna do this with me then I don’t want it.
We could be like this but you playin
Yo I shouldn’t be laughing this much 😂
اوعي الشقلباظات🤸🏻‍♀️
me when paul used to pick me up in the morning
This could be us but you don’t drive stick 😔
LMFAOOO I was not expecting that
why doesnt my man drive manual 🥺
What kinda gay shit is this
Something like this 😩😫👌🏻
Bitch im so weakkkkk
GOALS😍😍🥰🥰🥰 lmfaoooo
not the ending i was expecting but im laughing so hard im crying
In reply to @lilithjpg
Gizmo b like this on turn bull
I was disgusted at first but then the ending 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️🤭😭😂😂
The real moment of “You jump I jump”😂
I’m just trying to be like this with someone’s daughter 😩💕
Wasn’t expecting that 😂
Lmaooooooooo fadlo hatth Hun
una baby pa esto por favor
Não me metam a mão nas mudanças quando estou a conduzir, senão apanham
This shit kills me everytime
I need this in my life
I drive manual so we really could 😂😂😂
something like this🙈🥺
I almost stopped watching 💀
if we’re not like this then I don’t want it #RelationshipGoals
When your driving a little to fast and your homie gets scared.
que alguien me enseñe a guiar estándar para terminar así 🥰
I like that ending hahahaha
Me @hijabidreamz & @avocadoux driving the regalia in thanalan
goals 😔💘
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