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Me: I’m not spending anymore money on food

Friends: let’s go eat


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In reply to @ayosworIdd
If this ain’t me everyday idk what is 😂😂😂
One thing about me, imma eat regardless.
My most toxic trait 🥴
As a college student , I felt this one
This is my friends & I but with alcohol
😂 @ all my friends.
it scares me a little just how much money i spend on food alone
Every single time 😭😂
Need to start saying no
*at Sewanee at 3am*

Anyone: Wendy’s?
I already hate myself for it
This really hit home 🥴
this is literally my biggest problem and i need to be stopped
me and @gakenia_ ordering in when we have £5 to our names 💀
😂😂 this is me but with alcohol
Unfortunate how acccurate this is
Friends that buy you food >>>>> ☺️
Jennifer Aniston: “ But I’m 50”

This me dawg 😂😂
his voice alone just makes me hot.
Me every time I go see my girlfriend
this is my toxic trait for sure smh
A damn shame .. but same same !
On god 😂😂
Me and my friends when the munchies hit
Exec at Chili’s the other night 😂
stgggg pls stop asking me to go get dinner bc imma say yes 😩
This is my life and it’s getting out of hand
I accidentally played this video full volume in a quiet ass lecture fml
When my degenerate friends and I come up with a horrible plan that will ultimately fail getting us hurt/arrested
Basically my mood 24/7 😂
In reply to @ayosworIdd
😂😂 everyday 🤦🏾‍♀️
One thing I don’t feel guilty for spending money on
Cause if it’s one thing ima do...IMA EAT 😂
i could be down to my last and I’m finna go eat omm😭
This video is literally my mood everyday.
Intercambio resumido em um tweet
“This the last time” @xjasminex171 😭
Me except replace friends with kids 😂😂
Literally everytime Austin calls me to get food
this is me before I splurge on something
me: im not gunna drink anymore
da homies: swig
Every time 🤦🏾‍♀️
a merda da taberna do brun’s que me leva a mesada toda
Me... Every single time 😂
christian & monae used to be quick to say this 😂😂
Literally me whenever kat asks if I’m doing anything for lunch 🤡
I definitely felt this 😭 my black ass always ready to eat
Boiling Crab will always be the only exception
Yeah this me fasho fasho 🤣
In reply to @ZoeBoyJo
@ZoeBoyJo @ThernAlexandre @KeOriginaaal @flawless_92 when we see that Chinese restaurant by the crib 😭😭😭
Me and @IndiaJenae the other day! 🤣🤣
Why am I like this 😂
In reply to @markgvrcia
@markgvrcia this be us knowing damn well we ain’t got no job 😂
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