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Another school shooting, with two dead, here in a country that specializes in gun deaths. So here's the piece I post after every shooting as a reminder that we have tools that can reduce gun deaths. What we lack as a country is the political will. nytimes.com/interactive/20…

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I have posted this article many times- it compares gun safety to auto safety. It makes perfect sense and has nothing to do with 2A rights. It’s just common sense. We owe it to each other and to future generations to make our country a safer place to live.
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Remember that just since 1970, more Americans have died from gun violence -- murders, suicides and accidents -- than in all the wars in US history, back to the American Revolution. Simple steps like universal background checks aren't perfect, but they can help.
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We don't lack political will...we lack principled elected officials. They, namely republicans and Mitch McConnell specifically, are defying the political will of 96% of the country.
We can make changes in Utah to reduce deaths and injuries from gun violence. I have opened a background check bill that will run in the 2020 session. Raise your voice. Contact your legislator. Support background checks. Support red flag bills. Support safe storage bills. #utpol
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This powerful video shows how tragic the NRA false narrative is. twitter.com/AugusteDaryl/s…
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The country by a overwhelming majority wants gun legislation, the house has already passed a bill, the Republican Party and the NRA don’t want it. The leader of the senate won’t bring it up for a vote. Don’t “both sides” this issue. One party and one organization opposes it.
All responsible gun owners support safe storage. I support them and their public safety practice. I will introduce (again, in 2020) legislation to reduce access to guns that now find their ways into the hands of minors and restricted individuals. We know safe gun storage works!
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We have to treat gun control the way Nancy Pelosi is treating the impeachment language. We have to simplify the language. I don't know how exactly. But we have to say it differently. "Gun control" is a trigger. We have to reword it. Trust me on this one.
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We do have the political will. But we are under minority rule
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We don't lack a political will: the vast majority of Americans want it. Gun control is blocked by 50-odd Republicans, and that's it. We lack a sane conservative party, not the political will to reduce gun violence.
Eighty-five percent of Arkansans support background checks for sales at gun shows and for private sales.

Seventy-six percent support a #RedFlag law.

Fifty-six percent back banning the sale of semi-automatic assault guns.

(Source: fulbright.uark.edu/departments/po…)

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Gun laws will never change as long as American politicians are cashing NRA checks. Period.
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It's all Mitch McConnell. Stop the "political will" BS. It just gives him cover.
You stumbled on a nugget of truth in your column, Nick.

There are more people killed by citizens using their firearms in self defense then there are victims of mass shootings.
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No. What we have is a political party on the take from the gun lobby and a media that treats both sides of any political discussion as equally valid and equally in good faith
If you haven’t read it after the last shooting or the one before that it the one before that it the one before that ... read it before the next one or the one after that.
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Our children are dying. Our school children can't get an education without fear of being a gun violence victim. #MassacreMitch and the Gutless, Oppressive, Pricks of the @GOP won't protect even our schoolchildren from the @NRA who owns them. GOP needs to be voted out!
It was a 15 year old that got his hands on a gun!!! He either took it from a parent, or bought it illegally. Your stricter gun laws will do nothing.
Having worked at a driving school since before I could drive, laws to protect responsible drivers and prevent recklessness and abuse of vehicles as weapons have been THE most effective way of reducing vehicle fatalities.
I don’t want to take away your cars.
A public health approach to guns in America would make us all safer: regulate the away we do automobiles. We know how to do this.
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Also, I think it’s important to note that gun homicides over the last 30 years have had a large decline, while firearm ownership has spiked. Suicide drives the large majority of these numbers, which is a much different issue than violent crime.
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political will or someone's pocket
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My god stop. If a person is hellbent on killing they will find anyway to do so. Guns dont kill people it's the person. Enough with this weak take. Also arm teachers or others in schools etc. More good people armed to stop the bad
First, peace w the departed, w their loved ones, w the latest city to be ripped apart by gun violence

Ppl overwhelmingly support common sense gun reform, but gerrymandered maps keep bills from passing that wld save ppl’s lives. We need gun violence prevention. We need #FairMaps
A must read for those frustrated by the vicious cycle of mass shootings followed by the lack of action from our “leaders.” Maybe @NickKristof should run for office?
Can't believe I haven't read this one before. Thoughtfully laid out, well researched, and completely sensible. I'd absolutely support this approach to gun safety and regulation
"In many places, there is more rigorous screening of people who want to adopt dogs than of people who want to purchase firearms."

Interesting facts and figures for anybody who wants to see real numbers. We can do better as a nation.
And courageous intelligent lawmakers, unlike @SenHydeSmith - bottom feeder who enables the killing of school children
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I’m all for the right to protect ourselves especially nowadays but something needs to be done to protect our children when their away from home...like metal detectors and security in ALL USA schools!???
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Time to stop this nonsense. Access to guns must be restricted severely
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Nick, I read your article with great interest. While I don’t agree with all of it, I found it thought provoking. I would ask about one item you mentioned. Protection Orders, Keep men who are subject to domestic violence from having guns. Why only men, and not women as well?
One of the best articles on how to help curb gun violence, regulate it like we do cars.

The fact that if I walk into the woods to hunt this weekend with a 30 rd clip in my rifle I could go to jail (10 rd clip is max) but it's legal to walk down my street with it is ass backwards
"In a typical year, more pre-schoolers are shot dead in America (about 75) than police officers are."
.@MikeCrapo .@SenatorRisch .@MikeSimpson4ID

It's only a matter of time before this happens here in Idaho. How many kids need to die before doing something, is better than doing nothing?

Are any of you willing to lose your job to push legislation that might save a life?
"Yet more Americans have died from gun violence since 1970 (about 1.4 million) than in all the wars in American history going back to the Revolutionary War (about 1.3 million). In a typical year, more pre-schoolers are shot dead in America (about 75) than police officers are."
Could not agree more with this.
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Gun SAFETY is a better describer than gun control.
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Cant read because i wont pay for nyt
One of the lessons of gun research is that we often focus just on firearms themselves, when it may be more productive to focus on who gets access to them. #shooting
Living in America at this moment in time is basically like a giant game of musical chairs, but whenever the music stops, you have to see whether you've been shot or not. Utter insanity...
The approach @NickKristof suggests in this piece is the one being taken by @ewarren and others.
Let’s vote for a safer America.
Gun safety legislation is overdue. The facts are clear. No one wants their kids to go to school with active shooter drills, and the fear they might be gunned down.
This is a good article to read 🤔
Stop calling it lack of political will. It's political greed, political cowarrdice, political cravenness, political cynicism, political disinterest, and many other things.
This is an excellent analysis. Why can't we do these things?
What’s stopping us?
Public health approach to limit loss of life in shootings. TL/DR: Regulate gun usage and ownership like we do with cars.
Interesting perspective off Gun Safety.
“We don’t ban cars, but we work hard to regulate them – and limit access to them – so as to reduce the death toll they cause.”
What we lack to stop this nonsense and senseless deaths is political will. Come on people let’s force this issue and end 🛑 gun violence.
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Your whole article is BS. We have universal Backround checks. We also have laws saying that you have to be 21 to own a handgun. So tell me how are you going to add another law in to stop a 16 yo shooter in a school.... he already broke laws... another law will fix it?
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And why do we lack political will? More basically, why do we have a "Gun Epidemic," declared Dec. 2015 in a NYT p1 editorial, that keeps getting worse? For answers and a cure, suggest reading: “Time to Heed Justice Stevens’ Criticism of Gun Decision” ludwigrobinson.com/pdf/Law360Heed…
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Immunity and “smart” guns are non-starters. The criminal and/or negligent use of a firearm is not the fault of the manufacturer. You want biometrics for a firearm? How many times a week does your iPhone not recognize your thumbprint?
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What are the tools? There’s a lot of talking in circles. I need a clear and concise answer to this! Good luck Congress
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Suicides don’t count. nor does gang violence. What happens to your “statistics” then?
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By the numbers in the article it shows we have a mental health issue. Twice as many suicides then murders! Almost all of the mass murders shooters have been on antidepressants maybe we should start looking at what they’re doing to people’s minds?
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This is the only gun that should be sold to americans pic.twitter.com/Gd3zZX38bt
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Why don’t mexico and Brazil show up on the murder chart?
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If the shooter paid attention to laws, he would not have had the gun in the first place. Underage and in a gun free zone. What new law would he have complied with? Was his limit 2 laws to break? More laws don’t stop evil or mental illness.
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How about locking school doors and a armed officer on campus. End gun free zones.
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I don't want to live here anymore. I don't like my country anymore.
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In a state with the highest gun laws, again.
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Kids dad 2 years ago died. Maybe a mental defect. Sounds as if he snapped.
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it happened in my town, elect people WHO WILL DO SOMETHING for the WE THE PEOPLE
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Sorry we don’t have the will to violate constitutional rights. It’s terrible this is happening to you
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make your children know whether you are rich or poor life is not easy and to respect all people from your neighbor to your elders
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Let me guess: shooter a loner, but a bit odd? Bullied by all ;rejected by girls...?
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California has all these so called “common-sense laws”
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The author intentionally excludes non-lethal defensive uses of firearms to skew the numbers. In vast majority of cases simply showing of a firearm causes the criminal to run away.
Had enough?!???? Text READY to 644-33 🤬
If we want to make our country safe from gun violence, we have to do the work to make it safe.

That means voting smart.

It also means encouraging Democratic Presidential candidates to get out of the race and instead run for House and Senate seats.
The political will is lacking because ‘em motherfuckers continue to receive NRA’s blood money to do their bidding. Until that nonsense stops, I’m afraid we may not see the end of shootings of any kind.
“The piece I post after every shooting” is a tragic phrase that should never have entered the lexicon. But such is the reality of America today, where government DOES NOT ACT to reduce gun deaths of its own citizens wherever + however possible.The tools for change exist. #Enough!
Gun legislation is sitting on Mitch McConnell‘s desk halted.
Another school shooting..this time in my niece's school district. What our children need to deal with, and how their mental stress escalates.
Outstanding suggestions based on a public health & safety strategy. @NickKristof Thank You & do you have an opinion on 3D printed guns? @TheMoscowMitch do your job for the country, not the NRA or be voted out.@SenKamalaHarris @BernieSanders @AndrewYang @CoryBooker @amyklobuchar
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