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Insulin is the difference between life and death for millions of Americans with diabetes.

A vial costs just $6 to make.

Drugmakers in the U.S. sell it for $300 per vial.

That is the unbelievable greed we are going to finally put an end to. #WorldDiabetesDay

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People are profiting from people struggling to live. It’s sick and I’m over it.

Nationalize the pharmaceutical industry. Lives aren’t for sale.
Insulin should cost $6.

That's it.

Life saving Medicine should be available at cost.
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And this is a major reason my Type 1 Diabetic daughter and I will be volunteering at Bernie’s rally in LA this Saturday!!!! ❤️
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Insulin Is free in the UK, People who treat their diabetes with tablets, injectable therapies or insulin are entitled to free prescriptions #SaveTheNHS #Bernie2020
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Hubby used to work in an orthopedic dept of a hospital. Chair of the dept made 2 millions a year, had a private jet. The hospital charges patients $1000 for each titanium screw that costs $10. When you are in WH, this is one of the price gouging that #M4A needs to tackle as well.
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Type 1 diabetic here. I have been uninsured and unable to afford my insulin in the past. It is only by the grace of God that I am still alive today. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue.
Just a friendly reminder that mega corporations bottle public water, which costs them pennies and they charge a markup of over FOUR THOUSAND fking percent. Can you imagine if those billions $ went into our local water infrastructure instead of CEO mansions & yachts? #Flint
Frederick Banting sold the patent for insulin to the University of Toronto for a dollar—he wanted everyone in the world to have access to it. I can’t imagine how he’d feel if he knew.
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Dünyanın özeti burada.

6$ maliyeti olan ve yaşamsal ihtiyaç bir ürünü 300$ a satmak. İşte acımasız gerçeğimiz bu. Bize normal gelmesi de evlere şenlik bir durum. Alabildiğine kötü şartlar, yetersiz hizmet ve nicesi...

The world is changed, I see it in the water. My race Sucks!
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Gaza people also are dying There are no medicines in Gaza due the blockade they live under They have no permit to go to hospitals out of Gaza for treatment Please help put an End to the blockade
Bernie is speaking truth here. We live with this. It isn't easy or fun. This needs to change.
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Yes it is! I’m with you!
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Thanks Bernie,
As a #T1D who has $16,000+ per year in insulin to stay alive I'm Not Celebrating #WorldDiabetesDay

People Ration Insulin to Live
Diabetics DIE - We Can't Afford #Insulin
Big Pharma Murder's by #Colluding and #PriceGouging

#MedicareForAll = LIFE!
thank you senator sanders
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Insulin keeps people alive. No one should be able to "make a killing" selling it.
Compassion, courage and a moral compass. Beautiful combination. #ShareLove
I’m not into politics at all. And honestly never will be (for personal reasons don’t try to change my mind lol) But I just wanted to thank @BernieSanders for helping spread the word to his followers about the INSANITY that is insulin price gouging
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Omg my mom in Mexico used to paid $1,700.00 pesos per vial cash!! Now the president @lopezobrador_ is giving the Insulin for FREE 🙏
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This is infuriating... My sister is unfortunately one of those ppl paying $300+ per vial, she’s had it since she was 9 (she’s 27). I can’t imagine how much money my family has spent on her insulin over the years. This is only one of the MANY reasons why I’m voting for Bernie.
A few people make money off lots of people being ill.
Let that sink in...
they make money off people's illnesses.
What kind of perverse inhumane system is capitalism?
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If only you let the Free Market handle it, price would go down!
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I can't wait to see you tomorrow! It's gonna be lit! #Bernie2020
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Why are hospitals a For Profit industry? Why are life saving drugs for profit? Why can't we pass a law that states life saving drugs are non profit? Remember when we put people before profit? We can solve this problem! #leadership
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Corporate greed at it's most shameful. Fine example of profit placed before the needs of the people affected. Makes me question how this type of mark up is acceptable and how millions cannot afford insulin due to the astronomical prices of the pharmaceutical industry. DISGUSTING.
Please take 4 minutes out of your time to watch this video. I don’t care what color party you lie with just please watch this video. Listen to the greed and corruption that’s happening right before us daily. 3 companies control a medicine that was intended to be free to its users
Not your biggest fan but this deserves a RT
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You shouldn't be able to profit off the misfortune of others under any circumstance.
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I’m gonna vote for this guy. Again.
The insulin I need to live would cost me $700 every 3 weeks without insurance. #WorldDiabetesDay
Please vote for this guy
The number on the left is what I would have paid for my insulin and other diabetes meds without insurance. The number on the right was what I paid with insurance (after my premiums). Both numbers are ridiculous. This is why we need #MedicareForAll. pic.twitter.com/dB5eCnFlXb
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My niece is a Type I diabetic. There have been a few scary moments when we weren't sure she would have insurance coverage or we wouldn't have the money to get all of her needed supplies even with the insurance coverage.
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I agree. It’s so sad. In the UK a type 1 diabetic pays nothing for insulin. We all pay for healthcare through our taxes. I know many in the US don’t agree but we love the NHS. Life expectancy is 2 yrs higher in the UK than the US and we aren’t left in debt to pay medical bills.
Coming soon to a country near you...

o usa é um país muito estranho.
#BigPharma Executives are The Robber Barons of the 21st Century; the USA is the Only Major Country That Has a Capitalistic Program of Profiting On Sickness & Suffering. pic.twitter.com/H9b7mNEqGz
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How is this not profiteering? Aren't there supposed to be laws in place to prevent this?
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Right ! and people here going to Mexico or Canada to get it cheaper !!! Trump NEVER addressed high prescription prices . !!!!!!!!!!
Vital we keep our NHS publicly owned
Que este hombre no sea el presidente de EEUU explica muchas cosas
World Diabetes Day
If you honestly want to make a difference in your life, your loved one's, and your friend's life, I implore you to research and listen to @BernieSanders. He's the only one who has fought for us before we knew we needed his help. #RightSideOfHistory
correction: pharmacies in the US sell it for $300 per vial.

You can get #humalog or a bio similar from Eli Lilly for less than $150. If anyone is looking for assistance on finding affordable options please reach out happy to help. #Insulin4all
Our current HC is the system our elected (non-)representatives, on #BothSides, think we deserve ☠️. These 🤬#Fascists think #YourMoneyOrYourLifeHealthcare is fine. Imo, it is straight #PremeditatedManslaughter for #CorporateProfits. 🤬

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and GOVT is responsible for allowing it through abuse of patents, and cutting off competition in the market (Patent Office and the USDA)..... once again Senator Sanders.... you claim govt is the answer to a problem govt created....
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When the Bolsheviks took over Russia, they shot the landowners and took over the farms and a 75 year famine ensued. Who will make the vials of insulin once #BreadLineBernie takes over the drug companies? pic.twitter.com/Qnvmaslri5
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All medical treatments are free in south Africa. And we have the best doctors in the world
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Anyone who defends the pharma companies for ramping up the insulin prices to unsustainable levels are nothing but sheep being herded for the slaughter. It's easy to defend when it's not you or those you love having to ration insulin.
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It couldn't have anything to do with how the Govt has allowed the supplier to file 74 patent extensions (nearly all after it was on the market & all granted) for meaningless incremental improvements directly limiting any competition, could it?
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Some people claim they want to Make America Great "Again" - screw that "Again" part, we glorify the past when the future dries up. Regardless of our past, we can Make America Great "Now" - and killing the greed that keeps our sick in poverty is a crucial step towards that.
A $294 profit per sick person. I know at least 30 people with type 1 and at least 20 people with type 2 that’s a $14,700 profit. This isn’t Gucci this saves people’s fucking lives.
The American health service seems to be atrocious. Sad really.
Hot damn, Bernie and I agree
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Bernie, it is the layers and layers of government regulation that allow this to happen. It is the government of which you are a member that has created the coercive government monopoly in health care that is the sole cause of high health care prices. @LPNational @LPGeorgia
As the mother of a #type1diabetic thank you from the bottom of my heart! #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs
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I've heard that it only cost $50 to manufacture a Glock handgun but they sell for $550. Can you do something about that too please.
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Today, your friend, Chuck Schumer BLOCKED Sen. Cornyn’s attempt to pass bipartisan legislation to lower prescription drug prices. He’d rather talk impeachment than provide relief
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cost $6 to make and sells for $300. Making a profit is important, obviously. But where is the Goldilocks zone? If very few can afford the 300, that’s not that much profit. If everyone can afford 6, that’s probably a low profit margin as well. But like, how many can afford $10?
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I worked for a company that made strips for glucose meters. When the manufacturing cost climbed to 2 cents per strip it triggered a near panic. They sold for more than a dollar retail.
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People have died because of this
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In reply to @BernieSanders
you're a great man Bernie. Thank you for the education about insulin and the pharmaceutical companies. I've learned a whole lot.
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My $88 yr old grandma on Medicare and pays extra Supplemental Insurance was quoted $120 for a vial. The cashier offered a disc card 3 for $40. Next visit was $50, next visit up yo $75. I’m hearing seniors pay for Medicare too. It comes out if their SS checks.
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Bernie, keto diet can help with diabetes. You ever try DMT? Pull that video of the gorilla Jamie.
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I want my reparation check from #EliLilly once this happens.
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Just so u guys don’t think I’m just whining about my disease. This is what the 1% has done to us . Plz watch shits brutal
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Actually, it costs $3.60 to make.
Bueno igual cuando maduro intento comprar cargamento de insulina para los venezolanos Trump le embargo el pedido por estar en deuda igual tanto no le importa
this one hits a little close to home,
Nothing is Affordable if your income is $15,000 a year ~
ویال انسولین که قیمت تمام شده ۶ دلاری داره به قیمت ۳۰۰ دلار به فروش میره.
حرص و طمعی باورنکردنی!
La solución a este problema es muy sencilla, basta con dejar de tener diabetes. Los yanquis es que os preocupáis por nada.
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Capitalism is soooo hard to understand. #SocialismKills
unbelievable greed.. or, rather, a crime..

shut down this extortion theft system..!

Medicare for All, Single Payer

stop private bureaucracies mega theft, extortion of middle class, letting die of poor and ill

stop medical slavery.. get rid of
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Well rein them in. Put caps on how much can be charged.
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Well that's a tad high for many people, but how many good paying jobs that support workers families does that Drugmaker support?
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What is the difference between a hostage-taker demanding money for human life, and a drug company demanding profit? Where is the outrage? Somali pirates invigorated our country, but local medical terrorists do not? Legalized death for profit in the U.S.A. must end.
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You could singlehandedly fix it right now by starting a company that makes insulin using previously approved versions under expired patents, rather than blowing more money in this crowded primary. amp.businessinsider.com/why-is-there-n…
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The fact that in one of the richest first world countries in the world people have to ration their insulin is a massive failure of the system. Families shouldn't be forced to make a decisions between keeping a roof over their children's head or insulin. Time for change is now.
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How about the government doesn’t grant patents that prevent competitors from making the drugs. pic.twitter.com/RxSerN7NHC
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I work for a company who transcribes surveys for a specific company. I remember one that really stuck with me. An elderly woman had a bill that she disnt even know about for less than $10. They refused to send her her insulin. She could be dead right now because of it. It's sad.
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Bernie I only pay $400 a month for my insurance through my workplace and I get my insulin for free!!
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Started use Omnipod insulin pump today. Problem: Humalog costs $100+/mo @COSTCO w/ins. Unacceptable! NOTE: I ‘m ret med social worker! Can’t even help myself...to get online help from Lilly got me bounced to alleged “prescription assistance”agency - beware! #totalgarbage
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I agree with you on this. The government SHOULD step in if the price of life medicine is this ridiculous.
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It's almost as if some outside force has skewed the costs of health care in this country....I wonder what it could be. Crazy old socialist.
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