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Today is #WorldDiabetesDay.

Over 420M people live with #diabetes. It’s is the 7th leading cause of death 🌍 & a major cause of costly & debilitating complications such as:
🔹heart attacks
🔹kidney failure
🔹lower limb amputations


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In reply to @WHO
People with #diabetes have abnormally high blood sugar levels because their bodies aren’t making enough insulin or can’t use insulin well bit.ly/2Kkqkmm #WorldDiabetesDay pic.twitter.com/vYDkQpcM0O
Il #diabete è una delle principali cause di malattie cardiache, insufficienza renale e cecità. Riduci i rischi con:

➡️controllo del peso
➡️una dieta sana
➡️una regolare attività fisica
➡️controlli periodici

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#WorldDiabetesDay #WDD19
Massive support from the World Health Organization. Thank you!
Cuantas complicaciones por prevenir, cuantos pacientes por ayudar! Hoy, y todos los días, comprometidos con los pacientes diabéticos #msdespaña #WorldDiabetesDay
Kaikkia diabeteksen lisäsairauksia voidaan onneksi ehkäistä hyvällä hoidolla. Diabetes on korostetun omahoitoinen sairaus. Diabeetikot, pitäkää puolenne - ansaitsette osaavaa hoitoa ja ymmärtävää hoidonohjausta. Hyvää maailman diabetespäivää! #WorldDiabetesDay #diabetesfi
أكثر من 420 مليون شخص يعيشون مع مرض #السكري حيث أنه السبب الرئيسي السابع للوفاة 🌍 وسبب رئيسي لمضاعفات الأمراض التالية:
🔹 القلب
🔹الفشل الكلوي
🔹بتر الأطراف السفلى
In reply to @WHO
@WHO も11月14日の #WorldDiabetesDay #世界糖尿病デー をたくさんツイートしています。


世界に4億人以上の #糖尿病 の

🤕 #心臓病
🤕 #脳卒中
🤕 #腎不全
🤕 #失明
🤕 #下肢切断

by 情報広報委員K
1 de cada 3 pacientes con Diabetes tiene un Trastorno depresivo mayor (DEPRESIÓN)
Did you know that people with poorly controlled #diabetes are at increased risk of having #OralHealth problems? They're more likely to have infections of their #gums and the bones that hold their #teeth in place.
#alcoholawareness World diabetes Day-If you have diabetes, it's extremely important you are aware of the dangers and risks of consuming Alcohol beverages-If you don't drink-Don't start
Slight buzzkill going on here as I head to Dublin for a long lunch. 😱
It is #WorldDiabetesDay today and awareness is key. @unisouthampton we offer a flexible postgraduate course aligned to @DiabetesUK and @WHO recommendations go.soton.ac.uk/bof as well as a MOOC on 'Understanding Insulin' futurelearn.com/courses/unders… #MedEd
This #WorldDiabetesDay help @DiabetesUK transform the future for people living with diabetes. Type 2 diabetes associated with Obesity which is increasing out of control. We have to act now. Find out how you can get involved: socsi.in/WDD2019_9BtLm #Diabetes2025
In reply to @WHO
Type 1 IS NOT PREVENTABLE it is an auto immune condition #DiabetesAwareness #type1diabetes
Aujourd'hui 14 nov, c'est la Journée mondiale du #Diabète. Plus de 420 millions de pers vivent avec le diabète. C’est la 7ème cause de décès et une cause majeure de complications coûteuses & débilitantes telles que: Attaques cardiques;
Cécité; Amputations de membres inférieurs 👇
In reply to @WHO
How about raising some #DiabetesAwareness? Make the distinction between #type1diabetes & #type2diabetes? Both conditions are life changing but awareness is essential to #findacure #jdrf #BeAHero
Imagine a world where diabetics no longer have to inject themselves💉

#NWUExpert, Prof Anne Grobler speaks of easier treatment on the way for diabetes & research outcomes @theNWU through the Pre-Clinical Drug Development Platform ow.ly/hiaJ50xazCE

#MyNWU #WorldDiabetesDay
In reply to @WHO
Please remind people that switching to a plant-based diet drastically reduces all, and even reverses some, of the health issues you’ve mentioned here. It’s also one of the biggest things people can do to help the planet! 🌎 #WorldDiabetesDay
As a parent of a T1 diabetic, it’s depressing seeing this come up on my timeline. I’m perfectly aware of all of this info, it’s a grim reminder.
Today is #WorldDiabetesDay #diabetespäivä2019

#Diabetes on maailman 7. yleisin kuolinsyy. Sen #hoito on parantunut ja #diabetestutkimus tuo uutta tietoa taudin syntymekanismeista ja hoitokeinoista.

Tiedätkö oman diabetesriskisi? diabetes.fi/diabetes/onko_…
اليوم العالمى لمرض السكرى

تمنياتنا بالشفاء لكل المرضى
Eine der Hauptursachen für #Erblindung in Österreich ist #Diabetes. Denn Diabetes kann das Diabetische Makulaödem hervorrufen (#DMÖ).
Regelmäßige Kontrollen durch den Augenarzt sind für die Diagnose und frühzeitige Therapie besonders wichtig!
#Augenvorsorge #Weltdiabetestag
I’ll be sharing some #diabetes facts for #WorldDiabetesDay today. Many people live with diabetes and don’t know it, which puts you at greater risk - be aware of the symptoms!
The V word. WHO's looking into that?
"... diabetes induced by va🤐🤐ine should not be considered a rare potential adverse event."
Today is #WorldDiabetesDay.

#diabetes is a huge burden for our society and healthcare. #prevention, #awareness, #education and #screening are crucial to stop the disease from spreading.

@VITObelgium @VUBrussel @WtnschpBXL @diabetesliga are working on eye screening
When diabetes is uncontrolled, it can lead to some serious complications...@twehowl #WDD2019 #twehowl #DiabetesDay #TheMoreYouKnow
WHO:Aujourd'hui est #WorldDiabetesDay Plus de 420 millions de personnes vivent avec #diabetes.C'est la 7ème cause de décès 🌍 complications coûteuses débilitantes telles que: 🔹 les crises cardiaques 🔹 accident vasculaire cérébral 🔹 insuffisance rénale 🔹 cécité 🔹 amputations
A consciencialização da população portuguesa para a realidade da diabetes é extremamente importante para a mudança de atitudes no nosso quotidiano optando assim por um estilo de vida mais saudável.
#leadingpharmacists #ICF2019 #FFULisboa @LPharmacists
It would be nice if #diabetes was less complicated and if we had a cool, effective, 100% working super intervention to prevent it... Until then, we can make lifestyle choices to reduce risk and work to develop effective prevention strategies🧐💪#globalhealth #WorldDiabetesDay
420M 🌎 live with #diabetes

Unidos por todas esas personas y familiares que luchan día a día contra esta enfermedad.Nuestro deber como personal de salud:EDUCACIÓN SANITARIA para prevenirla o en otros casos inevitables evitar sus potenciales complicaciones. 💪🏼
In reply to @WHO
And it’s preventable and reversible.
In reply to @WHO
As we celebrate #WorldDiabetesDay Family and Diabetes and why you need to know your blood sugar levels Published on the African Journal of Current Medical Research afrijcmr.org/news-releases/…
Heddiw yw #WorldDiabetesDay.   Mae dros 420M o bobl yn byw gyda #diabetes. Dyma'r 7fed prif achos marwolaeth 🌍 ac un o brif achosion cymhlethdodau costus a gwanychol fel:
Ymosodiadau calon 🔹 trawiad Methiant arennau 🔹mynd yn ddall problemau cylchrediad gwaed
Today is #WorldDiabetesDay.

Over 420M people live with #diabetes. It’s the 7th leading cause of death 🌍 & a major cause of costly & debilitating complications such as:
🔹heart attacks
🔹kidney failure
🔹lower limb amputations

Diabetes is an iceberg disease, which means is we only know the tip of it and the submerged part we have no idea as to what signs/symptoms can be. Pls be regular w/ur diabetic medications, & anyone who sees these symptoms pls see a doctor. Let’s educate.
Speak to your #Pharmacist if you have any questions about diabetes, we are here to help all
#prescribers #nurses #patients and anyone else affected by diabetes

14 novanm : Se Jounen mondyal maladi sik.
Plis pase 420 Milyon moun Nan mond lan Viv ak maladi sa. Se 7è kòz lanmò e li responsab anpil gwo domaj :
- Kriz kadyak
- Stroke
- Ensifizans renal
- Avèg
- Anpitasyon, ...
Enfo sou sante, ta100t.com #WordDiabetesDay
Today is World Diabetes Day and useful to note the links between diabetes and SRH - for example practicaldiabetes.com/wp-content/upl…
As it’s #WorldDiabetesDay2019 why not take the time to find out your risk of developing Type2 Diabetes or review how you manage your existing Diabetes. #LookAfterYourself
Rates of diabetes are higher in people living with #HIV than in the general population. Learn how you can reduce the risks and take care of your #health and #wellbeing. #WorldDiabetesDay
Too much sweetness can kill you, literally. That's why sometimes we had some bitterness (in life) to be balance🙄
But srsly, control ur sugar intake, before it controls u 💜💜
Diabetes puts patients at a greater risk for contracting multiple-drug resistant infections.

This article explains why we need better #antimicrobialstewardship for the 420M patients world-wide living with #diabetes.


#TheNSAMRC #AntibioticGuardian
For #WorldDiabetesDay we celebrate many accomplishments but encourage all to ask questions about their medications and care. We would love to hear your stories at conquersilence.ca @Patient_Safety @CNIB
In reply to @WHO
One preventable illness can have so many complications. Staying healthy is key.
So what #1change to your #Lifestyle will you make today to help reduce you risk?! Perhaps making fundraising cakes sales more #keto friendly to cut down the sugar?. Surely that sends out a more appropriate message? @DiabetesUK @BDA_Dietitians @BritSocLM
Be courageous and bold today - it’s World Diabetes Day. @AmDiabetesAssn @TheEndoSociety #diabetesincrises
In reply to @WHO
आज #WorldDiabetesDay है! 420 मिलियन से अधिक लोग #मधुमेह के साथ जीते हैं, यह मौत का 7वाँ प्रमुख कारण है तथा महंगे और दुर्बल करने वाली बीमारियों का भी एक प्रमुख कारण जैसे: 🔹हार्ट अटैक 🔹stroke 🔹किडनी की विफलता 🔹अंधापन 🔹निचला अंग विच्छेदन #ChildrensDay #LetsFollowAAPians ❤️
Today is #WorldDiabetesDay. Do your part in educating yourself on #Diabetes causes, symptoms and prevention.
46 years for me . Every day is a fight #WorldDiabetesDay
In reply to @WHO
If it have voice i think, it get viral much more easily Good one
In reply to @WHO
Dear Staff, there is just One Cause for all mortal diseases - it is "Information about inevitable death".The "Trigger" is one also, it is "Fear of death".There are no other reasons. Death is awful command comes out from human being's mind, because "Gene of death" does not exist
In reply to @WHO
In reply to @WHO
Everyone should read this awareness tweet ...
In reply to @WHO
The joy of seeing a small list of things that could either kill or maim me 😂 nice
#يوم_السكري_العالمي : نسال الله الشفاء للجميع.
Always worth reflecting on the #longterm effects of sugar. #osteopaths see nerve and blood vessel issues in combination with #joint and #muscular complaints. #rootcauses are key to helping
I see this happen every day in my job
My dearest, oldest, best-ever friend since 2nd grade died of MRSA related to #diabetes. She was by then blind and had only one leg. For my beloved Patsy, please keep up with your blood sugar.
#WorldDiabetesDay. Diabetes can be treated and its consequences avoided or delayed with diet, physical activity, medication and regular screening. #ArtificialIntelligence + #data analytics holds the key to developing #medtech that can enhance the lives of people with diabetes.
Did you know that diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of blindness in people aged between 20 and 74?
Diabetes is a slow poison. Let us resolve to aware and avoid this fatal disease. #WorldDiabetesDay
It's important that we inform ourselves around diabetes prevention and management #WorldDiabetesDay
Today is #WorldDiabetesDay 🧬
Over time, diabetes can lead to serious damage to the ❤️, blood vessels, 👁️, kidneys & nerves.
#ICF2019 #FFULisboa
@LPharmacists @facfarmaciaUL
Today is World Diabetes Day and might I remind people that health care, the right to live, is a fundamental human right? Affordable insulin for all who need it!
RT lionsclubs "RT WDD: Massive support from the World Health Organization. Thank you! "
In reply to @WHO
Dear Staff,there is just One Cause for all mortal diseases - it is "Information about inevitable death".The "Trigger" is one also, it is "Fear of death".There are no other reasons. Death is awful command comes out from human being's mind, because "Gene of death"does not exist!
In reply to @WHO
Hi , It's been five years since I got married, but I still haven't had children, so the doctor says my wife doesn't have a u-tress I would like to have my wife's uterus transplanted, please explain to me the transplant procedure.
In reply to @WHO
The TV (Channel 4, #gogglebox) keeps telling me 1 in 2 people are going to get cancer in their life. So isn't cancer the biggest killer not heart disease. Basically next year pretty much half the country is going to be die so diabetes is not so bad.
In reply to @WHO
Can the WHO explain the exponential growth in diabetes mellitus 1 in children over the last 30 years? @Soc_Endo @InstPubHealth @PaedEndoJC
In reply to @WHO
Studies have shown that a #vegan diet can be beneficial too to prevent type-2 diabetes. If you consider a #plantbased diet, join us! We make living vegan very easy!
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