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Parents reunite with their children after today’s school shooting at Saugus High in Santa Clarita. #saugushighshooting @laist

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2 parents didnt get to do that today.
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the fact that two sets of parents werent able to do this breaks my heart so much
think about the parents that couldn’t..
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so sad. for alot of kids being at school with teachers and away from the troubles of home is their only safe haven. it sickens me that this is our new reality. it’s the last thing a child should worry about when going somewhere to better their future that for some is taken away.
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The fact that it sometimes takes something like this to happen for some of those same parents to actually hug their kids
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Truly sad what occurred today🙏🏽, but this just proves gun control doesn’t work... California has the strictest gun laws and still 2 kids were killed today with a handgun. We need to spend more time focusing on teen mental health and correct gun safety & storage
“today’s school shooting”. it’s terrifying that that’s even a phrase that can be thrown around in our sad excuse for a country
this breaks my fucking heart 🥺
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If this keeps happening. My kids will be home schooled. I cant even imagine the fear and dont want to ever experience it.
I have chills. Please please please vote for someone I’m favour of gun laws. 2 sets of parents didn’t get this today.
nobody deserves to go through this. my heart hurts.
Today was the shooter’s birthday. He was 16. He shot 5 of his classmates and then shot himself in the head. As a future teacher my heart hurts. As a parent, I’m terrified.
Check on your classmates.
my heart bleeds for anyone who has to go through this
my heart 😭😭😭😭
These pics hit extra hard bc my hometown & I lived these moments. My heart goes out to Santa Clarita & the victim’s families.❤️
What about the 2 parents that didn’t get to...
HOW TF IS THIS SO FUCKEN NORMAL AT THIS POINT ?!? just another day that a SCHOOL gets shot up !?!?!?
hearing this shit really makes my heart hurt
This is absolutely heartbreaking that this is an everyday thing. THIS IS NORMAL NOW You can’t go to the mall, school, movies, bars, airports, even get groceries , etc. without looking over you shoulder scared you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.
I got tears looking at the second photo. I can't imagine the fear of wondering if your kid is ok, I can't even imagine if something like this happened to my lil sis or brother.
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Wow. I just cried. These images speak 1000 words
It’s sad that i can’t even count how many similar pictures like this that i’ve seen.. this literally breaks my heart that this is now something we have to seriously fear when we wake up in the mornings to go to school..
Two families weren’t able to hug their child again and it breaks my heart. We live in a shitty world.
homeschooling looking better & better omg
People have already said this, but really think about it: Not every family gets this reuninion. Not every parent gets to ask their kid how their school day was. Not every family gets to embrace their loved one like this ever again. Students aren’t safe. The Gov. doesn’t care.
A state that has highly controlled gun laws had a school shooting the other day. The shooter was underage to buy the gun himself. The guns aren’t the problem, how the parents are raising their kids are the problem.
Am I the only one who thinks that photos shouldn’t be taken at moments like this /:
this is so heartbreaking.
They took pictures and posted it like its a beautiful and natural sight. I pray these gun laws get solved before i have kids
As students our biggest concerns at school should be passing our classes, NOT worrying about someone bringing an armed weapon on campus and hurting classmates.
I think it’s safe to say ALL schools need metal detectors at the entrances and more security
IDC how ghetto that looks
It’s about the children’s safety
2 parents did not get the chance to do this. My prayers go to them 🙏🏾❤️
imaginem o que é num segundo estarem na aula como sempre a rirem-se de merdas estúpidas com os vossos amigos e no seguinte terem perdido metade deles porque uma pessoa chegou ao ponto de desespero de fazer uma coisa destas...
no one should ever have to go through this...
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I thought of something why don’t predominately black schools get shot up 🤔
I feel like I’m too desensitized to news like this now..
I have a young family member who goes to that high school. He had to run for his life yesterday and lost two of his friends in a horrific way, i’m so saddened for the families that didn’t get to reunite with there children like this, #PrayforSaugus
Comment est ce que cette population peut se satisfaire du droit de possession d’armes à feu en voyant ça???
This is heartbreaking. What more could it possibly take for you all to see how far more important and cherished our fellow beings lives are compared to a guns. My whole heart goes out to these parents and students.
this makes me so sad.
Bruh who is it that snaps the post school shooting pics and why
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Prayers going out to these families 🙏🏽
so my cousin goes to Saugus & i guess there was a little girl that was shot & killed who’s mom was having major surgery while this happened.. i can not imagine what that woman felt when she woke up & found out her little girl is gone forever ☹️ this world is so fucked.
Look at these photos. Imagine yourself as one of these parents. Then decide if the @NRA is still worth defending.
I remember coming home after what happened at uncc and as soon as I walked through the door my mom and I both started crying and she hugged for so long. It’s so mind blowing that literally nothing seems to be a good enough reason to enforce gun control.
No entiendo como no son ilegales las armas en Estados Unidos aún... Me da tanta pena ver este tipo de noticias 😭
The fact that 2 parents never got to hug their kid again breaks my heart 💔
The day before, the shooter put on his bio “Sagus have fun at school tomorrow”. Sickening
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Wow, these are incredibly powerful.
If you think the American government cares about children and families, compare these images to those from Parkland. Sandy Hook. Columbine.

Your politicians care more about the paycheck they get from anti-gun control orgs than they do your child’s life. Understand that.
It’s crazy I hop on this app now and all I see are missing people and all types of shootings, everybody stay safe out there.
This is absolutely terrifying.
the world is so ugly ... sending prayers to all the families that had to go through this. 😪
I don’t fucken understand. How the hell does this keep happening ?? I really have to be reminding my little brother about what to do if someone decides to go shoot up his school. This world is so sad.
Sad this isn’t beautiful this is devastating and sad
there were parents who didn’t get to do this. hold ur loved ones close
The fact two kids didn’t get to greet their parents is once again why the teachers should be armed and every school should have an armed guard.
Again? What the fuck
My heart is breaking for the place I was lucky enough to call home last summer 💔
And my lil cousins saw the shooter, I’m sick!😐
my heart is really just broken, how has this become a reality
Two sets of parents weren’t able to reunite with their children. Why? Because our government doesn’t think school shootings are an issue and our joke of a president is too busy trying to end DACA instead of finding a solution to this! Fuck the government.
this is soooo sad I’m crying
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i am so heartbroken. i truly cannot believe this is a reality. i am so sad that i go to school every day with anxiety that something like this could happen.. every day the probability grows. when will gun control happen? when.. this is the sadest reality. sending so much love 🖤
This is the saddest thing in the world
I remember after Sandy Hook, my dad got out of work early to pick my sister & I up from school & took us to mcdonalds, told us about it & how he couldn't resist but to be with us. I was in middle school. I don't know how this is still going on... depressing.
I cried today knowing my fucking baby cousin was safe
I’m crying at 1am not just bc these photos are painful to see, but at the fact that I went an entire day without knowing this even happened. This has become such a common reoccurrence in our country, we can’t keep up. I don’t care your stance on gun control, our kids are dying.
Souvent c’est à tout ça je réfléchis et puis je grille cours la
This is breaking my heart. How many more people have to die before something gets done???
This isn’t a world I want to bring innocent babies into😓
This *is* normal. It's been happening for years. Vote out the elected officials who have the power to do something and choose not to.
When the fuck will our children stop being slaughtered?? We were always told school was supposed to be like a second home to us. I’m fUCKING TIRED OF OUR CHILDREN DYING FOR NO GODDAMN REASON.
This breaks my heart. No family should go through this. We need change. We need to feel safe.
this is hitting too close to home. it absolutely breaks my heart to see so many people suffering and traumatized for the rest of their lives because of one person’s cowardly decision. prayers to all the people in this area and students who were effected ❤️🙏🏻
This shit wouldnt happen si le dieran la importancia que requiere la salud mental de los cuidadanos..
Prayers to my childhood town 🙏🏽
this shit breaks my heart.
2 parents weren’t this lucky & it breaks my heart.
My heart is broken for the two families who were not able to hold their child like this, one last time
If the heart breaks too much can it be repaired?

If the nation grieves loudly enough can it be repaired?

im tired of hearing these news. What the fuck has the world come to ?Y’all wanna be more concerned about cellphone use and dress code tho
man we need to do better.
Esta es la vaina más triste del mundo. No entiendo como estos gringos no han entendido que el problema es lo fácil que es conseguir esas estupidas armas.
This is so heart breaking, for how long America?
imagine sending ur kid/sibling to school and not getting them back at the end of the day... focus on gun control not plastic fucking straws
lets all remember that some parents didn’t get to do this to their child.
Another school shooting but people out here still think gun control is not sufficient? Or necessary !? I’m sorry to everyone affected by this and I really never wish this upon anyone.
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