The Federalist Society, which donates copious amounts of💰to conservative candidates & then “suggests” conservative judges for appt is hosting a black tie dinner w/ Kavanaugh as keynote speaker.

Protesters dressed as staff are handing out these programs.

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In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Attendees to this black-tie Federalist Society dinner just stood up, as Kavanaugh started his speech, blowing a rape whistle and shouting, “We believe Christine Ford! We believe survivors!” Heroes. @CPDAction @WeDemandJustice #ImpeachKavanaugh #BelieveSurvivors
Tonight has been a beautiful lesson in never letting it go.
A fitting tribute to Scalia.....
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
While I hadn’t heard of @CPDAction or @WeDemandJustice before, I am impressed with the thorough job they did planning this protest against the #Kavanaugh celebration. They came to their work better prepared than a majority of this administration’s appointees.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
I'm utterly floored by the homework done by these groovy protesters. Bravo.
This is exactly what I needed today.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Nice. Incidentally, @JuddLegum reports this soiree is being hosted by our friends at Facebook.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
I am all about this kind of action- sign me up! I can design things, dress up, whatever! I love it!
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Current SCOTUS justices should NOT be giving public nor private party partisan speeches
periodic reminder that Google is among the major donors to the Federalist Society
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Incredible, first the big screen with Dr. Ford's testimony and now this? Who is organizing these people because they're doing absolutely stellar work.
Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court after lying under oath and being credibly accused of multiple sexual assaults.

We will NEVER let this be normalized.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
What we need is a federal investigation of the Federalist Society, it's money sources, it's big $ donors, etc. Maybe Barr could call it a conspiracy investigation?
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
💯💜 Y'all are brilliant! Love everything you're doing tonight! Thank you so much!
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Are they serving a lot of beer? I like beer!
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
This and the big screen in front of Union Station is what is called a peaceful, civil demonstration. The screen nor those handing out the pamphlets will not be slashed because this is in DC and not in proximity of the thugs in Alabama.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Straight genius. Good job, y’all.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Bravo to whomever organized this.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Don’t let him rest. Fantastic.
The coordinated protests at this event were epic.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Wow! These protesters put a lot of work into this. I hope Bart O'K enjoyed his notoriety tonight.
Chuck Schumer fast tracked all of Trump's Fed judicial nominations .. anyone know why the minority leader of the Senate did that?
The Federalist Society donates exactly $0 to conservative political candidates.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Thank You for sharing and for those whom helped out. I wish he had a public schedule that shows where he travels, would love to protest him if he ever stepped foot in my state. He should never have a moments peace for what he did.
I was just thinking that I’d been slacking on creative protests this year
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Hamilton, Madison and Jay rolling over in their graves at this usage of “Federalist”
Never surrender. Never give up the fight.
Kavanaugh probably needed a beer after this.

Oh, who am I kidding? He probably needed a beer before this. And during.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Wow!! Outstanding program !! Well Done Protesters at the federalist society dinner🎯🎯🎯
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Let’s also not forget that the Federalist is run by John McCain’s son-in-law. Who is just as/even more crazy/extremist than his wife Meghan.
Man, whoever organized this #Kavanaugh protest, I've got to tip my cap and give mad kudos and prop'ers. This was a full court press.
the group protesting the federalist ass munches are top drawer 🧐
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
I’m begging normal people in America to please stop these crazy people, that have overtaken America! My Children and Grandchildren deserve freedom! The tRump Administration is ruining our Country! I’m so scared! Hitler has taken over the USA! My children and Grandkids deserve it
This is for .@iansmadrig - thank you for pointing out the event tonight
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Amazing protesters! You all rock! 🧡
The Federalist Society donates zero dollars to any candidates.
Thank you! You have no idea how much I needed this tonight.
This is how you protest. Surgical. Precise.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
It's White supremacy working in disguise.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
A Bought and paid for Judge, this used to be illegal, now it's just the mafia

@AftynBehn @ashleymassey90 @AllCapsKristi @madfrankford taking bird-dogging to the NEXT LEVEL 👀
This and the truck broadcasting Dr. Ford's testimony in front of the building where Kavanaugh is speaking to the Federalist Society (sponsored by Facebook) are creative ways to peacefully protest! Kavanaugh needs to go back into hiding until he is impeached. #KavanaughLied
To those who think George Conway is on our side, please reflect on the fact that he's connected to the Federalist Society and has quietly worked to infiltrate our judiciary with judges like Kavanaugh.

Conway is his wife, he just hides it better. Cosplay.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
The Federalist Society does not endorse candidates or give money to them.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Sign me up. I would do this in a hot minute. And I have a very loud voice.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
What is #BrettKavanaugh speaking on? Beer or drunk groping?
Wow! Good job protestors.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Rapist Kavanaugh will give a speech about how to gag a potential rape victim.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Where does The Federalist Society get its money from again?
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Damn these Resistors are slick!
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Maybe they paid Brett’s debts off? Kegger at Union Station!
This thread covers the actions by #LeagueOfHeroes as they protested #Kavanaugh speaking at the Federalist Society dinner...attended by...#Zuckerberg 🤬

An excellent read of we are working together to make a difference & *very* effectively protesting against injustice!
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
I wonder what that moment was like, when they opened this program in their entitled, malevolent, otherwise sheltered society to find their mythology smashed to bits & their ivory tower breached. I can see one of these enshrined in a museum someday.
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Will Bart cry during his opening remarks?
In reply to @KristinMinkDC
Some of their “suggestions” have been rated as unqualified by the ABA demonstrating that politics is more important than competency
Use your design skills for good!!! 😂
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