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She's receiving the Artist of the Decade Award at the #AMAs. She's spent YEARS making a documentary with @Netflix. Now she's being told by Scott Borchetta & Scooter Braun that she can't perform her own music—again. #IStandWithTaylor #JusticeForTaylor eonli.ne/2KmY6HP

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Thank you for taking the correct side
In reply to @enews
Two grown men trying to control a woman. Trying to sabotage her art. I’m so disgusted. Let Taylor perform her own music
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[27] A news publication doing the right thing to be on the *right side* of history. @enews | #IStandWithTaylor twitter.com/enews/status/1…
This has happened to alot of artists over the years, I'm glad she's making a ruckus about it. #TaylorSwift
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Unbelievable! can’t believe this creeps can do this to her and there is no legal solution to help her! Seriously, there should be something like Human Rights Violations for Artists Rights too!!! @taylorswift13
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In reply to @enews
“Every conquest I have made would make me more of a boss to you” Read that. Then read it a million more times @scooterbraun @scottborchetta
It's a childish game to Scott & Scooter. They want to win to collect all the money they can off of her name. Taylor Swift has worked so hard to get to where she is & taking away her life's work is heartbreaking. She & any artist in this position deserve better. #WeStandWithTaylor
Scooter Braun, thank you!
It doesn’t matter who it is, there’s always powerful men trying to control women. 😒
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But she still can perform her recent album right?😱
In reply to @enews
#IStandWithTaylor 👊🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👊🏿 👉🏿👎🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👎🏾👈🏿 👉🏿👉🏾👎🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👎🏽👈🏾👈🏿 👉🏿👉🏾👉🏽👎🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👎🏼👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿 👉🏿👉🏾👉🏽👉🏼FUCK👎🏻👈🏼👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿 👉🏿👉🏾👉🏽MISOGYNISTIC👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿 👉🏿👉🏾👉🏽👉🏼MEN👆🏻👍🏻👈🏼👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿 👉🏿👉🏾👉🏽@scooterbraun👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿 👉🏿👉🏾@scottborchetta👍🏽👈🏾👈🏿 👉🏿👍🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👍🏾👈🏿 👊🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿
Sorry @ArianaGrande @justinbieber @ashleygraham @karliekloss @DanAndShay but I won’t support or buy anything from you guys until @taylorswift13 can perform her material bye @scooterbraun @scottborchetta
I hope the artists that are currently signed under Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun are paying close attention to this BS because they could be seeing their future play out
In reply to @enews
Scooter Braun is traaaaaaaash
No la sigo, pero su caso me apena, la industria musical está llena de gente que sólo buscan enriquecerse a costa del trabajo ajeno, se creen dueños de sus artistas, piensen bien antes de defender a esos zánganos (labels y quienes están detrás) si company stans hablo de ustedes 🙄
no one gives a shit, can we not dust the saugus school shooting under a rug and focus on justice for the kids who go to school for education?
How absurd, right?! @taylorswift13 has poured her heart into her music and is being recognized for it, yet here comes @scooterbraun and @scottborchetta once again trying to ruin everything. #istandwithtaylor
In reply to @enews
She’s not even artist of the decade 😂
In reply to @enews
In reply to @enews
She doesn't deserve this she is such a great artist but I'm not in the mood with E! Cause last time I checked your "award show" seemed riged but I do stan Taylor and she doesn't deserve this she deserves better
She had the chance to purchase her songs and she didn’t. Stop making her a victim she’s worth millions. Thank you, next.
I’m loving how main stream media are not even hiding the fact that they’re like — these men are wrong lol
In reply to @enews
Scooter should just charge her like 1 million dollars and let her perform the songs for the show! He needs to stop trying to blackmail her bc he is going to continue to be taken down by swifties with his malicious behavior! #teamtaylor @taylorswift13 #DAILYPOP
Taylor Swift: Artist of the Decade #AMAs
Scott Borchetta & Scooter Braun: Clowns of the Decade
Periodt, I said what I said
Where was this energy and hashtag activism for De La-- you know what...nvmd
This happens to rappers all the time but when it happens to a white lady......nevermind
Imagine you've spent more than a decade writing songs and then these 2 Scoot dictates you can't perform all of those.🤷 I wonder how these 2 can sleep well knowing they are earning profit from the talent of an artist and depriving her rights to own her music
Escribir tus canciones por años para que dos pelagatos opresores te prohíban cantar tu música.
Sobrevalorada o como la quieran llamar pero ella es una de las grandes de la industria musical, duelale al que le duela. #IStanWithTaylor
In reply to @enews
Alexa, play The Man by Taylor Swift
I dnt even rock for this chick but these men are trash. Let the woman perform her shit
How can she be so recognised yet have so many restraints it’s so fucked up
Idk the whole situation but this is pretty shitty. Like what fucking gives?? Scott and scooter are rich enough already. Let the girl sing HER songs.
BTW, I’m streaming #Lover & @taylorswift13 & @OfficialALW’s new song on repeat so they can earn the royalties. #IStandWithTaylor
In reply to @enews
Are you talking about unfairness ? When u did unfair just a few days ago. It's bad what is happening to her but u still can't say about unfairness . #IStandWithTaylor
This is gross. @scooterbraun @scottborchetta have no talent other than being lucky they found clients who do. Sick of men riding coat tails and getting rich off the naturally gifted. Sorry @taylorswift13 this sucks.
What an absolute joke........
Regardless of how one feels about Taylor Swift's music or the events leading to her recent announcement about Scott Borchetta & Scooter Braun...NGL this is all kinds of messed up, sadly not a surprise. This is retaliation for spotlighting the ugly side of the music biz.
So sad that people think they have the right to take and take. @taylorswift13 you go get em <3 #IStandWithTaylor
#IStandWithTaylor Fuck those motherfuckers - she has made them millions, they ought to be grateful to her
In reply to @enews
They are so stupid to keep Taylor Swift from singing HER songs not theirs.
In reply to @enews
Speak up, QUEEN! #IStandWithTaylor #JusticeForTaylor We love you! Shame on @scooterbraun and @scottborchetta 🤢 LET HER PERFORM HER OWN MUSIC
In reply to @enews
I’m sick of hearing about her maybe next time hire a better team to take care of your business
In reply to @enews
your money is responsible for this. But you can make a change and take a stand
Ugh! Let her sing the song she wrote. Let her breathe for goodness sake!

Can we take a min to appreciate E News reporting from the right side #IStandWithTaylor
Fvck Scott and Scooter tbh. This some bullsh!t. #IStandWithTaylor #JusticeForTaylor
1) Scooter Braun seems like a dick.

2) Who the fuck names their kid Scooter?!
The swiftie at E! Is not having it!
Also hey @netflix this would be a GREAT time to voice your support for @taylorswift13 and show that this kind of rampant gross abuse of power is unacceptable. #ISTANDWITHTAYLORSWIFT
In reply to @enews
Don’t touch our song and tear drops! I’m coming for you both
In reply to @enews
In reply to @enews
Wtf? Artists are always gettin screwed.
They really be spilling facts now
We can't even be excited for the Netflix documentary right now because of this mess. We CANNOT allow men on top of the business exploit Taylor's (or anyone's for that matter) art any longer. #IStandWithTaylor
Cuando el patriarcado no deja que una mujer brille y te quiere quitar TU TRABAJO DE AÑOS. #IStandWithTaylor #FreeTaylor
#IStandWithTaylor This is SO HEARTBREAKING AND SO WRONG! We love you Taylor ❤️
Omg this is awful.
It's sad that people feel like they have the right to own any parts of a person #ISTANDWITHTAYLORSWIFT
#IStandWithTaylor @taylorswift13 this is wrong on so many levels, not least of which is the fact that two men are trying to control what a woman does with HER OWN MUSIC 😠😤🖕
Taylor has earned his place & more than paid her dues. It's ridiculous that she's gone thru so much BS w/ these men. I don't generally jump into to things like this but...👊✊

In reply to @enews
She can play and perform it, she just has to pay. She knew this when she signed away the rights Y’all dumb 😂
In reply to @enews
Whelp let me just piss right in y’all cereal real quick. WHEN GIVE SOMEONE CONTROL OF YOUR R MUSIC YOU HAVE NO SAY SO OF WHAT HAPPENS AFTER! Soooo... why be mad at them. It’s called READ BEFORE YOU SIGN people!!!!
In reply to @enews
I feel sick that people like them actually exist... I HATE THEMM. Why are they treating tay like this?? I mean she just want TO OWN HER MASTERS AND SING THEM IN A SPECIAL MOMENT OF HER LIFE❤ @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
In reply to @enews
#Istandwithtayor #JusticeForTaylor My dear Taylor swift we all love you. You own your art. @taylorswift13 👏🌹👏👏👏
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