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There is a HUGE screen outside of Union Station right now featuring Christine Blasey Ford's testimony in the Senate -- as Brett Kavanaugh is inside speaking at the Federalist Society annual fundraiser dinner. Compliments of @WeDemandJustice

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There are also handmaids standing outside the Federalist Society-Brett Kavanaugh dinner. As Federalist Society members pass by them in tuxedos. pic.twitter.com/4Q4zTLJdEL
You hate/love to see it
I hope Dr. Ford’s words haunt Kavanaugh as much as they haunt every survivor of sexual assault
We still believe Christine Blasey Ford
Still ongoing. This public shaming is so well deserved.

These photos and videos aren’t going anywhere and history will remember that the disgraced president, supported by the Federalist Society, was impeached soon after.
Wow the tactics here are incredible. Huge screen with Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony playing, people dressed as handmaids, protestors disguised as staff handing out fake program bills with info about how to impeach a SCOTUS justice.... amazing
Wait! Would that be JUSTICE Brett Kavanaugh speaking? #Awkward
This thread is interesting because it telegraphs something pretty obvious -- there's a big planned effort afoot to demonize the Federalist Society and turn them into the next left-wing bogey man like they did with the Koch Brothers.
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Friendly reminder that George Conway is still a member of the Federalists Society and part of the RW groups (Kochs, CNP) that are subverting Democracy. Fact check behind his trump hate words which are meant to distract us. pic.twitter.com/lCIGLDdjBh
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In reply to @jbendery
Also, Who paid Judge Kavanaugh's over $200,000 in credit card and other debts? Why did Justice Kennedy retire from the SCOTUS? Why is J. Kennedy's son working for Deutsche Bank? #Corruption #SCOTUS
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Most attendees tonight are members of an elite, secretive, Christian extremist group which is the subject of Jeff Sharlet’s book... “The Family”. I hope everyone will take time to read or view it ASAP. It’s explains a great deal of what’s occurring . netflix.com/title/80063867
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More info on the Federalists Society.. the players & how they’ve systemically undermined our judicial branch. twitter.com/tentoads4truth…
The best part of this is when the night is over, Kavanaugh is still on the Supreme Court and Mitch McConnell will confirm dozens of additional lower court justices in the coming months.
Dr Ford still lives under police protection. She is still unable to work in the field she excelled in. Kavanaugh is still on the Supreme Court.
So grateful I was able to stop by union station on my way to class tonight to chant “we believe survivors” with an amazing group of protestors. #webelievesurvivors #kavanaugh
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❤ 🇺🇸💪 More of this kind of activism, please!
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“YOU CAN CLAIM TO RESPECT SURVIVORS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT - OR - YOU CAN PAY FOR A CELEBRATION OF BRETT KAVANAUGH, BUT YOU CAN’T DO BOTH.” Stack-The-Courts Federalist Society RW Catholic #DarkMoneyDemons hellbent on destroying Roe V Wade. • 4 SCOTUS picks! theverge.com/2019/11/14/209…
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This is great! Thank you to each and every Resistance Hero who is there tonight 👏👏🙏💙💙🙌 pic.twitter.com/JoweEcYOYI
Tonight at Union Station.
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“Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter.” I want that played in a loop as the file out.
These people are so crazy I don't even what to say.

It's one thing to bet on a horse and see it lose.

It's another thing entirely to argue that coming in dead last deserves the Triple Crown.
Thank you fellow resisters for your protest...it's awesome.
I still can't see her face without weeping
Protest is telling the truth in public.

This thread is exceptional. 🌞
extremely strong shout out to @katieoconnoresq for making this happen ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Someone else’s husband is going to have had enough after tonight and she’s gonna be like “I never saw it coming!”

Also: this handmaiden thing cracks me up. They’re literally LARPing as sexual abuse victims, how on the nose is that?
Demand Justice is the dark money group that spent millions of dollars in an attempt to derail Kavanaugh's confirmation.

It didn't work.
Rich Bastards’ Ball in progress, while feminists are outside protesting them.
YES. Let her voice and story be heard, and let him know shame wherever he goes.
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Utter support for @WeDemandJustice ❤️❤️❤️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼
GREAT thread!!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
This thread details protests of Kavanaugh at a DC event where he's speaking tonight

So. Much. Respect for these activists
I still believe in the Easter Bunny....doesn't make him real
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Isn’t Zuckerberg there as well?
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This is fucking LEGENDARY 🙌
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Who else would have chipped in $5 to help fund this protest? @WeDemandJustice ever consider kick starting specific events funding? I personally want the scotus to see massive pushback as they review trump trying to hide his tax returns.
This should happen to these ghouls whenever they show their faces in public.
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Illegitimate puppet in the WH = Illegitimate Appointments. #WarOnUSA #WarOnDemocracy pic.twitter.com/cxc3qb8WJy
Oh @SenatorCollins , @annieclark25 and all your sockpuppets on #mepolitics , #MEsen, you know we can all see this right?
This is what keeps me awake at night. See that long line of white people who stole a SCOTUS seat. See them celebrate a rapist? We must vote every Republican out. For good. This line of people is not who we are. #LetsShowTheWorld who we are. We are #TheResistance pic.twitter.com/8YSUREGIVd
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Thank you protestors, for making these people as uncomfortable as possible.
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So, the children on the left are continuing their now three year running temper tantrum..... Good to know. twitter.com/jbendery/statu…
Why didn't the handmaids demand justice for Clinton's victims? Believe them. @atensnut
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So, the children on the left are continuing their now three year running temper tantrum..... Good to know. twitter.com/jbendery/statu…
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So much planning and coordination went into thoroughly disrupting this event.

Congratulations and thank you.
And then there's this ,👇👇👇☺️🤭
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Don’t forget this evening’s sponsor...Facebook.
This is brilliant & funny. But also extremely not funny. Because if we really do still believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — and I do — then our situation is grave and our responsibilities are large. Please consider donating to @WeDemandJustice
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I love this so very much
i dunno how to feel about this one. the federalist society is almost entirely incapable of having any bit of sympathy or empathy, and so this almost feels like we're forcing a victim to relive their trauma.
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Please tell me they asked her first. I realize it's public record, but still ...
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In reply to @jbendery
At least this stunt didn't cost you millions, unlike what you wasted trying to smear Kavanaugh. I mean, Justice Kavanaugh.
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Thanks for reminding everyone how dishonest the Democrats are.
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Hell yeah! This whole thread gives me so much joy. Let them hear our fury before they go into their fancy dinner to celebrate their ill-gotten gains, their wins stolen by cheating and manipulation.
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In reply to @jbendery
Federalist Society. What a crock. The Federalists lost, otherwise we would have no Declaration Of Independence, no Constitution, and no United States Of America. The Federalists wanted to kowtow to King George III.
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Thank you to whoever did that.
Powerful moment happening right now at Union Station.
Read the thread. A+++++++++ protest work happening
Meanwhile this rapist is still getting paid $millions by big conglomerate companies to..... speak🤔#LiberalHypocrisy pic.twitter.com/9U08hcvNrQ
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