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.@senatemajldr Senate has confirmed 46 lifetime judges to courts of appeals. We just confirmed #46 tonight. Judge Steven Menashi.
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.@senatemajldr We have flipped the 2nd Circuit, the 3rd Circuit, and we will flip the 11th circuit. My motto: leave no vacancy behind

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Civil rights
Organized labor
Women鈥檚 reproductive freedom
Environmental protection
Mass incarceration

鈥擶ere on the ballot in 2016.

Y鈥檃ll acted like this was a game.

Now we鈥檙e fucked.
The focus on "flipping" circuits by partisan affiliation is not helpful. I don't want Republican judges. I want judges who put the law and Constitution first.
It is almost like the Federalist Society is a gathering of hyper partisan hacks who are determined to undermine faith in rule of law and a non-partisan judiciary.
Maybe there are 'Trump judges' and 'Obama judges,' contra Chief Justice Roberts.
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.@senatemajldr Our judges are not part of conspiracy. They are committed to the rule of law.
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GOP didn't flip anything. This is a coup, take over of the Court system by far right white nationalists.
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Too bad @senatemajldr didn't have that motto before he allowed, nay insisted in, so many vacancies to begin with.
This makes you realize how important it is to not elect Democrats. The future of our belief in the Constitution depends on it.
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So much for pretending that judges are appointed to be fair.
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It鈥檚 A Problem
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At what point do we get to call this a coup?
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I thought courts were to be non-partisan bodies. Are you suggesting I should identify the federal appeals court judges on a panel hearing my client's appeal by the party that nominated them, and tell my client that party identification will control the outcome of an appeal?
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As a legal professional of 40 yrs, THIS IS A TRAVESTY and attack on the solemn duties of the Bench. Clowns r not judges. We'll b watching
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So, he's basically claiming the Courts are not independent.
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It is an abomination to speak of "flipping" Circuit Courts of Appeal. @senatemajldr
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Republicans continue to be giddy & arrogant about packing the courts. But, as is the case with most appointees of Individual 1, these young lifetime judges may end up charged with corruption & other crimes & replaced. Caution: pride comes before a fall ... demography is destiny
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Evil man who has done everything he can to make the world a worse place
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This should remove all doubt as to whether the GOP sees judges as merely politicians in robes. You don't "flip" a court unless it's just a super-legislature. This entire FedSoc event is more political rally than legal seminar. They're saying the quiet parts out loud again.
Talking like they're Senate seats & Congressional districts.

Remember "we do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them"?
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And people believe the courts aren't political.
I mean at least we鈥檙e finally just admitting that judges aren鈥檛 non-partisan umps calling balls and strikes anymore.
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There is no single person more responsible for our moral decay than this coward of a man.
Awfully hard to maintain that the courts are independent after this.
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鈥淔lipped鈥? The founders鈥 design of our court system was for it to be non-political. The notion that these courts went from Dem to GOP goes against that design. Ridiculous.
Unless it's a vacancy to be filled by a democratically elected black man, right #PAB @senatemajldr?
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Wouldn't it be awful if that building burst into flames right then and there
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Utterly loathsome. No one should even talk about flipping a circuit
The judges should be apolitical
Gravedigger moscow Mitch is undermining the credibility of both the senate and the judiciary
A Crackdown on rich folks or medicare for all will fix this.... Quite the opposite.

The courts will empower them more.
You never hear a Berner worry about the courts when they're shaking their angry fists at billionaires.
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We will impeach tthem all
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Conservatism is a cancer on society and needs to be eradicated.
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Be sure to thank all the Bernie Bros who stayed home or voted for Stein.
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and mitch are anti american - we as a country will be better when they are gone
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Why we need a 15 seat Supreme Court.
Just in case you thought the Federal bench was anything more than another partisan scoreboard to these folks.
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Isn't the 9th circuit that is so rogue and political? What about bringing them back to constitutional law? @senatemajldr
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So he's admitting that the judges he is approving are partisan-activist judges?
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This is fucking disgusting. These people are disgusting. May karma come for them soon.
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Yep, looks like a Klan convention.
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Unless a democrat is in office
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And we will impeach and disbar the unqualified racists you have tried to pass off as judges. They will not serve lifetime appointments. Bet on it.
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This is literally conspiracy
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With this statement, verifying a belief that the judiciary should be partisan to party and ideals, and devoid of impartiality or fidelity to a rule of law. Admission couldn't be any clearer.
Reporting from the Federalist Society dinner...
This was their end game all along. Flipping our judiciary away from majority values, culture and financial well being to the benefit of a vocal and wealthy minority. #VoteBlue
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In reply to @JoshMBlackman
Leftist Democrat/liberals made a grievous mistake when they accosted Cocaine Mitch and his family....
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When you're definitely interested in the constitution and not your party.
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Every single attendee and member of the Federalist Society can fuck themselves with a 2x4
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This is disgusting. He is bragging about being partisan?
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You vile people have destroyed the judicial system for a generation. How do you look in the mirror?
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Flipped? Judges are not supposed to be partisan @senatemajldr
My motto: vote out @senatemajldr because he鈥檚 a stealing, traitorous old thug.
more evidence that 2016 was the last election. no stopping the bleeding now.
If there is an argument for Biden its this. Courts are screwed because a certain person running on big structural change refused to get off the sidelines early and the far left didn't vote.
This truly makes me feel like I am going to throw up.
Thanks to President Trump.
this is something sad to hear being boasted. Judges should be impartial regardless for the equality of everyone. We know some are "conservative" and others "liberal", but to hear someone saying a court system has "flipped" really seems to violate the "fair trial" rights we have
Every time you vote third party a right wing nut job gets their robes.
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馃ぎ馃ぎ#MoscowMitch this is your last term...Merrick Garland dang it!!!
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you continue to murder school children by ignoring gun safety bills. #MassacreMitch
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Great to have people in there who believe in the US Constitution instead of the South Africa constitution like #RBG
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My motto, Trump better get re-elected so they can flip em all or where doomed!
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He鈥檚 quoting the movie Trolls! The Legend Continues
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Rape Whistle!!!!
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You left one behind the last 18 months of President Obama! You all owe Trump something and when it comes out Republicans will be out.
Why McConnel is aiding treason & corruption, so Gays, Women and immigrants face discrimination for life #USPolitics @senatemajldr
We must impeach every one of these judges illegitimately placed by the GOP blockading all of Obama's nominees purposefully in order to create vacancies to be filled by their illegitimate President.

Every single one.
鈥淲e will pack them all.鈥
馃槀 elections have consequences.
While Dems are worried about merch messaging & not offending swing voters, the GOP have been beating our brains out in the courts, trampling every norm, changing every rule, subverting every Constitutional avenue, to insure white Christian rich men can continue to rule.
This is #MassacreMitch, y'all.. not giving a F about women, children, abuse victims, people of color.
Horrifying. Flipping circuits? This is a seditious crew
And here's the truth: it isn't about fairness in judgeships, it's about ideology as law.
What the country was founded to avoid.
11th Circuit is next to flip Republican
This was never really about 鈥渙riginality鈥
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