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Speaker Pelosi: "If the president has something that is exculpatory — Mr. President, that means do you have anything that shows your innocence — then he should make that known ... So far, we haven't seen that, but we welcome it." Via ABC

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I love that she explained the definition of exculpatory to Trump
Except he is not allowed to do that under the house rules, what a liar
Pelosi explaining what exculpatory means to Trump is *chef's kiss*
It’s innocent until proven guilty. You have not brought any evidence of guilt by the president. You just have pencil neck shift pushing a bunch of lies
.@SpeakerPelosi regularly adding an exclamation point to what the Democrats accomplished in the hearings will make such a difference.
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No one on earth does bless-your-heart-isms better than Speaker Pelosi.
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This expert trolling by @SpeakerPelosi deserves a standing ovation! pic.twitter.com/LdAx7oirX2
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He has bigley tweets with randomly Capitalized words and exclamation points!
Amazing that she defined "exculpatory" for Trump.
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Did Pelosi trolled her kids this hard? 😆 She is a pro ✊🔥
She knew he wouldn’t know what “exculpatory” meant. 😂
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I think she is also trolling Trump by picking-up a glass of water with one hand.
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I noticed she mentioned Mr. President and then defined exculpatory. Cause he would not know. 😂
Throwing massive shade and I love it. The funny/sad thing is her giving the definition was prolly necessary 😂😂😂
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“Exculpatory”... ...Socialist Democrat Speaker AND @ABC don’t understand Constitution and Civil Rights @JoeBiden was NEVER Presidential Candidate... ...they KNOW he’s gone Human Sacrifice... An effort to protect obama* who REALLY DID Conspire with Foreign Countries...@POTUS pic.twitter.com/OfPxBA9Dpl
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For example: First hand witnesses who can testify & clear him: Bolton Mulvany Guliani Pompeo Barr
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Nancy: exculpatory. Donald: uh..? Nancy: proof of innocence. Donald: *dribbles* Nancy: freedom from blame? Donald: *scratches, sniffs fingers* Nancy: beat the rap, dodge the bullet, dun nuthin’... Donald: ooooh! Um. No. I dun it. So what?
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I love this woman. My favorite part is when she says “that means” because Speaker Pelosi knows how stupid @realDonaldTrump is. #TeamPelosi #ImpeachTrump #MSNBC #CNN @SpeakerPelosi
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She is a badass; and, you know that ticks Trump off - to be schooled and held accountable by a woman❣️
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roflmao... had to dumb it down for the dipshit in chief
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publicly call him to testify. Take control of the narrative. We invite the President to come to the hearings on November 21 to testify regarding the Ukraine scandal. Watch the @GOP soil themselves.
So I guess “innocent until proven guilty” no longer applies in this country, right @kylegriffin1?

I guess the faction lead by @JohnBrennan can throw shit to a wall, hoping it sticks.

3 years on now and nothing has stuck.

You’re not a journalist, Kyle. You’re a propagandist.
This is such good shade by Nancy.

Pssst! Mr Magoo ...exculpatory means...

Something you’ll never be able to provide.

#OneVoice1 pic.twitter.com/Wg7NagouZo
ex- 外 culp 非難する から成る、「非難を逃れるような」といった意味を元に持つ語です。
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I like how she simplifies things for the toddler
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Good call on explaining the definition to him, she knows who she’s dealing with 😆
The sickest burn heard round the world.
"In our justice system people are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Let me correct that, this system only apples to Republicans. Democrats like Jeffrey Epstein, who didn't kill himself, are innocent after they plead guilty and get media protection. But screw GOP!"
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Does @realDonaldTrump know he just got burned or is he thinking “so, that’s what that means”?
She stops to explain the big words to him. Totally badass and brilliant, and she's also a grandma, so she's used to speaking to toddlers.
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The explanation was a nice touch !!
No vabbè. Pelosi parlando di Trump usa il termine “exculpatory” e poi si rivolge in camera e dice: “Mr Presidente, exculpatory significa qualcosa che prova la sua innocenza”
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She has found the perfect way to talk to Trump the Toddler.
When @SpeakerPelosi looks at the camera and describes what “exculpatory” means, to @realDonaldTrump .
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She might also have defined "innocence" for him. It's pretty clear he doesn't know what that means, either.
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It’s sad that he needs to have words translated to him so that he knows what they mean. A president should know
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Brilliant, Nancy, just brilliant. Thank you for your dedication to making sure this inquiry is done correctly and justly.
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GOP could just allow the witnesses they are blocking to testify under oath. I'm sure they will exonerate Trump, or why wouldn't WH want them to testify? 🤔
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Wow...she is good at smacking him down.
I love the way she just slays him with such grace and sophistication 💁🏻‍♀️

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She looks right at him and EXPLAINS WHAT EXCULPATORY MEANS. I’m dead. This woman is fantastic.
Hehehe! Someone got burned. 😉
Haha, Nancy Pelosi fully said “Fuck you, traitor.”
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A new @realDonaldTrump excuse. He's a businessman. When he writes a check he wants something in return. But it wasn't his check. It was our taxpayer money appropriated by Congress. - Allan Lichtman
This isn’t even trolling. This is that Pelosi knows he legit won’t understand otherwise. So ... it’s worse than trolling, it’s our zero-logic reality. Cool stuff
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Sips water, burns the shit out of Trump.
The Current Truth™ update (*)

- Innocence is guilt.
- The presumption of guilt is the new black.
- You are gulty until proven innocent, which makes you guilty.
* The Current Truth™ is subject to change without notice.
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Considerate of her to explain what that big word means.
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It's good she broke it down into language Trump can understand.
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"...exculpatory -- Mr. President," etc... Speaker Pelosi was as usual trying to be sure words used could be understood easily by even a third grader!
Lmao she stopped mid sentence to explain the word exculpatory to him. I’m....
Speaker Pelosi throws better shade than a skyscraper.
Pelosi backing up the shade truck and dumping it all on Trump.

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Defining "exculpatory" for dumb, doll-hands Donnie. 🔥🔥
It’s sad that this is our reality... and funny too. The truth can be like that.
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I was very critical of her leading up to this. I did so in good faith, but I gotta say my criticism of her was wrong. She is doing this as right as something like this can be done.
I don't normally have the TV on during my work day, but I was so glad to catch this. Fell off my chair at about the 33 second mark.
Nancy #Pelosi throwing some Olympic-level shade at Numbnuts. Brilliant.
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We excitedly await proof from Trump that he is innocent (exculpatory evidence) Surely by Friday you will have it? Or allow witnesses you banned to testify! @WhiteHouse @POTUS @Jim_Jordan @DevinNunes @DevinCow @RepMarkMeadows @RepMattGaetz @GOP @HouseGOP @GOPLeader
Speaker Pelosi straight up Fancy Nancy'd the President.
That explanation tho. I am deceased. 🔥 #shade
In reply to @kylegriffin1
is truly Queen of trolling the Court Jester in Chief.
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