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According to @SpeakerPelosi,
馃挜YOU馃挜support illegals in USA...

Maybe she should hear:

馃敼American citizens DO NOT support illegal immigration!
馃敼Barack Obama created DACA which was unconstitutional!
馃敼For the ones who are ovr 18, they SHOULD have applied for citizenship by now!

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鈥硷笍WHY do democrats NEVER care about the real issues that are killing AMERICAN CITIZENS??

They DO NOT CARE about:
鈿笍Illegals that do not belong in this country
鈿笍Abortions that kill millions of innocent lives
鈿笍Homeless population drug epidemic

The list goes ON & ON鈥硷笍
In reply to @Jali_Cat
I do not support DACA and I do not support your new America last effort @SpeakerPelosi I support America first, legal immigration and people applying for citizenship the correct way.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
馃馃馃 RBG is now ill again. Is this why all of a sudden speaker pushing the bull馃挬 illegals and daca!
In reply to @Jali_Cat
Build the wall high and strong and Deport as well as banning known terrorist nations from entering this Great Nation 馃嚭馃嚫鈿旓笍馃挭馃徎馃檹馃徎鈽濔煆
In reply to @Jali_Cat
Sorry Nancy, but I do not support DACA or anything related to giving illegals opportunities over American citizens. There is a way to come into this country. If you鈥檙e already here then you should have applied for citizenship! @SpeakerPelosi
In reply to @Jali_Cat
Why should they have applied for citizenship if they are illegals? Under what Law?
In reply to @Jali_Cat
is a third rate politician that cares nothing about the citizens of this country! Not one have I ever seen her fight for the American people like she fights for illegals and breaking the law, all the while screaming "no one is above the law" she is a hack!!
In reply to @Jali_Cat
NO, not all the Americans support the Dreamers. They were here under certain guidelines. As their time ended they were to leave and apply to become citizens. They did not and You politicians are just ignoring that. Their time has expired, they are now ILLEGAL
Its puff, puff, pass...Nancy!
In reply to @Jali_Cat
My IQ dropped listening to that moron! And she gets to declare that Trump is obstructing justice with no pushback? There is ZERO EVIDENCE of such a claim. These people need to be held accountable for their slanderous/libelous commentary!
In reply to @Jali_Cat
If democrats are pushing it you know it's very bad. They always tack innocent sounding names on their disasters.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
Americans need help and all Nancy can talk about is illegals
In reply to @Jali_Cat
These California Democrats can鈥檛 manage their own state. We shouldn鈥檛 believe anything they have to say.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
Over 18 apply for citizenship.
Obama's values are not American values. He tried to destroy real America values for 8 years. He has failed.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
deport every ILLEGAL
In reply to @Jali_Cat
I wish I had the time and the knowledge to cull through the legal issues here and find the answer that all America is looking for. DACA and the entire phuking idea of sanctuary cities must be a clear violation of existing law and those responsible should be held accoutnable.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
This woman has proven herself to be a complete idiot time and time again! She needs to take a rest.... a retirement rest home seems the most likely place for her now... or perhaps keep her locked up in her fortress of a home surrounded of course with a WALL! @realDonaldTrump
In reply to @Jali_Cat
This is insanity.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
Nancy and her kind want undocumented illegals so they can have their Blood/Adrenacrome, satanic rituals, then sell body parts!
In reply to @Jali_Cat
I won hundred percent do not support DACA @SpeakerPelosi or any other illegal in this country. There is a process and they should respect it.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
I thought she was going to have a stroke.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
Maybe she should let them live with her...What a witch..
In reply to @Jali_Cat
In reply to @Jali_Cat
We the people do not support your ignorant rants about DACA or immigration oh illegals. Go have another drink Nan.
In reply to @Jali_Cat
All true! I deport all who aren鈥檛 citizens! 馃が
In reply to @Jali_Cat
Nasty Nancy @SpeakerPelosi What the Democrats are doing makes Watergate look small~Please Step Down!
In reply to @Jali_Cat
#Commongood Vatican Jesuits Agenda Thomas Hammes: " Bible believing Christians are dangerous people and have to be eliminated" youtu.be/o1tyDVV3QIM?t=鈥 The Secret Terrorists pacinst.com/terrorists/pre鈥 The Great Controversy: The destruction of Jerusalem youtu.be/IwG-9znKqws pic.twitter.com/QRrvSWtPpN
In reply to @Jali_Cat
NO I am tired of paying for illegals if they want to come to our country..they must pay ..become citizens n work we should not be Handing it out on a silver platter. I DONT MIND helping anyone but not at over 258 billion dollars a yr. WE have our own legal needing help
Dems building their voter base to out vote #WeThePeople
Drink of choice Nancy???
Most Americans DO NOT THE DREAM ACT.
The Dems make up, says what they want with no moral obligation to tell the truth. They have excised themselves from any form of truth and fact.
Paid for by Soros and Cartel
Part of their plan
Destroy America as we know it
NWO being pushed by Globalization
Please send her some helpful pamphlets.
with all of her years in the office still does not understand

Illegal learn the Law !
Would appreciate a follow back
How many DACA recipients have applied for citizenship since they turned 18 ???????@SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump @SenSchumer
In reply to @SpeakerPelosi
In reply to @SpeakerPelosi
@SpeakerPelosi I do not support illegals, do not like what you are doing to my state, nor do I like what you are doing to my country! Your Prime is over! Problem, every one has moved too far left! The Constitution does not guarantee me that!
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