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Almost the same moment gunfire erupted in Santa Clarita (about 11 ET), Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith objected to moving a background check bill added to the Senate calendar on March 4. Said it shouldn't be "fast tracked" and it might stop her from lending a rifle to a grandson.

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Cindy Hyde-smith needs to lend her grandson a rifle so your kids might get shot in school. Sorry.
This. Tells you everything you need to know about why legislation hasn't been signed.

Be mad. Stand up. Fight for our kids. VOTE.
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Sen. Chris Murphy had a horribly prophetic response, noting how kids like his own walk to school everyday fearig for their lives. pic.twitter.com/VvY87u9e9a
Senator Cindy Hyde Smith is a Republican. Senator Chris Murphy is a Democrat. The Republicans and the Republicans alone have made this a partisan and political issue. #MoscowMitch #MassacreMitch
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Almost the same moment gunfire erupted in Santa Clarita (about 11 ET), @GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith objected to moving a background check bill added to the Senate calendar. I'd expect nothing else from the Confederate Senator from #Mississippi. VOTE for #GunSense Candidates! pic.twitter.com/96pAcPLiqS
.@cindyhydesmith should be ashamed of herself. What monster doesn’t believe in background checks at this point?
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Her grandson can't pass a background check because he's a felon? 🤔 @cindyhydesmith
If our Members of Congress don't have the backbone to defend their constituents and stand up to the gun lobby then we'll replace them with those that do. #EnoughIsEnough
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Smith also would like a front row seat at a lynching of her African American opponent, so there’s that.



FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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To paraphrase former ATF Special Agent, Jim Cavanaugh: Soldiers will risk their lives to save children. Police & Fireman will risk their lives to save children. Senators won’t risk their Senate seat to save the lives of children.
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HydeSmith's opponent is espyforsenate.com. He can win. Revenge donate, anyone?
In fact yes, @cindyhydesmith, I DO want you to have verification that your BFF’s grandson is fit to have a weapon before your lend him yours. What a stupid fucking individual you are. #NRAIsATerroristOrganization #GunControlNow
Pro life my fucking ass.
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If @cindyhydesmith wants to give "a friend's child or her grandson" a vehicle to use, they would have to be licensed/insured to drive it. These protections are mandatory on vehicles for good reason. The same common sense protections need to apply to guns.
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Gonna go ahead and say that if the grandson couldn't pass a background check, she shouldn't be loaning him a rifle.
Senator @CindyHydeSmith has gleefully accepted $34,986 from the gun lobby.

Apparently their investment is paying off ⬇️
The astonishing thing about this is, common sense background checks are profoundly supported -- even among gun owners! -- and make logical sense while being easy to implement. Their rejection of them is pure NRA gun-industry propaganda.
Reminder: @cindyhydesmith is the Senator who joked about being the front row of a "public hanging". The MISSISSIPPI Senator.
If Hyde-Smith's name rings a bell: A year ago, she joked publicly about attending a lynching. Then came out: she attended an all-white academy to avoid segregated schools. Sent daughter too. Wore Confederate hat exclaiming “Mississippi history at its best!” Then became a Senator.
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Cindy....would you change your mind IF YOUR GRANDSON WAS ONE OF THE VICTIMS !!!!
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I’m sure @cindyhydesmith wouldn’t lend her car to her grandson unless he had a drivers license. Why does she support being *less* careful with rifles?
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I mean, whenever I need an AR-15, the first person I call is my grandmother.
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Gee - I can't lend a car to my grandson unless he's licensed to drive. However have I lived with that all these years?????
#EnoughIsEnough we need universal background checks.

And let’s replace Cindy Hyde-Smith and elect @MikeEspyMS for Mississippi Senator in 2020.
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How terrible she is. How terrible they all are. They're letting this happen.
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I live in Burbank, CA. My kids are in Middle School and Elementary School. Current mood: pic.twitter.com/tWimglEEyw
What a strong woman! She knows passing laws that would only restrict legal gun owners only makes us less safe. Thank you @SenHydeSmith

I’m sure you meant to tag her.
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My god these people are ghouls.
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Mississippi really ought to invest in education.
Children Continue To Die At School Without A Thought By Republican Lawmakers.

They Are Too Busy Defending Trump To Actually Do Work And Pass A Bill To Reqiure Backround Checks.

If You Are Tired Of These Do Nothing Republicans Vote Them Out In 2020.

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I mean, is her grandson a felon?
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The woman who pines to watch a good old fashioned Mississippi lynching...go figure
This has to be retweeted!!! Someone ask her if she’ll feel the same way if any of her grandchildren were to be victims
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Only in Congress is something 5 months away considered fast-tracked. Our government is broken.
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I think that children's lives are more important than Cindy's grandson being able to borrow a weapon. Do your job. Get this done.
The GOP wants dangerous people to own guns. They don’t want women to make healthcare decisions about their own bodies. They don’t want to make our elections more secure. They want tax breaks for the rich, and less help for the poor.

Their platform is evil and wholly un-American.
You shouldn’t be able to lend a rifle to your friends and family. They should fill out the proper federal firearms paperwork and prove their fitness to possess their own.
Almost 80% of school shooters get their weapons at home or from a family member.

Yes @cindyhydesmith EVERYONE should pass a background check, including your grandson. And then they should lock up their weapons so no one else gets access to them.
"(As) gunfire erupted in Santa Clarita, Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith objected to a background √ bill (saying) it shouldn't be 'fast-tracked' & it might stop her from lending a rifle to a grandson."
I think Americans are OK w/ MORE gun deaths so Cindy can lend a rifle to her grandson.
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"give my best friend's son or grandson my hunting rifle"?? who in their right mind hands out guns like they were candy on Halloween??
These sorts of embarrassing, awful moments occur when you elect embarrassing, awful people.
They can’t be reasoned with. We have to vote them out and take back the Senate.
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith should be sent to visit and speak to the parents and students from Sangus HS.

Why must our kids be traumatized and killed to entertain your asinine hypothetical scenarios.
(Insert scream 😱)
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Well, there should be federal laws regarding safe storage of weapons in the home and lending guns to minors.
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Your grandson does not need a rifle, he needs a hug because he is most likely traumatized like so many other children. But you love your damn rifle more than you love him. #EnoughIsEnough #NRABloodMoney
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This country will never pass gun control laws, if this government can move on from the slaughter of the lambs in Sandy Hook ,they can harden their 2nd ammendment hearts to anything! pic.twitter.com/l9aGDy8dPc
I just noticed @NRA refers to itself as
"the longest-standing civil rights organization."

Seems like even they are ashamed of what they are
"the locked-jaw lobbyist for gun manufacturers"

You look at this shit, and there's only so many times you can ask what the hell is wrong with these people, but what the hell is wrong with these people?
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Every gunman is someones grandson.
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YOU ARE WRONG CINDY - the shooting today proves that the gun bill you are trying to stop, MUST BE FAST TRACKED.
I am incandescently angry and so heartsore. This is unforgivable and wrong.
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I live in a town of 7,000 people. I have 5 grandkids in the school a few blocks from my house. Every time I hear a siren, I panic ... p.s.... McConnell is a murderer...
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Cindy Hyde needs to go! Vote for @MikeEspyMS #2020
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This woman joked about public hangings, but she's worried she can't "lend" her gun to grandson? JFC! How old is grandson, btw? Also "fast tracked"?? Waiting in Mitch's graveyard since March, it's now November? #StopVotingGOP, people! Come on! They make no sense at ALL!
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Blood on her hands, on the hands of every member of the NRA & anyone who thinks guns aren’t a problem in the USA!!
Important reminder that the @GOP doesn't give a fuck about your dead children...
Senator Hyde-Smith can fuck right off.
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Are Republicans that dependent on money from gun manufacturers. How many of America’s children have to be sacrificed before the right decisions on gun control is taken seriously. Guns are in the hands of killers by the refused acts of the Republicans.
Nice timing @cindyhydesmith . But make sure you fast track those thoughts and prayers.
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.@cindyhydesmith was lying about not being able to loan to her grandson. Exemption is right there in the text of #HR8. She, the @GOP, and the @NRA are hoping we are too dumb to read the details. Shame on you, Senator Hyde-Smith. You have blood on your hands as does @senatemajldr pic.twitter.com/vfaVG70spi
I can’t even believe THIS 🥵
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If @cindyhydesmith has a grandson who can’t pass a simple background check, doesn’t have his own gun license or is underage, she shouldn’t be lending him her gun. And if she does, she should be held legally and criminally liable for any harm he causes with her gun.
of course NRA-funded Republicans were blocking gun reform (approved by 90% of all Americans) at the very same time a gunman was targeting school children. this is America thanks to Trump and #MassacreMitch McConnell
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Shameful how much elected officials are willing to sacrifice the lives of our children for a campaign donation. #santaclaritashooting #GunControlNow @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA
Again, what point is being made here?

Would this bill have prevented the shooting? Because that's what you're insinuating, even thought you know that's not true.

The gun debate the most dishonest one.
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This statement was written for her by the @NRA. Background checks take SECONDS. Sorry for the minor inconvenience of trying to stop your grandson from shooting up his school with your rifle, @cindyhydesmith.
Two kids are dead! Hope your grandson enjoys his time with your rifle.
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Wasn't she on My Name is Earl?
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owes an apology to a whole lot of victims. She might think she has a safe seat in Mississippi but the majority of Americans want universal background checks. She and other GOP are not representing their constituents and need to be replaced.
Same lady who joked about lynching when she was running for her seat.
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Anyone who voted for a GOP Senator has blood on their hands.
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I have heard her speak before. She has never shown any level of common sense or intelligence.
She should be forced to travel to the high school at Santa Clarita and look each of them in the eye and explain herself. Utter coward
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Maaaayyyyybe being able to lend a rifle willy nilly isn't a great idea
Her regressive view is typical of the GOP's refusal to pursue safety.

She says if the bill was crafted with strong bipartisan input, it shouldn't have any problem advancing. What nonsense. Repubs refuse to work with Dems & don't want *anything* to interfere with power & profit.
Let's hope this idiot disappears in the next election. Anyone who's more worried about gifting her grandson with an f'ing rifle rather than the safety of millions doesn't belong in any government role. Don't quit, @ChrisMurphyCT. We're counting on you to restore sanity to #GunLaw
While Senate Republicans continue to refuse acting on reasonable gun safety laws (that more than 90% of Americans agree on), two more young lives are lost and hundreds of lives changed forever in Santa Clarita. Congress is not working for us. #SaugusShooting
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Why are the 2nd Amendment rights of angry people allowed to infringe on everyone else's right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?
This is disgusting. I'm tired of the politicians continuing to work against the gun safety regulations that the majority of Americans want. This must end. @SenBobCasey @sentoomey @RepBrianFitz
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We must get serious about winning back the senate. WE MUST PUT AN END TO THIS HORROR. Vote out #MoscowMitch follow and support @AmyMcGrathKY #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare
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Our children don't need Guns, they need the @GOP, The President and @senatemajldr to do their jobs and pass Common sense gun laws and Universal Background checks that are State to State. No more excuses from Republicans that are NOT doing their jobs!
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